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The MMO is called Zero. Basically, you are in a robot, and kill other robots. It is one of those chineese MMOs, you know, real big on PKing and item drops with an awful NPC market? Yeah. It is pretty fun, you level up FAST.

The website is Zero3000.com/index. The main page is just a cool looking intro, the index is the actual place where you download. It is not browser based, and fairly large(uhh…. almost a gig? 900 something MBs IIRC).

Some things to warn you about:
It is alpha. It WAS a direct cut from the chineese game, so it will actually work fine, but the translations are a bit… google translate copy and pasted….
The forums… A lot of people who don’t speak english very well, and very anti change. Also, they tend to ignore logic. A lot.
The community itself is rather nice though.
Also, I play on moon server, so whisper me if you have any questions.

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meh…Id rather not. but why did you bump? no one wanted to then i doubt any one now