The Walls - Part One Walkthrough

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Yes, I completed part two first.

However, the rules are something like “Click on this and that and enter this and that number from the icons in the downer right corner”
Let’s get started.
Click on this man or something on the left side, then click on the red thingz0r next to his whatever and you’ve got your number, 1/10/10, enter it.
Next one, you may see “continue” for a short time on the button at the upper right corner. Click the button. The “?”-button brings you a level back.
You may think “WTFz0r?!?! this voice suckz0rz! And there are white moving headz!”
Click on the button.
Next code. 942.
Uhh scary.
Clue: A devil.
What’s the number of the devil?
No, not really, 666 is known as the devil’s number, but it’s wrong. Some idiotz made some mistakes while calculating, the true number is 616, but 666 does only work.
Did it.
The code is for the end of part two.