Bloons tower defense medium badge hints!

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well i used a lot of time thinking out a way to clear the badge and here is the picture of how i did it:
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1. al the towers had the upgrade that does that the do more damage (the upgrade to the left)

2. the had no other upgrades

3. the first bomb cannon i upgrade after i got the 3-5 towers or something

4. i used a lot of spikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (think i used over 3 spikes from lvl 15- 35)

5. this is only how to get the badge! (i lost on lvl 37)

p.s. i know the picture is a little bitt f***ed up but try do the best out of it:)

hope the picture and hints help;D

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Yeah, that’d help in a min when i attempt that on Kongregate. Thanks for the picture and the 5pointers.