TF2 Jigglebone problem

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I have this problem in TF2 where every weapon that has jiggle bones goes crazy and goes left and right at the wrong time (or in other words, they shake around when not supposed to. Example: The unarmed combat shakes left and right when I’m standing still)

No, not that I go left and it goes left, I mean that when i go left, it goes left and right and up and down and every direction it can go!

Weirder, jigglebones works fine for my other games! EVEN SOURCE GAMES! Only TF2 is the only source game that has disfunctional jigglebones.

I’ve searched for a fix, there’s none.

Hope this answers any questions before some guy posts it.

Mini FAQ:

“TF2 jigglebones suck. Of course they don’t work.”

No, theres an addon for TF2 that has jigglebones and it acts the same.

“Dude, why didn’t you post this on TF2Maps\TF2banana\any TF2 related modding\gaming site?”

Because 1: Even though I have an account for TF2 Maps, there’s no forums in the community section. 2: I don’t have an account for the rest.

“Get a better computer.”

Sure, I should waste all the money I just had bought on games and get a new $500 computer that 1: Doesn’t work or 2: Has the worst graphics card. Not to mention, I’D HAVE TO BUY EVERY GAME I HAD AGAIN.

“Get a better graphics card.”

I’m not going to waste my money on a graphics card when my computer’s graphics card is fine.

“Get a graphic card.”

How could I play TF2, let alone get addons for it, if I had no graphics card? The game wouldn’t start up!

“I’m not telling.”

Sure, be a douchebag to a guy who has a problem, nice going.

“What computer are you using?”

A 2 year old Windows 7 computer.

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I ran into that problem once, doing a COMPLETE uninstall (Not just delete local content) fixed it for me, so try that.

You dont have to buy every game again.
500$ wont get you that great of a gaming PC unless you build it yourself.
Also, with the amount of effort needed to make a account, listing that as a reason not to ask there is lazy.