To beat Enigmata Stellar War - Zone one (Insane)!

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It’s not easy, but I made it ! to beat Zone one on Insane!

This is how I beat Zone one on Insane!

and within it is

nyon exist * 23
chargo * 16
neg voider * 5

beacon * 3
vira savior * 1

Titan barrier * 2
wall * 4

tech center * 1

also I have some rare unit

but I put them all in the bank ! because they are really stupid in zone one, they never attack the boss!

so…..don’t waste your time for farming those rare item, they are useless in zone one!

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I have a feeling you used cheat in this one.

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Not so cheating, as anyone can repeat this if he would learn how to shrink the base into one spot. It’s a bug in Enigmata:Stellar War, and it’s exploitable, so many people use it, and yes, you simply cannot do that feat without using that bug OR premium.