"Race The Sun" updated - play with your phone!

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Hey all, wanted to let you know that we just published a big update for Race The Sun!

First of all – we’ve partnered with a company called Brass Monkey (www.playbrassmonkey.com) to integrate their technology into the game, which means you can control the game with your iPhone/Android, using tilt controls! Check out their website for a link to download the free app.

Secondly – we added a new mechanic to the game: Multipliers.
How it works: every 10 “Tris” you collect increases your multiplier by 1. If you collide with anything, your multiplier is reset! We’ve also added a leaderboard for Max Multiplier. Let us know what you think!

Lastly – Brass Monkey will be hosting a contest with some pretty awesome prizes to celebrate the release – and all you have to do to enter, is download their free app, and then play Race the Sun!

Hope you enjoy it!


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Nice to hear the game is still being enhanced.

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This may be one of the first games on here I’ve seen that you can play with your phone as the controller. Nice update!

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Yep, I believe it is!

The stand-alone version of the game will also be the first to integrate this technology.

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Man, i love that game :D