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I just started playing this game a month or so ago (way late, I know), and played it for a few days. So, I finally got around to writing this guide a week or two later, because I had to, I LOVE this game. Very well made. So I decided to put together some of the best tricks I made over the last few days.

:::: Best Tips and Exploits ::::

INFINITE MONEY = AMMO / HEALTH : On the Map Screen, at the top (Red tab), you can go to the Facebook and Twitter pages to get 1000 money total, but not have to Like / Follow. (do it anyway) Just click the 2 links. Then press ESC and use “Save and Quit”. Then Continue your file. Then do the Facebook / Twitter again. :) INFINITE MONEY! (warning, this activates the money achievements, don’t use this at too early a level, as it can be a waste of a lot of bonus exp! because EXP doesn’t overflow. But using this right, you can get good exp early too) Infinite money means, infinite ammo at the PWN shop. And Infinite Health kits. :)

FIXING SLOW-MO, DOES YOUR GAME SOMETIMES GET SLOW / LAGGY / HARD TO CONTROL? FIXES : This game has a bit of lag when things get too crazy. (5 zombie hoarde ambush and the bloody low health warning)

GAME OPTIONS TO FIX LAG : Set these options to help fix lag. Press ESC to enter options. Set Violence + Quality + Effects + Flashlight to LOW, Decals + Body fade to HIGH, Film Grain to OFF, Brightness to 5, and Toggle Crouch to ON. This makes it there is the least lag possible. (toggle crouch reduces game lag due to lower continued keyboard interaction with the game)

BEHAVIOR FIXES FOR LAG : how to expect lag. Don’t get into LOW HP. The BLOODY SCREEN makes the game lag. Don’t fight in 1 area very long. This builds up lag items on the screen from dead zombies. Fix by exiting and entering the room / street. Finally, When a bunch of zombies start falling in, when you are a high level, things will get laggy because there’s too much going on with too many bodies on screen.

BROWSER FIXES FOR LAG : Set your browser and Plugins to HIGH priority in Task Manager (google “flash priority”) Also make your game window SMALL by using CONTROL and the – key. This makes everything smaller but this also means less lag. Final option is when in an emergency, to press X, then TAB, and then use the keys: ALT + TAB to another window (have a maximized folder open) that COVERS the flash game. (you will hear the sound effects speed up) This can help fix a laggy Zombie Ambush with a bloody screen and get quick control back. The “X, TAB, ALT+TAB” acts as a pause on the game, because the game lags to open those, and then the alt+tab speeds the game up.

COMPUTER FIXES FOR LAG : Don’t have videos, or youtube open, or music programs, playing or open at the same time as the game. Actually turn off all other programs when playing, but, mostly make sure you don’t have video or music programs playing. Do all these tricks to help beat slow motion lag.

CHALLENGE MODE: If you need a challenge in this game, try starting a character with 1 in every stat, and 0 skills. Good tip for people who want to play this game on super hard mode and have done everything else.

MELEE IS BETTER : Melee is infinite, never misses!!, no ammo, silent (means zombies will rarely run to you as you kill its friends), blunt can knockback well, and is powerful.

STRONGEST MELEE ATTACKS : Sharpened Katata 52, Sharpened Fire Axe 46, Battle Axe 45, Katana 40, Heavy Sledge 39 (and 50% knockback!!), Chainsaw 10 (but you can attack with it very quick)

LUCK IS BEST : Luck is a great stat that makes zombies drop lots of goodies. Increases crit rate, helps break open locks, and I think helps searching in containers too! I’ve played files with low luck and with high luck, and high luck games are much more potent. I always get powerful gears early in the game! :) Always make your character with at least 10 luck. You will also need 10-13 strength to carry all the cool stuff you get.

ACHIEVEMENTS = LEVEL UPS : A good player will use his achievements to level up quickly. Achievements and tasks sometimes give so much EXP though that it overloads your level up and you waste a lot of EXP. (let’s say you need 300 exp to level up, and you get a 1000 exp achievement or task. You just wasted 700 exp) Also, doing achievements early means Battle Axe!

SHOVING TO KILL : Shoving is a great melee attack, it knocks back almost 100% of the time, and hits every enemy in range. This is PERFECT if you have a companion with a good killing gun. You can use this to shove, and then have them kill. Or you can shove, melee, then shove again in a loop.

