[GemCraft Labyrinth] Local save file doesnt exist remote fails i keep saves

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I have encountered a problem whit save its quite magical if you ask me whenever i play everytime i finish a battle it says that remote save failed but local is succesfull BUT at c:\documents and setting\MyName\ there is no Application Data even better than that i tried searching by “search” function for giabGCLSaveData.sol and for other suposedly related folders search has failed to find any but i can close the game and come again and my saves work and concidering i get frozen screens and sometimes addobe(latest version) gets stuck at all it has happened 3 times so far twice while trying to achvieve 100 wawes beaten on the same field i dont know how long i will have my save … i am running on Windows xp and horrible performance PC…256ram…integrated video…nuff said…

Any help in finding where my local saves are PLEASE?