[GemCraft Labyrinth] Cheating Shadow £$*!$£&!

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Shadow Clash at level 20 and it sits RIGHT ON TOP OF MY ORB AND BOMBS IT WITH BLACK CREEPS!!!!!!

I bloody hate that cheating bar steward!

On a serious note tho, shouldnt the shadow be restricted from killing you in this way? I know its just doing its job, but seriously?

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Kill the shadow before it reaches your orb. Problem solved.

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Summon/anger up more monsters, starting with the first wave, as many as you can but not so many that you cannot kill them. Keep doing that on every wave and by wave 20 you should have a gem that instantly obliterates the shadow as soon as it comes in range, and/or be able to just drop a large gem bomb on it. I think a g10 yellow will do it.