The Walls - Part Two Walkthrough

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Pretty easy.
First, move all those circles away, maybe read the instructions with a click on it.
If you are ready, click on the stone in the middle, maybe read the text, then click on the stone again (You zoomed in).
Another sentence appears, it’s maybe some kind if introdution.
Click on the same stone again.
Now you’ve got the first password, 5/7/10, enter it.
In the following screen, click on the book.
Next question/clue, “When do books burn?”
You may click on the “?” for another clue.
It’s about a library burned down in xxxx, some kind of ritual, however, the magic number is 451.
In the next level, there’s something I can’t translate completely (German!), but there is a small circle where you can click on the left side of the ground.
Click, and wait. A flower will grow up, click on it a few times until it’s dying.
The next clue are the numbers after Fibonacci’s two, for short: Fibonacci is a couple of numbers, where 2 numbers together are the next one. So, it’s 1235813. Three numbers after two, 358 is the next password.
Next level, a wall with bricks is appearing. Move your cursor over them, and you maybe hear a sound, or not. Click on all bricks with a sound and you will get your password, this time it’s 143.
Last level.
Click on the box and it’s getting dark, a clue will appear.
It says the “Spot” is marked with an X.
You may see the little red dot in the box.
Clicking doesn’t help, it’s a tricky one. Right Click and zoom into the picture (into the box).
As you can see, there is the password (823), as the clue said “…deep inside.”
Enter it, and you did it.
If you finished part one, click on the monitor and enter you code you received. I’m maybe writing a walkthrough for part one. Thanks for reading, I was bored.