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This forum post is intended to provide some very good information for anyone seriously trying to complete the Impossible Badge for Epic Battle Fantasy 2. I started with the comments provided by LongGun and quickly found that much more information was needed. His guidelines were the starting point for what is written here.


  • General Info
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Extra Info

Please note that each area (in each stage) will generally have two parts. The first has the most relevant battle instructions and the second has the upgrade instructions.

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General Info

Before trying to get the Impossible Badge, I totally recommend you play the game on any level you like so that:

  • you become familiar with the game mechanics and battle techniques, like when to use items and special attacks;

  • you collect all the monsters in the bestiary (or as many as you can). It will be useful to know which monsters are immune to stun;

  • get the survival badge because this is good practice for the mini-game;

  • you know what you are doing when randomness forces you to make all kinds of adjustments.

The following is the general strategy:

  • Select all the passive and counter attack traits you can get.

  • The upgrade options you get are the result of what you use MOST in an Area.

  • The first area in every stage is your best bet for maximizing your training.

The following are common fighting tactics not always listed anywhere else:

  • Matt – Special → Air Strike . . . . . for thinning out baddies

  • Matt – Tactics → Order . . . . . . . . sometimes letting Natz go first is better

  • Natz – Attack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . good for filling up on mana when baddies are stunned

  • Natz – WMagic → Heal
    Natz – WMagic → Healmore . . . . . shes your healer

The following are the default attacks for every battle unless otherwise specified:

  • Matt – Bushido → Unleash

  • Natz – BMagic → Thunderbolt
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Stage 1

Area 1
Matt – Special → Air Strike (MOSTLY)
Natz – Attack (MOSTLY)

Matt = Aerial Support
Natz = Mana Leech
For stat bonuses, I focused mostly on Defense and Magic Defense with some into Magic Attack later on.

Area 2
Matt – Special → Air Strike (MOSTLY)
Matt – Needs to switch to the Blizzard Sword in this area.
Natz – BMagic → Thunderbolt

Matt = Secret Weapon
Natz = Thunderclap

Area 3 – Guardian
Natz – BMagic → Syphon
Matt – Special → No Legs

Matt = Cat Warrior
Natz = Healer

Remember where you saved it and don’t delete it, ever!!

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Stage 2

Buy some combination of:
- Ether
- Mist pots
- Antidote
- Water of Life

Area 1
Matt – Special → No Legs

Matt = Cat Tamer
Natz = Elementalist

Area 2 – Giga Golem
If you get the fire ball, Matt should (Item → Stunner) it and then destroy it ASAP.
If you get the ice ball, try to keep it stunned with weapons while you hit the Golem.

Matt = Sword Heart or Counter
Natz = Immunity or Healer X2

Area 3
Practice your skills as much as possible.

Matt = Counter or Sword Heart
Natz = Magic Counter or Healer X2 or Immunity or Cleric

Area 4 – Sandworm
Matt should (Item → Stunner) the tail on first turn and then attack boss.
This guy is bad ass, defeat him ASAP.

Matt = Counter
Natz = [Any of the above] or Protection(M)

Remember where you saved it and don’t delete it, ever!!

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Stage 3
For this stage, once you kind of see that its just not going well, start over because the random number generator is not going to suddenly let you catch up.

Buy as much of the following amounts that you can:
- Ether (4)
- Mist pots (8)
- Antidote (10)
- Stunner (6)
- Water of Life (8-10)

Area 1
Try to end this area with Physical & Magical defense boosts as well as full HP & MP so that you are ready for the next area. If you are too far away from ideal – retry.

Get as much stunning experience as you can.

Matt = Swordsman or Berzecker
Natz = Elementalist X2 or Cleric

Area 2
Try to kill them at the same time, or they will keep respawning.
They regularly both summon insta-death which means automatic retry.

Matt = Cleaver or Survivor
Natz = Magic Counter or Astrology or Angel

Area 3
Try to end this area with Physical & Magical defense boosts as well as full HP & MP for next area. If you are too far away from ideal – retry.

Matt = Counter X2 or Swordsman
Natz = Magic Counter or Elementalist X2 or Immunity X2

Area 4 – Final Boss Fight
Focus on keeping up your health/defenses up and use Air Strike when you can.

Have Matt use (Item → Stunner) to make sure Lance is stunned when he shows up. His attack is high enough that it’s worth the effort and his mega attack is a game ender.

The satelite dish is the only one I was able to disable with Natz’s (BMagic → Syphon). For all the other turrets, they just have to be killed. When the double Nuke’s show up you will need to use Natz’s (Summon → Ion) twice. Always attack the turrets and never the tank.

Good Luck.

Note: If you want to suggest changes/updates… feel free to do so… I’ll check on this post for a little while.

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Extra Info

Alternative Strategy
Read iamthemasta’s strategy below. It provides a lot of excellent information whether or not you use it.