INFINITE STORAGE : Rarely, enemies will drop an item called “undefined”. This item is invisible, and when you take it, it will allow you to carry infinite everything. I mostly find this item at the Docks, and if I have high luck stats. But maybe you can find it earlier?? But since it is an invisible drop you might miss it. So when you see a zombie backpack on the floor, move your cursor around a lot to maybe find it.

:::: Good bugs (exploits) ::::

CANCEL ZOMBIE HORDE : Press ESC, and use SAVE AND QUIT. Then reload the game. No more zombie horde. :)

SAVE COMPANION : If your companion dies, and then you die, DO NOT CHOOSE either option, you will lose your companion. Choose QUIT. Or a better option… You can press the X key, and this will load the Achievements menu behind the Game Over menu. This forces a behind the scenes AUTO SAVE, then, choose either of the 3 options. (here, outside, or quit)

NO LOSS EXP DEATH = QUIT! : If you die, you can chose QUIT, then load your Save, and it is almost like “Restart Here”, BUT no loss of EXP! But no full heal. You usually come back as you were when you entered the room. (or if you opened your backpack) This is very often a good option.

SAVE TIME, WARP, AND HEAL! = RESTART OUTSIDE : If you die, you can choose “Restart Outside” and NOT LOSE EXP (it says you do, but you don’t!!), AND Full heal, AND save travel time :) You can use this to quickly escape long areas, like the Hospital, or the Sewers. This option is usually no big deal as it doesn’t take long to get back where you were if you were searching rooms, or if you died on the streets.

RESTART HERE + LOW EXP = RAMBO SPEED MODE : The “Restart Here” game over option takes half your current EXP away. But it also wipes out random enemies and full heals and leaves you where you were! Best use is to level up first to have 0 exp (or close to it) then use this to quickly beat long areas like the Hospital or HERC, with little cost. This is good if you just wanna run through and not explore too much.

CLOTHING IS ARMOR? : Clothes are nearly 100% useless and only cosmetic. You can throw them all out and never pick them up to save weight. The only exceptions are the Riot Helmets, and Kevlar Vests which ~ supposedly ~ block some damage or just bullets. (Bio Hazard suit is useless too, and very very heavy) And blocking bullets is useless as there are almost no shooting enemies. You can run through the game naked and it doesn’t matter.

WEAPON ATTACHEMENTS : Spec Ops guns are the best of the gun types. They are like a combo of Military, Suppressed, and Scoped. (Spec Ops damage of Military + Suppressed cancel each other out. As for Military by itself, it hits harder, but misses more than Spec Ops. This can make Military better when fighting groups of enemies with non penetrating guns because even a missing Military bullet will hit some zombie in the group (you can think of it as 100% accuracy). But… LONG GUNS penetrate and hit all enemies in a row, so Spec Ops is always best for long guns, making each sniper bullet hit many zombies)

SAFE SPOTS?? : If you stand on the sandbags in the exact right spot, no enemies can get you. These raised areas need to be wide enough on both sides for this to work. If you stand in just the right spot, enemies will try to come up and get you, but due to a bug, they will stall or fall when they get up to you! Totally safe! :)

BEST COMPANION WEAPON : Best weapons for companions are in this order: FAL, AK47, MP5, Uzi. (mil or spec ops beat next level plain) The AI has great handling of these guns IMO and the magazine sizes are high, which is the worst thing for an AI that is very terrible about not being smart about reloading.

COMPANION AMMO : Companions have infinte Ammo. This can be useful for RPGs or Grenades / Launcher. (I don’t like them usually, they have huge reloads and Companion AI is terrible about reloading)

SHOVING ACHIEVEMENT EASY : In the first town, behind Ed, there’s a guy protecting Ed. You can shove him forever and you can get this trophy easily.

NO MORE RELOADS : I found a way to never have to reload again with my shotgun 1 time, but I don’t know how I did it. Somehow I was able to continually reload my gun and the magazine counter was full. Turns out I was overloading it and could fire for long periods without having to reload during a fight! I can’t seem to figure out how I did it though. So I will leave this note for anyone else who might know, or if I can figure it out, I’ll post it later.

