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My computer has been acting up since TF2 had an error that was easily fixed.

Here’s what I noticed:

Makes Steam constantly redownload my games that I’ve already gotten. They don’t have an update! When I close it, it appears again, and closing it again solves it. But then after half an hour, it pops up again! It’s annoying…

It always deletes my History after I close Mozilla Firefox. Like, I download an addon for my game. It doesn’t work. I delete it, and now I have to search it because the dumb computer deleted my history. It’s annoying…

It never remembers my Kongregate account. It has been, but now it stopped. After I stop being on Kongregate for 5 minutes, I auto-log off. Sometimes, it even does it when I’m reading a forum then POP I lost my account and I have to log back in again. Wow.

Why doesn’t this computer do the things it used to do?

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This probably isn’t the place to ask, but…

It sounds like you just have general problems with saving information. Which makes me think you have a problem with your RAM, your hard drive, a setting for your pagefile, or any mix of the above. Do you have this problem with anything else? Can you make a text file and save it and have it stay there? Do other things you download disappear?

What was this TF2 error and what did you do to fix it?
> Okay, I read your previous posts and saw the error. Did you follow the advice of reinstalling it, or did you do something else?

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Turn off Private Browsing in FF, at first. And probably reinstall Steam.

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It might be a blob error on Steam’s Part. Try deleting Tf2 and re installing it, or reinstall steam itself