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very well
I spend all the time in search Mardek skills but can not find miauuuu need help please forgive me if I wrote bad not speak English


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M.Shield(Lapis Lily,Rune Shield)
Morality Block
Remove Taint(Snakestone)
Remove Evil(M Charm)
Fire Slash(Flametongue)
Water Slash(Fishslayer)
Earth Slash(Forest edge)
Air Slash(Aeropolitan Scimitar)

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thanks but …. al characters skills you know like slenck solaar etc.

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Berserk (Shashiik)
Crescendo Slash (Boneslicer)
Sure Slash (Twin Trilobites)
Coup de Grace (Two Moons)
Sinstrike (Snakemail)
Immoral Injustice (Yin and Yang)

Smite Evil (Bronze Sword)
Disrupt Undead (Silver Sword)
Divine Glory (Righteous Justice)
Lay on Hands (Righteous Honour)
Green Lightning (YalortianAmulet)
Emerald Shock (YALORT Charm)

Flame (Ember Spear)
Blaze (Firefang)
Burn (Desert Spear)
Null Fire Once (Firefang, Firestone Ring)
Remove Numbness (Iron Spear)
Pyro Shell (Obelisk)
Strength Boost (Dragonblood Charm)

Lightning Bolt (Wing Spear)
Thunderbolt (Magic Poker)
Healing Wind (Topaz)
Null Air Once (Iron Spear)
Remove Paralysis (Iron Spear)
Aero Shell (Obelisk)
Gust Shield (Desert Spear)
Agility Boost (Boots of Celerity)

Fire Breath (Start)
Fire Stream (Drackal Crescent)
Perforate (Bone Axe)
Boost (Mighty Axe)
Earth Slash (Stone Axe)

Each song is learnt from the Sheet Musics

Solar Flare (Start)
Galaxy Burst (Guardian Claw)
Pleasant Sunbeam (Start)
Resurrect (Eclipse Amulet)
Spirit Graft (Turquoise)
Purify (Viper Claw)
Astral Form (SoulStone)
Lunatic Howl (Star Charm)

Wildfire (Fire Staff, Fire Opal)
Whirpool (Aquamarine, Trilobite Staff)
Twister (Air Staff, Topaz)
Razor Leaf (Eart Staff, Jade)
Earth Heal (Earth Staff)
Barkskin (Emerald Bangle)
Cleanse (Leaf Charm)
Mass Cleanse (Yggdrasil’s Finger)
Null Fire Once (Fire Staff) (Cannot be learnt from Firestone Ring)
Null Water Once (Sapphire Bangle, Trilobite Staff)
Null Air Once (Air Staff)
Null Earth Once (GreenBeads)

Thermal Spanner (Thermal Spanner)
Silver Mirror (Silver Mirror)
Golden Mirror (Golden Mirror)
Flamethrower (Flamethrower)
Gas-O-Matic (Gas-O-Matic)
Sleep-O-Matic (Sleep-O-Matic)
Potion Spray (Potion Spray)
Drill-O-Matic (Drill-O-Matic)
Each skill can only be used when the item in brackets is equipped.

Skills are learnt by being hit by them, and they are immediately mastered.
Dark Claw (Security Demon, Drowned Corpse, Punk Monster, Forgotten Face, Fallen High Priest, Apparition, Bone Demon, Annihilator:Karnos, Monster, Molestor)
Blood Claw (Security Demon, Red Dragon, Bone Demon, Annihilator:Karnos)
Money Attack! (Posh Gruul, Posh Zombie)
Blood Drain (Leech Bat, Albino Bat, Ghoul, Ghast, Ratbat)
Gemsplosion (Moonstone, Fire Opal, Topaz, Onyx, Turquoise, Ruby, Emerald)
Fire Breath (Sslen’ck, Lupaazr, Blood Lizard, Magmazard, Fire Guardian, Red Dragon)
Bubble Breath (Angry Cod, Roaming Axolotl, Axolotl, Axolotl Chief)
Curse (Security Demon, Green Soul, Pixie, Whim, Flame Soul, Blue Soul, Molestor, Bone Demon)
Addle Gas (Pixie, I-Orb Spawn, Chaosoul, Temperance (earth))
Revenge Strike (Centaur (male))
1000 Needles (Happy Johnny)
Rage Chord (Temperance (fire), Pixie, Charred Bones, Flame Soul, Furious Eye)
Poison Sting (Wasp, Blade Bee, Poison Bee, Leaf Stinger, Rogue Fairy, Pixie)
Spectral Touch (Forgotten Face, Apparition)
Ripping Slash (Brown Mantid, Green Mantid, Antlion, Purple Mantid)
Acid (Balloon, Ooze)
Morbid Fondle (Drowned Corpse, Ghoul, Ghast, Blood Zombie, Posh Zombie, Fallen Cultling)
Viscous Ooze (Ooze, Waterdrop, Lava Blob)
Spirit Nova (Green Soul, Blue Soul, Chaosoul)
Sombre Tears (I-Orb, Blue Soul, Black Eye)
Needleflare (Happy Johnny)
Fairy Dust (Rogue Fairy)
Heavy Blow (Golem, Mythril Golem)
Raging Inferno (Fire Guardian, Bone Demon, Annihilator:Karnos)
Tsunami (Water Guardian, Annihilator:Karnos, King of Goznor)
Earthquake (Earth Guardian, Annihilator:Karnos, Bone Demon, King of Goznor)
Thunderstorm (Security Demon, Temperance (air), Bernard, Muriance, Griffin, King of Goznor)

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where i get the weapons

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