ARMORED ENEMIES : Some later high level zombies have armor and riot shields. In order to beat these guys you got to aim the cursor at their feet, or crouch and use melee attacks. Sometimes you can head shots on them if they don’t have a helmet. Sometimes it still hits even if they have a helmet. Not sure why. In general, don’t use guns on Riot Shield enemies, hit their legs with melee.

PILLS / 50 CAL AMMO : To get more Pills, fight zombies when you are almost dead. To get more .50 calibre ammo fight zombies with your .50 calibre weapon on your back. The game tries to give you stuff that matches what you use or need.

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:::: Bad bugs (flaws to avoid) ::::

When you trade guns with your companion you lose all that Ammo in your gun. Be careful with large magazine guns. If a gun has full ammo, unequip it, then re equip it, then use G to trade it.

Never, ever, give Companions melee weapons. The AI just can’t use them well and go all Rambo, and miss too much, and are just slow to swing.

It is possible to have too many items in your backpack at the storage screen and be unable to scroll to the bottom to get all items into storage. :(

After you rescue Bethany / Matthew, but die and respawn outside, you escape the sewers quickly, but you miss the new Task Quest notice. You can still continue onward though.

There are some bugs with the tasks if you press ESC to cancel talking with friends, or if you die and use the warp out respawn. Just to let you know. It might, MIGHT, break the game. (sequence breaking or task glitching)

Sometimes your companion can die and not be able to be picked up. In these cases immediately press ESC and use SAVE AND QUIT to save them.

BRAWN BEATS BRAINS : This achievement is terrible. In order to get it you must succeed in breaking a lock at 30% or lower. The trouble with this is it’s very hard to find locks that you can get that low of percentage, and, those locks are early in the game, AND you have to have low stats. So this is very rare to actually get this to work, it seems. The stats in breaking a lock have to deal with Security Skill, Luck, and the Lock itself. So it’s best to do this before you level up or read books.

NAME BUG : If you don’t give your character a last name (use a space in your name) then Bethany / Matthew will have an ugly last name called “undefined”. (that means the Flash game software couldn’t find the variable so it stuck in “undefined”)

Quickie Walkthrough (minimalistic speed run)

Game Start
Talk to and accept Ed’s task.
Talk to and accept Ray’s task.
Talk to and accept Ed’s task.
Get Bolt Cutters.
Talk and give bolt Cutters to Ed.

Travel to Brookvale
Read note on wall in apartment, by bed.

Travel to Canal Park
Get to Hospital 4th floor Safe Room and talk to guy on left.

Travel to Stadium
Read 2nd Notice on wall behind Kate.
Talk to Barry.
Go to maintenance room and talk twice to Barry, and Accept.
To 2nd red door, Read notice in HERC offices.
Talk to Barry anywhere, and Accept.
Enter sewers. (quick, no enemies)

Travel to Uptown (Pawnshop is closest)
Enter safe house and accept task from Barry.
Enter sewers to get to end of HERC. Get key on wall. Talk to Bethany/Matthew and accept task. Then talk again.

Travel to Docks
Enter Safe House, and talk to Jack twice and Accept.

Travel to Waterside
Right door, at the end is a footlocker with C4.
Left door, at the end is a storage cabinet with a key, and a footlocker with C4.
2nd left door, on the top floor is a big cage, use key. At the end is a footlocker, C4?

Travel to Docks
Talk to Jack.
Talk to Jack and Accept the Task.
Exit safe room, walk to end of town, and talk to Jack at The Wall.

Travel to Union Island
Run to the boat. (sugges shooting HERC soldiers on final screen from far away)

:::: Food or Drink to East first! (for maximum weight savings)

NAME Effect Weight (effect/weight)
No ZZZ           25 .1 250
Sardines         15 .2 75
Pain Pills       30 .5 60
Medkit           30 .5 60
Apple             5 .1 50
Orange   	  5 .1 50
Pasta   	 25 .5 50
Chocolate 	  8 .2 40
Crackers 	  8 .2 40
Canned Beans     20 .5 40
MRE              15 .5 30
Canned Tomatoes  15 .5 30
Chicken Soup     12 .5 24
Beef Soup        12 .5 24
Peanuts          12 .5 24
Beef Jerky        2 .1 20
Canned Corn      10 .5 20
Canned Fruit     10 .5 20
Vegetable Soup   10 .5 20 
Can 'O Ham       10 .5 20
Cookies           8 .5 16
Instant Noodles   8 .5 16
Breakfast Cereal 15 1. 15
Pickles          15 1. 15
Peanut Butter     5 .5 10
Bandages          5 .5 10
Chips             2 .2 10
Raspberry Jelly   5 .5 10
Bottled Water     5 .5 10
Can of Soda       1 .5  2
Bottle of Soda    2 2.  1

