[GemCraft Labyrinth] Problem with gemcraft in w7 help

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i bring the game in a pendrive to my work, there are machines with windows 7, the problem is the game just wont start, i bring standalone version and when i open it, it shows the play button, load the intro, then when im going to start to play the game just stuck, wont load anything (doesnt past more than “Start game”) i press start game and nothing happens


stay like that forever, no matter if put the SWF on the browser, or if i open the standalone .exe, both swf and exe works on my computer, i have XP SP2

please i need an answer

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This thread wasn’t buried, it didn’t need bumping. Also, it’s only 12 hours old, it’s likely not many people have seen this thread and that is why you haven’t received a response. Please wait longer for a reply. Thank you.