[GemCraft Labyrinth] How do you build a mana farm?

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I see all these people getting high grade gems on early waves, but how do you do it? I’m pretty sure it has to do with L/O gems in traps with summoning, but I’m not entirely sure and whenever I try to make one it fails.

If anyone can explain to me how to make a mana farm and how they work, it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks. :)

Edit: I just came across this video.

Oh Gremlion, teach me thy ways.
Please. :3

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Mana farms work because of multiplication. The mana gain from the farm is a function of multiplying mana gain, mana replenish multiplier, chain hits and firing speed. As you upgrade your gems and replenish multiplier, the product of this multiplication rapidly becomes very large, which in turn helps you to upgrade the gems and replenish multiplier even more.

Personally, I don’t bother building mana farms at all until I can make G12 gems. They won’t be very efficient before that, and even at that point it will take some time before your mana gain really kicks off. If you’re building G6 farms and wondering why they’re not working, that’s your problem right there. Focus more on your kill gem and angering waves properly to gain more mana from kills.

Composition wise, as long as you got large parts of both orange and lime you really can’t go wrong. I just do 50/50 with a squashed out third component, it’s easy, and it works well. When your game starts lagging (and it will), add only orange, as it’s the chain hits that’s messing up your frame rate.

As for angering, I’d say anger enough so that your mana farms won’t kill your monsters. Use a separate kill gem (perhaps together with shrines as backup), to finish the monsters off. Your farms won’t be as efficient as they can be if they kill the monsters.

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That’s a very good explanation and I appreciate the reply, but I still want to know the basics of the farm. Do I put a trap with 6 amplifiers around it? What do I put in the amps? Should the trap gem be YLO?

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The basics of the farm really only is to put a gem with high L/O components in a trap. After that it’s just minor details.

Amplifiers offer good bonuses, but are in no way necessary for a mana farm to work. If you can use them you should, and what to put in them is really up to you, as long as you boost your mana gain or chain hits. I duplicate the same gem for my amps as I do for my trap, L/O/P (purple being the easiest colour to squash out) at a 50/50/0 ratio from the beginning until severe lag sets in. As a rule of thumb, keep the gems in the amps about 2 levels below the gem in the trap. After that you’re better off spending mana on upgrading the gem in the trap.

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Alright, thanks. I’ll try this out and see how I do.