So if you look at the last column, always drink soda first. It’s the most wasteful for your backpack to carry. Also eat chips, and instant noodles, jelly, and water first too. Lots of junk food. On the other hand, save sardines, apples, oranges and pasta for the absolute last things to eat because they pack a lot of healing in a small weight.

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SUGGESTIONS FOR GAME DEVS (for this game, or a sequel, LOVE the game but things can always be improved)

Dead Zone is the multiplayer continuation of this series. I’d suggest a way to get players from Union City into Dead Zone would be to make the Union City expansion pack as a special code you can get from Dead Zone. Pick a goal, such as a high enough level, that takes a few weeks of Dead Zone play to get, and then give them the Union City premium code as a prize.

Please put in an anti-lag option to turn off the following things: Transparent Smoke (like cars on fire, this causes lag at the military base and other areas). Next, Zombie decay isn’t good enough, set an option for instant body decay over 2 dead bodies to relieve lag during ambushes. Next, allow for removal of the bloody screen when you get low HP. This causes enormous lag for no reason, at the worst possible time (when you are almost dead) That can be replaced with flashing red upper/lower black bar areas on screen (hunger/tired notice areas) I’ve had this happen many times, where I am ambushed and flashing bloody screen, and the lag sprouts up because of the perfect storm of graphical effects during ambushes and near death. It turns a bad situation into unwinnable because the lag makes you lose control of the character.

Tone down the melee in Union City, it’s too good. I think 1 big reason is it doesn’t use any stamina like the game says it does. :o I think melee should be way weaker, but much higher knockback, and use some stamina. Melee should be a way to get enemies off you, it should NOT be as killtastic as it is. It’s just way too easy. I read in the comments that Melee used to miss. But players complained. But, it feels like the miss % was removed, but, then the damage wasn’t lowered LOL. So now we have this OP melee attack that never misses.

Maybe make melee weak except for head shots, which can have high chance crits. Weaken all melee to 50% power right now. But rebalance that with… Blunt = double damage crit on head. Blade = triple damage crit on head. This would make using melee take some mouse skills.

I think there should be a bigger difference between melee blunt and blade. Perhaps give blade a much higher noticable critical rate.

Make all melee attacks done from a jump, hit all enemies, instead of 1. I think this would be pretty fun. NINJA! (it would give a reason to do this and use so much stamina, maybe make running too, add extra range) This would make for a good reason for a stamina heavy player. And this jumping melee idea also fits well with the head shot crit idea IMO

The gun skills and bullet system I feel was a bit much. A little too detailed to manage, and odd to have such specific skills such as pistol vs automatic skill. I’m not sure how I’d fix it, but, I think 1 thing at least would be a way to sort my guns by Ammo might help. I was always not just choosing which guns to keep/dump based on stats, but ammo I have left. So I wish the backpack was sortable by ammo type. Maybe by going to the Ammo Tab page (a tab which I never ever used) and have all your current guns under each heading. This can help me decide which guns to dump. (Ideally, I usually try to keep 1 gun of each ammo type so I get the most out of dropped ammo, but there are so many guns and what you get each play is so random, and then I get a new gun! and then have to do a comparison all over again, there’s too much to remember, so a sort guns by ammo list would be great)

I’d like a bit more with the companions. Like, I wish there were more companions in the game. Randomly generated ones asking for random quests around the whole town. I wish we could drop off, and pick up spare companions at the safe houses. I’d also like to be able to give companions 2 or 3 weapons. (I’d like to press 1 key to have them swap between their weapons like our Q key)

Why is the safe house storage so skimpy??? :( :( :( Shouldn’t it be way higher than what I can carry? How about this, all containers in the game world can be used to store things, or at least 1 thing. I would love to stash an overweight shotty in a room, and come back for it later! Also, I’d like it so when I use the TRASH option, that the item would fall at my feet. I’ve accidentally trashed items before and it’s UGH. Vaporized :(

The zombie ambushes could be more dangerous and variable. For example, they could do things like come at you from the door ways, and windows, and all zombies should follow you from room to room if you run. (it kinda does during ambushes, but I’d like it from the doors too) I also think the holes in the ceilings should be permanent. That would give the whole game that “lived in” look when you go back to an area and see that hole in the ceiling. It also makes the game world more believable so holes don’t repair ever.

