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Dreaming aboutbeing an angel or demon, or just wishing to sense a taste of victory as awarrior or wizard? Or maybe willing to go through the bitterness of a loss anddiscover a sweet taste of the revenge, to influence the fate of the otherpeople and change your own? Or maybe you just want to chat with the otherpeople, acquire new friends and spend your time with joy and pleasure. Everyone of us goes his own way. And nobody has a chance to have two absolutelyidentical lives, but you have an amazing chance of having an extra and totallydifferent life with its own laws and code. We really think you will able tofind everything you were looking for in the Fight Club.

The game is simple;you build your own character and fight other players. You choose where to hityour opponent and where to block his/hers attack, you have 5options on bothwhere to hit and block. But your stats and items enhancement both affect theoutcome of a battle, as with high Agility/Dodge% you can dodge/counter-hit astrike that would otherwise have hit you, and with high Intuition/Critical-hit%you can hit thru a block if you land a critical strike.
With a huge varietyof weapons and armors that boosts your stats and attributes (Critical hit,Dodge, Counterstrike and also anti-critical, dodge etc.)

At first you areonly able to fight in fist fights and 1 vs. 1 battle, but as you gain levelsyou will eventually be able to join group battles and fight with weapons andarmor. You gain teeth from winning a fight up to lvl7 which works as currencyin the shops. After lvl8 the currency you gain is called CR. or credits. If youchoose to wield dual weapons you can hit 2 different places instead of one, andif you wield a shield you can block an additional spot.

Stats affect asfollowed;
Strength;Increase’s the power of your hit and raises the max. Weight you can carry inyour inventory.
Agility; Increase’syour chance to dodge a hit and your raises anti-dodge %
Intuition;Increase’s your chance to hit a critical strike and raises your anti-critical %
Endurance;Increase’s your hit points (HP) and damage threshold.

This game issuitable for work, school or your home and operates directly from your browser,highly addictive and 100% free to play. (Some items/artifacts are onlyavailable using real money, but they arent necessary but they give you a clear advantage)