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I know all you LoL junkies are craving a thread to discuss LoL…

I’ll kick off the thread with my idea for a new champion:
The Lightning Rod
Attributes:Melee, Mage, Carry

He carries a lightning rod in his hand. His auto-attacks are closed ranged. His physical appearance is gigantic, with bulging veins and burnt skin, exposing muscles. A mane of white hand covers his raging face. He has only one scorched eye-a singed metal plate covers his empty eye socket.

Full Circle
Sorrolaff gains a small amount of health each time he kills an enemy unit with one of his abilities.

Charge Up
His next auto-attack does extra magic damage and is ranged. Very similar to Jax’s Empower, except the extra damage is much less.

Lightning Storm
An AoE spell. Creates a lightning storm in a small radius. Damages all enemies within that radius.

Short Circuit
Skillshot. Does damage to an enemy and slows him.

Skillshot. Does massive damage to an enemy and stuns him. Deals moderate amount of damage to enemies near the enemy which the spells hit.

Standard AP carry. Less fragile than other APCs (Annie, Ryze etc.) but his burst does less damage. He wanders slightly into the realm of ADC and can be built as a hybrid, since his Q is auto-attack based and he does more autoattack damage than your usual APC.

Very good at ganking with his ultimate since it stuns. Even if it’s on cooldown, E plus Q combo usually causes large amounts of pain.

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LoL is a very popular game.