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Stick Empires is an Online RTS. It’s in-browser, so you don’t have to download stuff. The sign up is about 2-3 minutes long, including verification of email(one of the only bad things about it is you have to verify your email).

There are two races:Order and Chaos. For Chaos, you have to pay $4 per month to use it. I don’t like the fact that they’re trying to wheedle money from us, but most of the players use Order anyway.

Order is basically divided into 3 sections:Troops that heal, troops that can be rushed easily and troops that do big-ass DPS. There are exceptions, like the Ninja(although it can be argued the Ninja is the biggest DPS in the game) or the Albatross, but that’s basically how it goes.

Chaos is all poison and status effects, and is mostly damage, whether pure damage or long-term poison harassment. It’s harder to play because it can’t be rushed.

I’ll be focusing on Order since I don’t want to pay four bucks so I don’t play Chaos.

Basically, the flow of the game goes as follows:

→Miner Buildup
→Initial skirmish
→First Battle+Tech
→More battles
→Equalization OR
→End of Game

Miner Buildup
The Miner is your resource harvesting unit. It can build walls to fend off the enemy, worship the Statue to get Mana(which is used as a pool that can be used to build units and use abilities), or mine Gold Mines to get Gold(which is used to build units).

I suggest building as many miners as you can, setting all of them to harvesting Gold. Once you hit 6 miners, set 2 of them to worshipping to build up mana. The moment you have 6 miners, move on to the next stage.

Initial Skirmish
Train 5 Swordwraths. If you run out of Gold, simply wait for the miners to harvest more. Send the first built Swordwrath to the enemy base and the rest to the sword in the centre. If at any point the first Swordwrath encounters enemy troops, immediately retreat and regroup with the rest of the Swordwraths.

If the first Swordwrath gets through(because the enemy was focusing on Miners), have him attack Miners. It is very irritating to lose miners to an early rush so the enemy will usually build some units to fend you off. The moment those units walk out of the gates, immediately retreat and regroup at the centre sword. If the enemy has a lot of miners and he rushes them at you, kill one of them then run.

If you have the resources, consider researching Rage so the Swordwrath can really lay waste to the enemy miners.

Train 5 Archidons and move them to the centre sword.It may be tempting to train Fire Arrows and attack the enemy base from afar, but resist the tempation to do so. Fire Arrows cost resources better spent int building units, and casting Fire Arrow costs Mana better spent in building your magic units.

If the enemy attacks, engage in battle. Any troops lost should be replaced immediately. If he actually wins the battle, quickly rush Swordwraths and hope to overwhelm him.

If you’re playing against a Chaos opponent or another rusher, build a Meric. Otherwise, build a Magikill. When you finish buiding your magic unit, move on to the next stage.

First Battle+Tech
Now you need to upgrade your technology to build more powerful units. You’ll need a lot of resources, so build 4 more miners and set 2 to Gold and 2 to Mana. Now you have 4 worshippers and 6 harvesters.

Research Poison Spray if you have a Magikill. If you have a Meric AND you’re playing against Chaos, research Cure. Then, Research Giant Growth Level 1

Pour 2 more Spearwraths, 2 more Archidons and a Spearton into your army, which should be still gathered at the Centre Sword.

Research Castle Archer 1 and Passive Income 1 and 2, then research Shield Wall and Shield Bash. Build 4 Speartons and send them to the Centre Sword. Use your army to attack the enemy base, focusing on non-miners first, then miners, then the statue. He will probably fend you off.

Rebuild your army and assemble at the Centre Sword. If you still have resources left, research Passive Income 3, buy a Ninja(another term the game uses for it is Shadowrath) and research Fire Arrows, in that order.

Move to the next stage.

More Battles
Build 2 more Magikill, research Electric Wall and train 2 Merics. Build 3 Juggerknights and 5 Spearton, as well as 10 Archidons and 5 Swordwraths. Research Shinobi level 1, train 5 Albatrosses and then research Shinobi level 2. Then build 2 more Ninjas.

While completing the next “Ninja Assassination Wave”, research Giant Growth level 2.

Send your ninjas to assasinate miners(still to be confimed, but think a Ninja under the influence of Shinobi should be able to insta-kill a miner). If the enemy has a big unit like a Juggerknight or, god forbid, a Giant, use your ninjas to focus fire on it. Due to their passive Fixate ability, which increases damage each time they attack the same target, you should probably be able to assassinate it, especially combined with Shinobi. Don’t worry if you lsoe some ninjas, just replace them.

Once the Ninja wave is over(all ninjas killed or retreating), send in the rest of your army. Magikill should cast Electric Wall and Poison Spray to deal big damage to garrisoned enemies and miners, while all your units focus on Giants first, then Juggerknights, then Speartons, then Swordwraths, then Archidons.

Your gigantic attack on their base has one of two results:Equalization and Push.

They have fended you off and are now counter-attacking! Fall back all remaining troops to your castle and Garrison them, have a Miner build a wall in front of your castle. Rush lots of Archidons and Albatrosses. ResearchBlazing Bolt and Fire Arrows. if the wall falls to 1/4 hp or below, research Castle Archer level 2. If it gets destroyed, research Castle Archer level 3.

If you managed to hold off the enemy, both sides now have tattered armies. Replenish your miners, then start building up your army again. For all intents and purposes, you are now in the More Battles stage, except you don’t have to research tech because tech is permanent. Units are not, so make sure you rebuild your army.

Kongratulations! You have pwnd the enemy’s army. You might feel like attacking their Statue, because if it dies you win. I suggest setting most of your units to the Statue, however, have 3 Archidons and 1 Swordwrath killing off Miners. That way, if a giant wave of enemy troops appears and beats you back, at least they will have to spend time building back their economy, while you’re preparing troops for another attack.

Repeat the Push stage, if beaten back(you probably wil), until you destroy their Statue.

End of Game
Yay! You won!

I will make a Turtling Guide and Tech Rush Guide if this is popular.

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It’d be a good idea to link the game in the thread.

This is the game, for those wondering.

I’ve found it to be pretty fun in the two matches I’ve played. I enjoyed Stick Wars and this is a very decent multiplayer port.

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This rush guide has some problems, will publish a better “Spearton+Archidon Semi-Rush”, which can beat regular rush and regular economy, as well as do very well against Swordwrath spam.