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Originally posted by Kellathor:
Originally posted by Outcast_Gamer117:


He’s the funniest motherfucker alive.

Originally posted by Cwovictor:


He’s annoying and immature. All he does is scream.


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They’re really new, but the few videos they’ve put up are of good quality. Just thought I’d get them out there, as they deserve more views!

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Shitty plug is shitty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb1fFxGKE2Q&list=UUGT37tWeAZ0XXn_JCW9QUlg

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Harshly Critical is THE BEST.

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I have no ideal

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Achievement Hunter

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randy tucker, markiplier, yamimash,DaRandomGamers

Randy Tucker: My favorite plays the same sort of games i like.
Markiplier: cause i love horror that includes horror games
yamimash: got there via markiplier i like his content so far.
DaRandomGamers: They met markiplier and i went to his channel and i liked the content he maked

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Game Grumps are the only ones who I wouldn’t mind watching.
They’re not good at games, but they’re pretty hilarious.