Topia Online - A new (permdeath) sandbox mmorpg

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Hello there.

I want to tell you about a game.
It is still in development, the beta phase will start soon, and it’s absolutely stunning.
Several weeks ago, i heard of Topia Online, and i instantly fell in love with it.

Now i’m here to spread the word, because i just have to.


Topia Online is a perma-death sandbox mmorpg. But not as we know it. It takes some wholly new, great approaches in gameplay. In the following, i will explain different aspects of the game to you.

Oh, and here are some links for curious readers:

Steam Greenlight:

Topia Online

At the begin, the gameworld will be, aside from ressources and some harmless wildlife, totally empty. There are no monsters, no items, no towns, no NPC’s, no nothing.
This is where the payers come into play.
They have to choose between different species – humans, dwarfes, and a bunch of different monsters. Yes – every monster will be controlled by players.


The gameplay is different for any of those species.
They have different possibilities, different meanings in their existence.
The humans will be able to craft items, build houses and whole cities, do anything they want.

The dwarfes will start their lifes in the underworld, a dark, cold, brutal and unforgiving place they have to share with all the deadly monstrosities lurking in the dark.

Slimes (one of the playable monsters) will roam around the world and search for organic food, replicate, and eventually create giant slime cube constructs.

Here is a list of the available creatures:
Here is the monster discussion board:

Scripting. Yes, scripting!

The game provides it, based on JavaScript.
Since your character will never log out, you can use scripts to make him gathering ressources, guarding your property, or just reacting on incoming enemies.
Scripts will be available at the script marketplace or written by yourself.

You can give scripts to your character, your minions(which you can hire for influence, the ingame currency), items, potions, and you can script your own spells.
There are mechanics in place to ensure that you can’t just create a firestorm over the whole gameworld, because you need reagents based on the specific code inside your script.
Thus you would need an unbelievable great amount of those to cast your overpowered spell.

The marketplace will probably have hundreds of scripts from start on, so you can play without problems without knowing one line of code, too.

Everything about scripting an be discussed here:


Properties, guilds, laws

The gameworld has neither rules nor laws.
You can spend your influence on claiming a piece of land.
This is yours, and you can set your own laws on it.
You can enforce those via scripted minions, or just by yourself.

You can also create guilds, which can have big properties for all their members to build on, and again they can define their own laws via script.

There are already a lot of organizations planned, fro assassins guilds over cities to banks and other companies:

You can also go out alone, be the lonely slime hunter or whatever you want. There is a place for everyone in the gameworld :)



Yes, yor character will die and stay dead.
But you can easily create a new.
The tier 1 creatures (humans, dwarfes, wolves, slimes (i think)) can be started for free. While playing monsters, you gain monster points, which you can spend for playing bigger monsters (up to dragons and overlords).

When you die, you will lose half your influence, which will have an effect on your property, since it can be claimed by everyone spending enough influence on it.

Since there are no such differences in strength as in other games, you will want to be careful before going berserk and attacking everyone. Even long time players can be defeated by new ones, at least with a lot of luck ;)

For more about pvp and combat, read here:


I hope i awakened your curiosity for this great game.
Maybe i will see some of you at the TO forums or in the irc channels.
Hopefully some of you even decide to pledge for the game at kickstarter or via paypal :) (

Anyway – have a nice day, everyone! :)

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The new video is finished.
It shows the skill system, the overhauled graphics engine, the combat system and some new creatures.
There are some q&a in the thread:

And the link overview, again:
Steam Greenlight: