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Hey guys, two things. First of all, I beat the final boss of the game, but I have one bacon left over. I’ve completed all the quests, so I’m wondering if there’s some secret that I missed or something.

I feel like it might be connected to my second thing, which is that I’m missing a piece of flair, but I have no idea what it is. In the first page of the forge menu (1st column 3rd row), There’s an empty space where I think a flair should be, so I was wondering if I missed something, and if it has anything to do with my leftover bacon.

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Originally posted by Daedal0sX:

Hey guys, two things. First of all, I beat the final boss of the game, but I have one bacon left over. I’ve completed all the quests, so I’m wondering if there’s some secret that I missed or something.

I feel like it might be connected to my second thing, which is that I’m missing a piece of flair, but I have no idea what it is. In the first page of the forge menu (1st column 3rd row), There’s an empty space where I think a flair should be, so I was wondering if I missed something, and if it has anything to do with my leftover bacon.

I’m sure you didn’t miss anything from my memory. If you have a leftover bacon, that’s good. It means you’re 1337. :)

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Originally posted by Daedal0sX:

Hey guys, two things. First of all, I beat the final boss of the game, but I have one bacon left over. I’ve completed all the quests, so I’m wondering if there’s some secret that I missed or something.

I feel like it might be connected to my second thing, which is that I’m missing a piece of flair, but I have no idea what it is. In the first page of the forge menu (1st column 3rd row), There’s an empty space where I think a flair should be, so I was wondering if I missed something, and if it has anything to do with my leftover bacon.

Flair – on the map in 8 column, 6 row, count from top left corner.

Bacon – I suspect that there is bug, NPC got stat consumable for quest item instead of it.

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Thanks, guys.

However, though, I couldn’t find the flair according to your directions, Gremlion. I counted on the map and ended up in the crystal caves where the slime cat is. I looked around and didn’t find anything, so I was wondering whether I read your directions wrong or if we’re talking about different pieces of flair.

EDIT: Deleting posts isn’t working for me.
EDIT 2: Never mind, I found it, 9th column 2nd row.

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Sorry for double posting, but if it’s any help at all, it’s the 3rd column and 2nd row of the equip menu, when you click on one of the three flair slots.

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Confirmed. The last bow for Anna does not exist. It was never put into the game.

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Necro! Anyways, after beating the game, I am willing to share this strat for the Godcat, but more in terms of equipment, since there is already a very in-depth guide the Godcat on Youtube. This is for lower difficulties and I am still building my build for Hard/Epic. This is for people who just want a quick kill on Easy.

Matt: Anarchy, Headband/ Casual Cap, Genji Armor/Casual Shirt. (Not sure if I got the second shirt’s name right, apologies if I did not.

Skills to max (In no particular order): Legend, Cleaver, Ragnarok, Holy Sword, Swift Slash.
Strat here is either pure damage for the first set, or taking advantage of Syphon/Dispel immunity for the second set.

You want to be dealing large amounts of damage, as Matt does the most damage against the Creator. Against the Destroyer, Natalie might do more damage than you with Judgement, and that’s ok. Against the Destroyer, you can keep using the Anarchy and using Holy Sword, or you can use the Heaven’s Gate. The HG will do less damage, but the Anarchy lowers defense. It’s up to you.

Natalie: Seraphim, Pope Hat, Pope Dress.

Skills to max: Pulsar, Pulse, Judgement, Kyun, Genesis, Healmore, Barrier

You want to be able to be immune to all major damage as Natz, and this is what the setup allows. You can also deal incredible amounts of damage to the Destroyer with the Seraphim+ Judgement combo if you can spare a turn.

Anna: Fenrir’s Jaw, Pirate Dress, Drill Bits

Skills to max: Combo Shot, Arrow Rain, Protect, Reflex

Matt and Natalie are the major characters, so your third is only really needed for support. Anna isn’t really needed in this fight, since her damage isn’t really all that great, even with Combo Shot. I didn’t use her on the Creator because I had Dispel on Lance, and I wanted all the buffs off the Creator ASAP. On the Destroyer, Protect will be invaluable on all difficulties because you will take large amounts of damage without a buff. And that’s pretty much it.

Lance: Does not matter, but use the Shadow Blaster.

Skills to Max: Antimatter, Debilitate, Dispel, Lock On.

Lance is not neccesary in this fight at all, but the support speeds up the victory greatly. You will be using Lance on the Creator and Anna on the Destroyer because of Dispel and Protect’s uses on them, respectively. You could just use Lance for both, just for Debilitate for the extra damage if you want.

And that’s pretty much it. Well, I gotta sleep. Bye~!

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@Frosty,you could also try Devil Sunrise,though you get reduced attack,but it gives you resistances as well as defense.

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Completed game twice on epic, NG+, probably will get all medals too.
As for my group, I used:
Matt – anarchy/heaven’s gate, dark armour, death mask, angel pin (100% resist to dark, 80% to holy without weapon)
Lance – officer set, holy resistance weapon, holy resistance flair (100% resist holy and dark)
Anna – pope set, alchemy bow. (100% resist to holy and dark)
Nat – used only for Pervert medal.

Lance – all cakes, magic healer/dd
Matt – all ham, DD
Anna – resurrect, utility (dispells, debuffs). Gave her all evasion items. It was pretty funny, she soloed Praetorian, it couldn’t hit her even with autocannon(got tired status from alchemy bow).

Bosses were very easy, especially after stacking some debuffs from alchemy bow, like cursed, weakened, tired…
Used limit breaks to finish bosses to skip their own limit breaks. Though they were not that scary, got freeze from creator twice in a row without any problems.

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Originally posted by myskybluecap:

@Frosty,you could also try Devil Sunrise,though you get reduced attack,but it gives you resistances as well as defense.

No, you don’t seem to be getting the point. The idea is to just rush through and kill both the Creator and the Destroyer with the Anarchy, the extra damage is neccesary against the Destroyer due to the large amount of damage you want with the strategy.

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BUILD FOR HARD GODCAT. I urge you to read the whole thing, as every bit of information is important.

First, make sure all your characters are at least level 32, but 35+ is highly reccomended.
Matt: Headband, Genji Armor, Heaven’s Gate

Flairs: Golden Pentagram, Cursed Charm, Silver Cross. ( CC because I had nothing that would help in the fight, CC is really only good for the Dark resist, but even then, the attacks the Destroyer does won’t be a threat at all because you want her dead in one turn.)

Skills that were used: Big Spark, Cleaver, Ragnarok, Temper, Holy Sword. Anything else you think will be useful, go ahead and use it.

So, you are going to want to be using Giga Drill on the Creator for the most part, because it’s too difficult to use anything else other than the Heaven’s Gate, because the Creator’s Holy Shoop Da Whoop will kill you easily. However, the GD still does great damage, I did around 140000 damage with it for the most part, since I was buffed the whole time. Make sure you keep your Temper buff on you the whole time, and that’s really all you’ll need.
On the Destroyer, this build has fairly low Physical Defense on all of your characters, so you want to use Cleaver and kill her right off the bat. If Cleaver does not kill her in one turn, use a Judgement on Natalie. Assuming Natalie is buffed, she will do around 200k damage with Judgement. There is basically no excuse for the Destroyer to cause you any real harm in this fight.

Natalie: For Creator: Pope’s Hat, Shrine Maiden’s Dress, Seraphim. Flairs: The Heart Pin, Balance Badge, Frost Badge.
Skills used in the fight: Barrier is the only crucial one, Judgement helps for the extra damage.
Running a “battle mage” set on Natalie is very good for damage, especially for exploiting weaknesses. Here is an explanation for people who don’t know everything about the mechanics of the game. If you use a weapon on Matt that has an elemental advantage over a foe, that attack will deal enhanced damage. However, not all of the damage is elemental, so some of the damage will not be effected by the element at all.

For Natalie, the damage is all elemental, so you end up dealing much more when you attack with a spell that has an elemental advantage on a foe. Sounds complicated? Here’s an example. You should be at a stage where Mage Dogs are abundant, because if you are on the final boss, Godcat, you should be in the same area as a bunch of Mage Dogs ready for slaughter. Equip the Anarchy on Matt and use the regular attack on a Mage Dog. Even though the Anarchy is a Dark Type Weapon, it will still do damage! And if you use a dark spell on a Mage Dog, it will do 0 damage.

So, the idea is to use Pulsar and Pulse on Godcat and do incredible amounts of damage. The Cosmic Monolith summon when Natalie uses it, will do almost ridiculous damage do Godcat’s Creator form while Seraphim+ Judgement combo will liquefy the Destroyer. The Black Hole Limit Break is pretty much free 500000 damage on the Creator Form if used correctly. ( 65+% Magic Attack and Brave status)

Lastly, I should make note of the Sacrifice+Revive combo. Sacrifice is a 420 power (!) skill with the Dark element that does insane damage to a single target, but kills the user. However, if you use Revive on Natalie on one turn and use Sacrifice on the next, Natalie will just be revived after dying! Use this properly and watch the Creator fall to her knees.

Lance: Mage Hat, Red Jacket, God Hand for Creator, Shadow Blaster for Destroyer
Flairs: Does not matter.
Skills: Debilitate, Dispel, Healmore, Antimatter.
Lance is unfortunately cursed by not getting Protect, so he must be more of an offensive support, lowering the Godcat’s defenses with debilitate, destroying their buffs with Dispel, and increasing Matt’s accuracy with Lock On, because it can be annoying to slowly get less accurate while spamming Legend. Antimatter and Unload, with a Dark and Holy weapon respectively can do decent damage to the forms while allowing you to still focus on support duties. However, most of the time you will be spamming Healmore, so opprotunities to attack or even use Debilitate are low, but you could manage on lower difficulties or if you are a higher level than I was trying this strategy out (Level 32).

On the first stage:

On the first stage, the Godcat’s two halves will be floating around, this is your opprotunity to spam your buffs. Temper, Barrier, Lock On, etc. Matt and Natalie will be immune to holy damage, and the Dark Godcat’s dark attacks aren’t really that threatening, so spam buffs. Get auto-revive on Lance, because the Creator will probably kill him with the Holy Shoop Da Whoop.

Second Wave: The Creator!

First, the foe side will get all the turns for the first turn, so make sure you are all at full health on the turn. The Creator will charge up her holy Shoop Da Whoop. Make sure Lance has Auto-Revive status if you want to live. After the laser, all of your characters should have max Syphon Resist, so you can get back on your feet very easily, mainly because only one of your character were actually effected by the laser. Now, start the onslaught of Giga Drills while making sure the Foe side is clear of enemies using multi-hit skills such as Ragnarok.

It should be noted that this is a perfect opprotunity to use the Cosmic Monolith summon, because it will for certain, kill all the adds, and do around 150k-ish to the Creator. Sooner or later, the Creator will fall and you will get another set-up wave with the two Godcats floating around. Change your loadouts to the Destroyer loadouts listed above, and get ready for Wave 4!

Wave 4: The Destroyer!

A joke. A total joke this fight is. If you can survive the Destroyer’s first turn, you can pretty much just insta-win. Make sure you have damage buffs on Matt and Natalie, and make sure you have Brave status on both. Use Cleaver on the Destroyer. The Destroyer should be dead on the spot when you use it. But if she survives, 1 or 2 Judgements should kill her easily. Assuming this is done right, each Cleaver crit should do around 80000 or more, and a non-crit Judgement should do around 140000, at the very least. After a fast victory, make sure you use a Chili Sauce on Matt because the fight against the Destroyer is really hard without a Cleaver. It’s ok if Natalie doesn’t do much damage since her only real role is giving Chili Sauce to Matt and using Barrier and some other buffs, and doing other things when needed ( Using Black Hole/ Cosmic Monolith on the Creator).

However, on Epic Mode, she has more Health, so you’ll need an extra boost to one-shot her with Cleaver. Get Temper on Matt, give the Cursed Charm to Lance and make him use Unload on the Destroyer. The Curse status should be applied on the Destroyer, and it will make her take 50% more Holy damage on top of her already huge 100% weakness. A Judgement will do insane damage, and a Cleaver will likely kill her. Also, the Heaven’s Gate’s on-hit Holy Sword can also be applied to Cleaver and when it happens, it will deal 400000 damage, legit. If this happens, she’ll be disintegrated by pure solidified awesome.

After another setup phase, get ready for the last wave in the fight!

Wave 6: What the fluck?! Both of them?

Yes, both of them at once. However, the strategy is really simple because it’s basically the same thing as the earlier fights. Kill the Destroyer ASAP and then isolate the Creator. If you want, you can equip the Anarchy on Matt after the Holy Shoop Da Whoop AND the Destroyer is dead, so you can use an insanely powerful Cleaver on the Creator the next turn. In fact, I actually did 500000 damage to the Creator by just using an Anarchy buffed Cleaver. Should be fairly simple, just make sure the Destroyer is dead ASAP, or she will get Berserk status and destroy you with powerful attacks.

Quick notes on character stats and the two Godcats.

Elemental Resistance for Matt:Wind Resist: 50% Earth Resist: 50% Holy Resist: 100%, Dark Resist: 80%
Status Resistance: Dispel, Syhpon, Curse resistance: 100% Weaken Resistance: 200%

Elemental Resistance for Natalie: Ice: 50% Holy: 100% Dark: 50%
Status Resistance: Dispel, Curse, Freeze, Syphon: 100% Weaken: 200%

Elemental Resistance for Lance: Holy/Dark depending on if you are using Shadow Blaster or God Hand: 50%

Status Resistance: Dispel, Weaken, Syphon: 100%.

The reason Natalie has Freeze resistance is because if the Creator uses the Absolute Zero Limit Break at low health, this way you have one character still standing, and because if all your characters are frozen, the foe side gets another turn and will most likely kill your entire team.

The Supernova Limit Break that the Destroyer uses won’t do a huge amount of damage if she uses it, but watch out for it anyways. Matt will take the most damage from it.

Also, Matt should have around 1394 Physical Attack with the Heaven’s Gate equipped, without any buffs to attack, and Natalie should have around 1006 Magic Attack with the Seraphim. At least, that’s what I had.

I’ve used this setup for Hard Godcat before, and it has given me great success. Best of luck to you and happy killing!

- Your friendly Steam/Kongregate pal, Frosty.

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Having trouble beating the Praetorian on Epic level: any suggestions? How to dress up the characters and which skills?

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I used party Matt, Lance, Anna.
Items: 100% death resist, then by highest defence + autoabilities.
First turn:
Matt barrier
Lance magic barrier
Anna: reflex(eva up)

Second turn
Lance – beer on matt
Matt – limitbreak
Anna – second reflex

third turn
Matt – Milk to lance
Lance – limitbreak

Then just finish him
heal when needed(I gave it to lance, along with all cakes, he is oneshotting trashmobs),
Resurrection I gave to Anna(magic power doesn’t matter for autorevive)
debuff with alchemic bow(my praetorian got “tired” status and constantly missed till the end of battle)

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Doesn’t seems to work on EPIC level. He kills them all within the first 2 rounds. They are on level 44 – is that too low?

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Mmm, as I understand, you are on NewGame+? Second or third?