I think more variable attacks from the zombies would be nice. The dogs should “grapple” with you 100% of the time. This would make the last sequence of the game much more thrilling as you are trying to get away and the dogs would tackle. Right now I just walk away from the zombies.

The equiping menu is a bit clunky. I’ve seen people in the comments asking how to equip things. The way it should work is, click a weapon, it equips and changes my in-hand weapon. 1 click. That simple. If I click another weapon, it changes the on-back weapon. If I click a third weapon, it changes the in-hand again. As it is right now, I have to do way too much clicking to equip weapons IMO. 1 click is so much simpler.

The lock system / security skill… way too few locks, way too little prizes for picking them, makes for a very ho hum skill. I think every single house should have at least 1 lock (room or container) and the rewards should always be great. On the counter side, “forcing locks” should be available to low security characters. And a 1 time failed forced lock should be later pickable, but, randomly reset during the picking, and / or maybe need a higher security skill. I don’t see the point of having a Force Lock needing high Security Skill.

Not sure if the game does this, but, after fighting a whole zombie ambush and I open a container, I’d love to get something nice. :) Like, fight an ambush, and then open the container to get a luck / search bonus. I hate fighting a whole ambush and feeling like I got nothing out of it, when I could have just run away.

I think the respawn system is a bit exploitable (and buggy, many tricks in top section). I think a better system might be to send us back to the closest safe house, several hours later after sleeping. Maybe with losing all EXP since your last safe house. (you keep the items and ammo) Maybe another penalty is you drop your main weapon in the room you died in. But I know easy respawning really affects people’s liking of a game, so maybe just fix the bugs/exploits. But I personally don’t mind a harsher respawn system and the Safe House seems like the natural spot to “save your file”.

I think the bow and arrow should have something like 50% knockback, to kind of make it a long range melee attack. To make a very unique weapon, be unique in game play as the only ranged option with great knock back effects.

I think weapon skill stats should more profoundly affect what you find. Like the luck skill. If I specialize in Long Guns, I want to find more long guns, and I want them to hit more, crit more, and knockback more. I know this kind of happens with crits and hits, but I’d like to see the stats on screen. Because I’ve played a game with low, and high weapon skills (full skills in 1 weapon type), and I didn’t FEEL like I was benefitting. Especially melee skills.

I think the hunger and tired percents should be at the top of the screen.

I think there should be a benefit for sleeping and eating near 100%. Like, if my awakeness is 90+% I should get a + 1 to all appropriate skills and stats. Same with non-hungriness. Maybe even + 2 if 95 + %. this would give me good reasons to eat well and sleep often.

Military base at the end seems too short. Perhaps the game was getting too long to develop, but the military base is just so small. For example, the hospital was epic and long, multiple floors. I’m sure this has 0% chance of getting added to, but it just felt unfinished. (the whole game is great, of course, but the end seems a bit abbreviated)

One thing I’ve seen in comments is people talking about the ending. I have to disagree with them and say, I LOVE the ending. Perfect moment, makes you think.


The game is pretty easy, especially if you use the tricks above. So let’s make some challenges.

One of the best is to set all your skills to 1. And your stats too. To do this use the Custom Class. The game gets really hard!

Other challenges would be to not use melee.

Another would be to not use companions.

Don’t level up!

Beast challenge: And finally, set all your stats to 1, and all of the above others at the same time! :P I bet the game can be beat with stats = 1, but, all of these together? Might not be possible. I’ll post if I accomplish it.

The Last Stand: Union City

Maybe a bit more stuff coming later on, but any other tips you guys want to add for the game, let’s hear them. Glitches and exploits especially.

Oh, and any ideas for things people want to see in a sequel? Or things that could be fixed in this one?

