Does anybody know where I can get the game: Zulu Assault

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It was created in 1998 but the computer I had it on crashed and I never got it back because the company that made it dissapeared. It was monkey byte and arrowhead.

People claim to find it online but none of the links are real. This one guy said he found it on a russian site but when I looked the review he made was gone and now the current links are completely fake.

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I know what youre talking about I’ve been looking forever. Why am I responding this was posted 3 years ago…

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Believe it or not I actually managed to locate the game less than a year ago but I don’t remember exactly where I found it.

It might have been this website. It’s not English but if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can load the full or demo version. I think this is what I used, sounds familiar