[Mardek 3] Favorite Music Theme

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Title says it all.

Character Theme: The Inventor (can’t seem to find it on the music shop, so no example, if you want to hear it, go to Meraeador’s House).

Area Theme: [url=http://fighunter.bandcamp.com/track/mighty-heroes]Mighty Heroes[/url]

Battle theme: [url=http://fighunter.bandcamp.com/track/gdm-battle]GdM Battle[/url]

Sorry if this ends up doing a duplicate topic, would it be possible for a Mod to merge the two or more topics if that does happen?

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Those links didnt work for me. But my fave theme is either Castle Goznor or Karnos/Animus

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Guardian Battle theme :).

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I think mine is the Earth Temple music… listening to it right now.