Monster Legions.

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Hai.Silly me took a while to find the forums here. Anyway time for a little discussion on Monster Legions the newest game from Nerdook.

So let’s talk a little about me in the game.

Army:Flame Archers level 9 x6 Dragon skirmishers lvl 3(started with) Death Monk Fire Monk Armored Dragon.

Strat: Armored tanks Skirmy helps Death monk turns them into undead to keep blocking while archers deal large flame damage to everything

Unique Encounters: Scorpion Battle Puppet Ancient Trent

References I found: Battle Puppet looks like Crow from Naruto and also uses poison if I recall Crow shoots poisoned darts of of it’s wrist at one point so it’s probably a reference to that.

Hope this helps feel free to contribute.

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First thing’s first. the reference with crow is part one. when a battle puppet dies it spawns a puppeteer not a reference in it’s self but with the crow reference being from Naruto this might be referencing Sasori (Yeah I used to and still do watch the show)

Death. Spam archers and use a powerful tank. only the tank will die archers won’t die there for limiting how many he can res to his side. if you don’t like archers use tank units they don’t die as often.

War. straight forward over power him like normal battles (cept his units are tougher)

Pest. Get a heal Monk they cure poison and it seemed to keep my units generaly free of it’s effects once that’s delt with it’s a normal battle.

Famine. almost Like death no real trick to beating it like death he can be a pain if he amasses a bunch of troops and is far more likely if he get’s a lot of his bone golems

New Unique Encounters Stone Golem Ultimate Knight Charging Minotuar Giant Spider Spitting Spider Flame Archer Fire Monk Death Monk Longbow Archer Bull Rider Armored Dragon Dragon Rider

Common Encounters. Spearmen Swordsmen Archers Riders Knights Siege towers Armored Brute Ninjas

Bugs: Managing to destroy their tower thing seems to bug the game causing the last enemy to be unkillable unless you use the death spell on it.