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I just released my first game – Supaplex Remake. It’s remake of… Supaplex :). If you want ask or just give some feedback just write it here.

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Thumbs up man, great job!

Supaplex was not among my favorite titles when I was a teen (cause it required thinking while I looked for action or smth epic → I’ve been bored playing it → I sucked at it :D). Also I remember the PC version I played had lagged controls.

Atm I tried 1st lvl of your remake, all goes smooth. Surely gonna play it.

Say, could any copyright issues be possible?

Is it possible to scroll map without moving?

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“Say, could any copyright issues be possible?”

I think it’s not a problem. Original company which released it dosn’t exists anymore. The original game was released as free free years ago.

“Is it possible to scroll map without moving?”

Yes, just drag and drop map with mouse.

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You’ve made it finally – yay! Will certainly play.

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Hi, i am really old and the original Supaplex was my fave game 20 years ago, I am delighted to be able to play it again on mu Mac. Now I simply need dome help to get through the level No Miracle..its level 35 or 36, please give hints, i loose my sleep, thank you in advance,
good luck to all, from desperate Granny

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@mygarik: did your solve it or still need help?