Tankpit! Bonus.com's 'Battlefield' is reborn!

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Decide with which team your loyalty lies and prepare for combat, you’re entering the tank pit. Join players from around the world to battle for superiority in our free, online multiplayer tank game, suitable for everyone.

How To Play:
The objective of the game is to gain ranks and awards by battling with other tanks.

The Basics:

Moving: Click on the ground and your tank will attempt to drive to that position.

Fuel: Move to a spot containing fuel to add it to your tank. Click and hold to grab or deposit fuel. Careful, fuel containers may be empty if someone else already used them!

Equipment: Click and hold on an equipment to add it to your inventory.

Obstacles: Click and hold on an obstacle to pick it up. You can drag an obstacle behind your tank. Click and hold on an empty space to drop it. Obstacles are useful for building bridges across water or making bases.

Ferries: Your tank cannot drive on water unless you’re riding on a ferry or driving over a bridge made with obstacles. Drive or teleport onto a ferry.

Tanks: Place your mouse over any tank. Their name, rank and awards are shown on the information area.

Enemies: Shoot tanks or mines of an opposing color by clicking on them or hovering over them and pressing the SPACE BAR.

Scope: Use the scope arrows to adjust the view of your tank.

Radar: Click on the radar symbol to scan your area of the screen. Radar reveals fuel, equipment, and enemy mines.

Mine: Click on the mine symbol to plant mines around your tank. Mines stop enemy tanks from driving or teleporting to a spot. They can be used to build bases or protect areas.

Teleport: To move quickly from one area of the map to another, tanks have the ability to teleport. Click on the map symbol to open the map. Use the scope arrows to view the entire map. Click on a spot to teleport to that location.

Messages: Click on a chat message in game to send that message to other players.

Fuel is the most important aspect of the game. If your fuel runs empty your tank will be deactivated! However, you respawn shortly. No points are lost, just one rank.

Move the mouse over your equipment bar to see how much inventory you have. Click to enable or disable any type of equipment or use the keys (1-5).

Equipment Type/ Ability
Armor Shield - Blocks shot damage instead of losing fuel.
Dual Shot - Does 2x the damage of a normal shot.
Missile Shot - Fires over rocks, obstacles, and other tanks.
Homing Shot - Follows tanks if they move while being shot.
Extra Radar - Radars the entire screen at once.

The most successful players fill their inventory and don’t let it run empty. You never know when you’ll need one of the equipment types!

Everyone begins at recruit and the highest rank is general. Promotion to higher ranks requires experience fighting other tanks. Promotion to all ranks above sergeant also requires deactivating a tank one rank below your current rank or higher, with the exception of general, which requires deactivating another colonel or general.

The experience gauge shows how much of the necessary experience you have obtained at your current rank. Click on the experience gauge to find out exactly what you need to get promoted.

Your tank is decorated with awards for reaching achievements in the game.

Award Names/ How to earn
Single, Double, Triple Star – Achieve the ranks of Major, Colonel, General.
Bronze, Silver, Gold Tank – Deactivate 100, 200, 500 enemy tanks in combat.
Combat, Battle, Heroic Honor – Get deactivated 20, 50, 100 times in battle.
Shining, Battered, Rusty Sword - Spend 100, 200, 500 hours on the field.
Bronze, Silver, Golden Cup - Place top 3 in a tournament.

For information about the other awards, check the special awards page.


Press ‘H’ in the game for a list of hotkeys.

Hotkey/ Action
space -Shoot
S- Radar
D- Plant Mines
F- Open Map
1, 2, 3, 4, 5- Enable/disable equipment
I- Display equipment inventory
L- Enable/disable game sounds
C- Display tank statistics
?- Display list of active players
E- Locate nearest enemy
X- Display active force numbers
T- Display top ten list
R, P, B, O -Display top ten list for a color
A -Enable/disable Autoscroll
Z- Enable/disable in-game chat messages
M -Show/hide tips for new players
N -Show the next tip
H- Display list of hotkeys
Q- Quit the field
F6- Ping the server
F8- Precise scoping

You are now ready to join the field! If you have further questions try asking other players on the bulletin board.

Good luck!

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This game has something of a learning curve but once you get in the zone, you can spend hour after hour battling away. Come give it a try! We need new players!

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Fun game!!!!!

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The developer has been working diligently on the game over the last few months. Bug fixes as well as balance fixes have been frequent. The overall objective of the World map is just to battle over time. It’s fun to raid enemy tanks with a group, or to challenge yourself against multiple opponents at once. By accumulating points you will eventually hold a place in the top25 list if you are ranked all the way to General.