[GemCraft Labyrinth] No more damage at a certain point on Endurance

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Hello GCL friends,

I play with the Premium Edition and I am level 495.
There’s a strange thing that happened lately.
I was on field B9, playing Endurance and when I got at wave 91, there was no more damage done on monster anymore. I clicked on the ahead monster and its hit points weren’t going anymore, not even a single point.
I know when it’s happening because the sound of the bombing changes slightly.
When I hear that sound change I know there won’t be any damage anymore.
It happens when there’s a lot of monsters on screen, here there was about 3450. Could it be my computer? (I’m on a Mac)
I tried to find a topic on this forum talking about this but couldn’t find any.
I talked about this with other friends who play GCL and nobody ever experienced this bug (I guess it’s a bug)

Please let me know if you have ever experienced this.
Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like you aren’t getting past their armor. If you are summoning that many monster you will easily drive the armor up to a point where damage of shrines has no effect. Is that the bombing you are talking about?

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No effect depending on the level and color of gem you are dropping that is…