Amazingly, for a game this old, it still gets daily comments on the game page. Sign of a great game. :)

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Maybe Tell Con Artists this, and not a forum hmm? Cause there is a slim chance They will acutely look at this.

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Originally posted by zeus24:

Maybe Tell Con Artists this, and not a forum hmm? Cause there is a slim chance They will acutely look at this.

What makes you think I didn’t hmmm? :P

But I think it’s about 0% chance that Conartist would bother, he’s probably too busy with Dead Zone.

Also, this is a walkthrough / guide first and foremost, ideas for changes are added to the end.

In keeping with that…

Here’s a preliminary weapons list, I want to add a bit more to it, or maybe reorganize it into groups for ammo and then for weapon type. But it’s a straight list for now.

Weapons of Union City
(data needed: rate of fire and reload time)
Gun List
Sk Weig Ammo Da Accu Kn No Mag Item
Au  7   7.62 15 5.5   8 25  30 AK47
Au  7   7.62 15 5.5   8 25  45 AK47 - EXT. MAG
Au  7   7.62 20 5.5   8 25  39 AK47 - MILITARY
Au  7   7.62 15 6.85  8 25  30 AK47 - SCOPED
Au  7   7.62 14 5.5   8  8  30 AK47 - SUPPRESSED
Au  9   5.56 10 5     5 25  45 M16A2 - EXT. MAG
Au  5   5.56 10 5     5 25  30 M16A2 - LIGHTENED
Au  9   5.56 13 5     5 25  39 M16A2 - MILITARY
Au  9   5.56 10 6.5   5 25  30 M16A2 - SCOPED
Au  9   5.56 10 6.5   5  8  30 M16A2 - SPEC OPS
Au  9   5.56 10 5.5   5 25  30 M16A2 - CUSTOM STOCK
Au  9   5.56  9 5     5  8  30 M16A2 - SUPPRESSED
Au 10   7.62 18 5    10 25  20 FAL BATTLE RIFLE
Au 10   7.62  9 3    10 25  20 FAL BATTLE RIFLE - DAMAGED
Au 22   5.56 15 5     8 25 100 M249 SAW
Au 22   5.56 20 5     8 25 130 M249 SAW - MILITARY
Pi  2.5  .45 12 6    10 10   7 M1911 PISTOL
Pi  2.5  .45 16 6    10 10   9 M1911 PISTOL - MILITARY
Pi  2.5  .45 11 6    10  3   7 M1911 PISTOL - SUPPRESSED
Lo 12   7.62 50 7     8 25  10 M24 RIFLE
Lo 12   7.62 50 5     8 25  10 M24 RIFLE - EXT. AG
Lo  6   7.62 50 7     8 25  10 M24 RIFLE - LIGHTENED
Lo 12   7.62 50 7.9   8 25  10 M24 RIFLE - SCOPED
Lo 12   7.62 50 7.3   8 25  10 M24 RIFLE - CUSTOM STOCK

Only wish the game told me the rate of fire for each weapon, and the reload speed, so I could get a little sustained fire DPS going on.

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► ► ► ► New Glitch

► Walk around while dead! Resurrection Zombie Mode! You can revive while the game has you killed and the screen gives you the 3 choices for Restarting Here, Outside, or Quit.
In order to do this, go to any Door/Map and die in front of it.
Then press C twice.
Now hover your mouse over the exit, and press E.
You are now revived!
You can move around while dead.
Maybe you are yourself now a zombie? =OOOOO
(If you do this trick while going to the Map Screen, it’s extra glitchy!)

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Still doing that weapons list, biting into it a bit at a time, I’d say I’m about 75% into the list. And still need some missing ones.