Do you have maxed skills? Do you have upgraded to level 5 items? Did you use statboost items? Because on my third playthrough I could take 5 hits from boss without healing (I had like 100k hp on each character)

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I’m on Kongreagate. They all have around 100k HP but can only take 1 hit from it – they die instantly even though they have 100% instant death resistans. All items are level 5. Statboost – I use flairs.

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I need help.
i can´t find the last chest have 294.

other things are some badges
how can i finish…
Art Appreciator – Look at the concept art in the gallery.
Power of Courage – Survive a powerful attack with 1 HP.
any advice ?

thank you

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For chest – use walkthrough, check every location. Personally, I usually missed chest behind key block after rafflesia.

Art appreciator – menu – gallery, check concept-arts.
Power of courage – Get morale status. Kitten fort summon or triforce item. It will activate if you have more than 50% hp. Got this medal on Glitch.

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thank you Gremlion

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just saying the final boss is really easy if you do this: make sure everyone has max resistance on holy and unholy elements. most attacks save for the destroyers ultimate will do no damage to you from them. buff everyone up and keep em buffed and healed. personally i have mat nat and anna. anna is support healer, nat is the magic caster, although she acts as second support in the final fight. and mat deals the damage. i put all attack damage on him, and i easly broke the damage medals, yes even the 3000000000 one. use giga drill on the creator, and send his buffed ass to hell. limit break once or twice with mats first ult, on the destroyer and its gg. when you face both of em at thesame time, kill the destroyer first. save your hotsauce for this fight, mat will make quick work of the bosses in these fights. This is just my strategy. just to say i passed the game on epic all 3 runs. to be honest i found the first 2 runs the hardest on epic, especially the 2nd. The 3rd try on epic is easyer, since you are much more powerful due to perma buff items
ps(for the last question, its not about getting the last switch, its about getting only the switches shown on the wall of the open and all the others closed. On the door you should see II, III, VI, IX and X. all the others in the factory should me set to off. the last one which is the X you find it only shortly after you enter temple of god cat. hope that helps )

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btw for those having trouble in fights, make sure you get as much equipment as possible and MAX THEM ALL OUT! this is important, since the right combination of equipment can negate a huge amount of damage from certain types of monsters. I suggest you always prioritise defence over offence when it come to your equipment, and save the weapon choice of offence for your main damage dealer. if you plan to do bosses on epic, this is the only way to go. also i suggest putting magic barrier and physical barrier on 2 separate people this way you can buff the whole party with defensive stats in the first round. A good way to see what equipment is good is to look at your beastery( this implies you must scan all enemies) The description of monsters always says what type of damage it usually deals. Example: the first area, most monsters are weak to water and wind, so make sure to do water or wind damage with your weapons. also, most enemies do fire damage, so try to get fire def maxed on all party members you are using. This is largely common sense. if you are having trouble with a specific fight find the damage they do and negate it and use weapons they are weak too. if you dont want to waist a turn scanning, you can always run in scan and escape the fight. YOU CAN RUN FROM ALL FIGHTS BOSSES INCLUDED. this is a good way to pre-pair if you really aren’t sure on how to approach a fight. props to kupo this is a very forgiving feature that allows you to think strategies through before rushing in. another hint: best way to deal with ALL monlith types is to syphon them, they are useless when silenced.

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Question, Where is the cowboy hat? I think I missed a chest or two on the way and totally don’t see where it could be…

Another is, where to grind for level 40? The double monolith+4 dragon before the godcats?

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Upper left corner is 11, first number is column (6), second number is row(2).
Cowboy Hat: Map 6-2 chest hiding behind tree next to wind mill coral locked.

As for level 40 – imo these dragons are the best variant, though very tedious.

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Can somebody help me??
I’m missing a flair at column 6 row 1

and also.. does Anna’s last bow really exist?

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For those, who missed any item, check this profile
He posted every item location.