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First once you figure out how to play the game it is actually kind of cute. Although the music gets irritating when someone goes to below 25 health.
But first read the instructions and try to gleen any information you can from it.

The game is a Pokemon/Mtg/Yugio(spelling) type game. You have creatures that you play (water on water, earth on earth, air on air) You only get one creature of a given type active.

Each turn you can discard one card into your sack to increase the sack size by one, and give yourself an egg.

Each card you play costs X eggs (the number on the bottom left some are free/0 cost)

Each card has a ‘power level’ (the number on the top left) For creatures this is how much damage they can do, Rocks (I guess because dinos can’t use firearms) boost your creatures damage, Potions heal you, and scrolls damage your enemies creatures. Drag and drop each card to where it belongs to play it.

When you end your turn, your creatures (not eggs) attack. (Earth attacks the earth creature, Water on Water, Air on Air.) If the creature is unblocked he does his damage to the player. If there is a creature (or egg) infront of them he attacks them. Both creatures damage each other according to their power and are reduced in kind. (If I have 7 and the opponent has a 3 power egg, It dies and I am reduced to 4) If they tie they both die. Then it is your opponents turn.

When your turn starts, Your ‘Eggs’ refresh to the max ‘Sack’ Size. (Like mana refreshing from an untap phase) You also have the opportunity to draw a new card (clicking on the little box by your health and ‘card deck size’ counter)

NOTE: On your first turn you can draw an extra card! Do not forget to draw.

That is basically it. I have gone through and won the earth arena challenge, and I’m almost done water. I don’t really know what they do since the creatures you face span each type, and you can pick any deck you want to use. (The earth decks I think are the best, Water is weak, Air is slow)

You can play any creature you have ‘Eggs’ for, but if you start with a step 1 or 2 their starting power is severely reduced. But If you can play the creatures in order, their power adds and you get a bonus. (If you have an egg on the field power 1, and add a basic creature with a power of 2 on top you get a basic creature with the power of 4) And the bonus continues for each stage. Once you have a card out, It seems you can’t skip a phase (Egg→Basic→Stage 1→Stage 2) You can start on any stage of evolution, but can’t jump. (ie. Egg to Stage 1/2, Basic to Stage 2)

Sometimes it is a good idea to start with an egg, but leaving an egg out alone can get it easily killed. You’ll often want to hold back on the egg until you can afford to put out the egg and basic type in one turn.

Some other strategies, Try to corner your opponent into being forced to keep a high level but weak character. (a stage 1 or 2 creature but you reduced their power) this will lock down your opponent so they can’t play anymore creatures of that type. (and let you battle on the other two types) While you can spend your creatures of that type to increase your egg sack.

I’ll put more down when I have time.