Weapons of Union City  (data needed: rate of fire and reload time)
S Weig Ammo  Dam Accur Kn No Mag Item
A  7    5.56  10  4.5   5 20  45 M4A1 - EXT. MAG
A  4    5.56  10  4.5   5 20  30 M4A1 - LIGHTENED
A  7    5.56  10  6.15  5  6  30 M4A1 - SPEC OPS
S  5   40 Gr 120 10    30 25   1 M79 GRENADE LAUNCHER 
S  5   40 Gr 120 10    30 25   1 M79 GRENADE LAUNCHER - DAMAGED
L 28   50cal  60  7    15 20  10 M82 SNIPER  
P  2.5  9      5  4.4   5 10  15 M9 PISTOL - DAMAGED
P  2.5  9     10  6     5 10  23 M9 PISTOL - EXT. MAG
P  1    9     10  6     5 10  15 M9 PISTOL - LIGHTENED
A  5.5  9      9  3.5   3 15  30 MP5
A  5.5  9      9  3.5   3 15  45 MP5 - EXT. MAG
A  3    9      9  3.5   3 15  30 MP5 - LIGHTENED
A  5.5  9      9  5.45  3 15  30 MP5 - SCOPED
A  5.5  9      9  5.45  3  5  30 MP5 - SPEC OPS
A  5.5  9      9  4.15  3 15  30 MP5 - CUSTOM STOCK
A  5.5  9      8  3.5   3  5  30 MP5 - SUPPRESSED
P  1.5  9      8  6     1 10   7 PPM 9 PISTOL
P  1.5  9      4  4.4   1 10   7 PPM 9 PISTOL - DAMAGED
P  1.5  9      8  6     1 10  11 PPM 9 PISTOL - EXT. MAG
P  1    9      8  6     1 10   7 PPM 9 PISTOL - LIGHTENED
P  1.5  9     10  6     1 10   9 PPM 9 PISTOL - MILITARY
P  1.5  9      7  6     1  3   7 PPM 9 PISTOL - SUPPRESSED
S 15   RPG R 200 10    30 25   1 RPG
S 15   RPG R 200 10    30 25   1 RPG - DAMAGED
A  8    7.62  16  5     8 25  20 SCAR-H
A  8    7.62   8  3     8 25  20 SCAR-H - DAMAGED
A  8    7.62  16  5     8 25  30 SCAR-H - EXT. MAG
A  4    7.62  16  5     8 25  20 SCAR-H - LIGHTENED
A  8    7.62  16  6.5   8 25  20 SCAR-H - SCOPED
A  8    7.62  16  6.5   8  8  20 SCAR-H - SPEC OPS
A  8    7.62  16  5.5   8 25  20 SCAR-H - CUSTOM STOCK
A  8    7.62  14  5     8  8  20 SCAR-H - SUPPRESSED
L  9   Shell   6  0.2  20 40  10 AMBROSE SHOTGUN - DAMAGED
L  9   Shell  12  3.7  20 40  10 AMBROSE SHOTGUN - CUSTOM STOCK
D 14          45  N/A  20  0   0 BATTLE AXE
S 15    Fuel  10  6    15 50 200 CHAINSAW
S 15    Fuel   5  4.4  15 50 200 CHAINSAW - DAMAGED
S  4   Arrow  20  6     5  1   1 HUNTING BOW   
S  4   Arrow  10  4.4   5  1   1 HUNTING BOW - DAMAGED
S Weig Ammo. Dam Accur Kn No Mag Item

1 more bug, got a second Undefined glitch item…. Was able to put it into the Safe Room Storage box for… DOUBLE INFINITY items.

So now I can store infinitely twice as much junk! * fist pump *



Edit notez: Hmmmm, Kong has a limit to how many line returns there are in a post? A super long list of weapons breaks Kongregate’s forum, and all line returns evaporate? I’ll figure out a solution, but till then, I’ll cut some of the list out

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Ahh, bad bugs, bad bugs, breakin da game.

:::Bad Bugs:::

BROKEN COMPANION GUNS – Something to wary of, do not trade guns with your companion, and then switch guns with the 1, 2,or Q buttons. IT BREAKS YOUR COMPANION. (you will see he holds the guns very strangely) You can no longer trade guns. And he won’t start shooting again until you leave the room, but even then, you can’t trade guns. Also it seems to affect my ability to unequip my own guns! D= The only fix is to reload your game.

WEAPON SWAP ERROR – This is a minor bug, but it’s there as a flaw. If you equip 2 of the same exact guns (weapon+attachment), pressing Q to swap between gun 1 and gun 2 will not work after getting to weapon 2. For example, let’s say I have a gun I really like and equip 2 of them so I can swap to the second gun without reloading. This won’t work right if I am not on gun # 1. It’s not that hard to avoid, but it is a bug.



