5/10 hardest stages in music games

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Does anyone know any 5 or 10 incredibly hard stages in music games? Keep in mind, I am talking about music games ONLY. If you DO know some extremely hard stages in music games, state them below, along with the name of the game with the stage, and a short description of why it is hard. Also, you can also tell your honorable mention or two if you want.

My 5 hardest (And honorable mention) are these:

1: Just no friend (Groove coaster): Flick flick flick flick, enjoy the missing.
2: Mc roll’d (Stepmania): Call an ambulance before playing.
3: Wacky dance ethnic (Groove coaster zero): Rapid tapping spree!
4: VISIONNERZ ~幻視人~ (Groove coaster) Not-so-frequent super rapid taps.
5: StrangeProgram (Osu): I really can’t explain this.

Honorable mention: カンナンシンク (Groove coaster zero) Rapid taps and rapid flicks.