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Base weapon stats (crit%/cleave%/chop%/proc% & damage vs crit compared to sword of same level):
Blades – 15/0/0/0 crit 2x damage x1 (i.e. 10 damage 20 crit)
Spears – 11/0/0/0 damage 2/3, crit x1.3 (i.e. 6 damage 13 crit)
Daggers – 7/0/0/0 & 1/2 damage, x2 crit (i.e. 5 damage 20 crit) (I wish daggers had more crit, its the main choice for thieves and allows more agility…)
Swords – 3/10/0/0 damage x1, crit x 1 (i.e. 10 damage 10 crit)
Axes – 3/0/10/0 damage x2, 2/3 crit, (i.e. 20 damage 6 crit)
Hammers – 3/0/0/10 damage x 2, 2/3 crit (i.e. see axes)


Dragon/black/king(rings)/heavy – adds damage
Swift/leaf(rings)/light – adds crit
Sharp/barbed – adds crit chance
Magical/divine – adds proc chance
Decapitator – adds chop chance

There are others, but this is what I’ve got off the top of my head.

Stat bonus pickups are found at every dead end, and very occasionally in other areas, but this is rare. The shop is found only at dead ends. Crit adds 5 armor, health adds 5 armor, and damage adds 3 health. Essentially you only need to alternate damage and crit to stay balanced, however if you are full crit build, then you can use health to fortify yourself even further, gaining double in armor.