WELCOME TO THE STADIUM! : After you blow the heck out of the HERC HQ and the Stadium HERC, if you go back after you get your wife back, the stadium still invites you in! It’s a bit surreal walking and talking to guards there with my wife in tow. Ha. Suggested fix: After you get your wife back, make the Stadium have HERCs + Army soldiers that are hostile to you. Or lazy fix, close the stadium after you get your wife.

BARRY GETS AROUND : After you give Barry info on what’s happening, he still appears at the Stadium in TWO places with empty dialog boxes. He should probably be gone and at his basement safe house only.

PLEASE KEEP OFF THE GRASS AND THE WALL : Jack, and you, and everyone else can’t get around the final wall in the game without a bunch of C4? Look at how small it is, I could easily walk around that thing :P It’s like placing a KEEP OFF THE GRASS SIGN (overstating it) Well this is just nitpicking, but I thought I’d mention it lol. IDK what a fix could be, the end game kind of hinges on that wall. (building a wall on a bridge also seems like too much work, why didn’t HERC just blow up the bridge) Maybe add some ARMY guards or something so it’s more believable on why we can’t get past it (that introduces its own problems though) Oh well.

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Badge of the Day… Last Stand!!…. 2. Close, but no cigar.

Upcoming, when I’m feeling that zombie itch…

-Full more organized weapon list. Gotta grind for missing weapons, boo
-Stamina guide? Bit of a mystery
-Cointainer list? Kinda want to do something with the containers to make low level games more practical (without glitches)

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Ooh, another little bug.

Here’s a list of all the occupations you can be, and their stats. Notice the total in the first column.

=+ s e p i l Skills+10 ..... OCCUPATION      
11 5 4 - 2 + blu spe sec fit CONSTRUCTION    
10 + . . 4 5 bla pis sma sec CON ARTIST      
10 - + + 5 4 sma sec sea fir I.T TECHNICIAN  
10 2 - 3 4 2 blu pis sec sea P.I             
10 4 4 . . 2 bla sea fit sur SURVIVALIST     
10 2 + 2 3 2 blu sma sea fir ENGINEER        
10 + 2 5 + + bla lon fit sur HUNTER          
10 4 4 . + + bla sea fir fit FIRE FIGHTER    
10 2 4 . 4 . bla fir fit sur PARAMEDIC       
10 3 2 + 4 . blu pis sec fir SECURITY GUARD  
10 2 2 4 2 . blu pis aut sec LAW ENFORCEMENT 
10 4 3 4 - . pis aut spe sur MILITARY        
_9 5 5 - . . blu lon fit sur FARMER          
_9 5 5 - . . blu bla fit sur MARTIAL ARTIST  

When you make a custom class, all stats start out at 5, and you get 10 more points to distribute as you wish to Strength, Endurance, Precision, Int, and Luck. (+ and -, mean, +1 and -1, over 5. So, 6 and 4 total)

But notice Construction is at 11 points total. :)

But also notice Farmer and Martial Artist are at 9 points total. :(

You can think of this as a bit of a free level up for the Construction player. Or at least half a level up.

I was hoping to find this, and surprisingly, the bug was there.

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Time for the reckoning!

In celebration of Dead Zone getting Union City “zombie hordes”
and their epic scare music.

Last Stand 4: Dead Zone [play here]

… I’m in the mood for starting a challenge
and I’ve decided I’ll try the previously mentioned Stats=1 idea.
But I’m going to add almost all the other conditions too, because why not.

Stats = 1
Skills = 0
Level 1, never level up
No companions, Hank or Kelly
I’m going to use only punches too. (hands, unarmed)

Here’s what the custom stat screen looks like

You confirm that the challenge is legit because
you can compare the current Quest
And the current EXP totals from pic to pic
to see that I am not assigning any level up points.

Also I’m pretty screwed in terms of what I can’t carry.
Being 1 strength means only 10 pounds.
Many weapons can’t be carried, and the weapon quests I cannot do.

So, this shall be the test, I wonder how far I can get….

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I love this game :D

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so what can u do once u finish the game?

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the game is awesome just needs a multiplayer
and wtf \/??

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Oooh, Badge of the Day =D

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Wow, how long did this tread take you? Well great job anyways. :P

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Thanks so much for making this guide. It really really helped me.