Bot arena 3 - challenge 5... moving sniper

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OMG, I’ve tried this challenge countless times…I even cleared all the others including the supposedly more difficult ones like challenge 4.

I am going insane. :)

The moving around in a big square thing which worked for challenge 2 doesnt seem to work here cos when i get into corners, i get triple-attacked…

Anyone has any tips?

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The square method doesn’t always work, but it did for many of us after trying it several times…when I did it, I didn’t really get into the corners because while my bot was still moving but coming close to the final destination (corner) I redirected it to the other corner (before it comes to a full stop, this is very important) so it moved in a square with rounded corners without ever stopping. If you’re already doing this, well then all I can say is keep trying it should work sooner or later.

And read this thread if you haven’t already: