what is the "point" of maple story?

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i’ve been playing for a few days now and have a level 79 character and i’m enjoying it however what’s the point of it?

for example you could say WoW is to have fun with your friends and enjoy the vast stories on your way to max level so that you can PvP or raid

everything i seem to see on maplestory is simply bum rush your way to 200 and never explains any sort of end game, it wsn’t until level 55 that i had some contact with another player who was basically just being a complete a***hole

since then every time i do try to chat or ask a question i seem to find what appears to be mentally challenged people keep calling out for some dude named kevin or other dribble

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A lot of MMOs are simply glorified chat rooms with avatars to show off in different capacities. The gameplay is secondary, and often has no well-defined “goal” for players to reach. It’s just “stuff to do” to keep people distracted/entertained long enough to keep the game running. Unfortunately the communities for some games are a tad antisocial and the chat aspect is minimized and/or unpalatable.