NewGrounds Info
The following info was copied without permission from: NG EBF2 walkthrough. So they get the credit for all of this:

Upgrade System:
Yeah, you get different upgrades if you use different abilities, so here is an amazing list made by Knuxandshadowrule, posted here with his permission:

Matt’s Abilities:

  • Swordsman: Boosts standard attack by 40%.
    • Just use the normal attack a lot.
  • Berzerker: Increases attack stat when hit by a powerful attack.
    • Take a lot of damage during a boss fight or powerful wave.
  • Mana Leech: Gain MP back when attacking,or using Windslash/Legend with any sword.
    • Equip the Rune Blade and attack a lot.
  • Slayer: Boosts Attack stat by 8%.
    • Use Soul Eater often to keep your atack stat high.
  • The Force: Boosts Magic Attack by 8%.
    • Use Power Metal often. Only way I’ve gotten it so far.
  • Blacksmith: Temper adds an extra 20% attack.
    • Use Temper often.
  • Swordbreaker: (Give AttackDown stat on enemies when attacking, or using Windslash/Legend with any sword.
    • Equip Anarchy and attack normally often.
  • Counter: Counter physical attacks sometimes.
    • Attack, get hit, attack, etc. Eventually you’ll get it.
  • CounterX2: Counter attacks more often.
    • Just keep getting hit and countering, if that’s your strategy.
  • Rock Solid: Boosts Defense by 8%.
    • Raise your defense stat often, or just equip Stone Edge often.
  • Earthern Soul: Boosts Magic Defense by 8%.
    • Raise that stat often, or just equip Stone Edge often.
  • Rock On: Boosts Quake by 40%, adds 10% resistance to Earth and Wind attacks.
    • Equip Stone Edge and use Quake often.
  • Survivor: 30% chance of surviving powerful attacks with only 1 HP left.
    • Die a lot, lol.
  • Aerial Support: Air Strike activates randomly.
    • Use Air Strike a lot.
  • Secret Weapon: Adds a new type of bomb for Air Strike.
    • Use Air Strike a lot.
  • Legendary: Boosts Legend’s Power by 40%.
    • Use Legend often.
  • Ready Edge: Boosts Attack stat when switching swords.
    • Switch swords a lot.
  • Defender: Doubles the effect of Defend.
    • Defend attacks often. NOTE: this could be VERY useful when fighting bosses on Epic…nukes would hardly scratch you.
  • Sword Heart: Boosts Unleash by 40%.
    • Use Unleash often.
  • Hurricane: Boosts Windslash by 40%, and gives 10% resistance to wind attacks.
    • Use Windslash often.
  • Venomous: Immune to Poison and Stun.
    • Equip Black Fang and Poison enemies a lot.
  • Chemist: Boosts items’ effects by 40%.
    • Use items often.
  • ChemistX2: Boosts items’ effects by 80%.
    • Use items a LOT.
  • Mighty Warrior: Boosts the Attack,Magic Attack,Defense, and Magic Attack stats by 4%.
    • Use Heaven’s gate a lot
  • Cleaver: Boosts your Limit Break’s power by 40%.
    • Just take damage so you can use your Limit Break a lot.
  • Eagle Eye: Boosts Evade by 5%, and Accuracy by 20%.
    • Equip Swift Brand and Windslash enemies a lot.
  • Healing Metal: Boosts the healing of Power Metal by 30%.
    • Use Power Metal often.
  • Extreme Metal: Boosts the damage of Power Metal by 40%.
    • Use Power Metal often.
  • Holy Power: Boosts Seiken by 40%, adds 20% resistance to Dark attacks.
    • Use Seiken often.)NOTE: try to get this one before the Hydra…sounds useful.
  • Fear Lord: Boosts Screamer by 40%, adds 20% resistance to Holy attacks.
    • use screamer a lot
  • Fiery Spirit: Immune to Freezing, adds 10% resistance to Fire and Ice attacks.
    • Equip Inferno and use Eruption often.
  • Bloodthirsty: Boosts Drain’s power by 50%.
    • Use Drain very often.
  • Cat Warrior: Nolegs attacks enemies with a sword or a bomb randomly.
    • Use Nolegs often.
  • Cat Tamer: Nolegs brings out healing items randomly without being called.
    • Use Nolegs often.
  • Arctic Wind: 10% resistance to Fire,Ice,Wind, and Water attacks.
    • Equip Blizzard for a while.
  • Sub Zero: Boosts Iceberg by 40%, adds 10% resistance to Ice and Water attacks.
    • Equip Blizzard and use Iceberg often.
  • Never Forgive: Boosts the power of Revenge by 40%.
    • Equip Soul Eater and use Revenge often when health is low.

Natalie’s abilities:

  • Magic Counter: Sometimes counters magic attacks with Lucky Star.
    • Get attacked by magic attacks often.
  • Astrology: Boosts the power of Lucky Star and Pulsar by 25%.
    • Use Lucky Star and Pulsar often.Yes, even the random ones count
  • AstrologyX2: Boosts the power of Lucky Star and Pulsar by 50%.
    • Use those skills A LOT.
  • Wizardry: Boosts Magic Attack stat by 9%.
    • Use Black Magic a lot.
  • Mighty Mage: Boosts Attack/Defense/Magic Attack/Magic Defense stats by 4%.
    • Use spells often.
  • Mana Leech: Gain MP from attacking normally.
    • Attack like once or twice.
  • Curses: Makes Flare/Toxic/Syphon’s effect last longer.
    • Use those skills often.
  • Elementalist: Boosts the power of Fireball/Glacier/Thunderbolt by 20%.
    • Use those skills often.
  • ElementalistX2: Boosts power of Fireball/Glacier/Thunderbolt by 40%.
    • Use those skills even more after getting the first one.
  • ElementalistX3: Boosts power of Fireball/Glacier/Thunderbolt by 60%.
    • Use those skills ALMOST ALL THE TIME.
  • Sniper: Boosts Accuracy by 20%.
    • Just don’t miss with attacks for a while.
  • Chemist: Boosts items’ effects by 40%.
    • Use items often.
  • Angel: Gives Auto-life effect randomly.
    • Die a lot :P
  • Thunderclap: Increases chance of stunning enemies with Thunderbolt.
    • Use Thunderbolt often.
  • Chemist: Boosts items’ effects by 40%.
    • Use items often.
  • ChemistX2: Boosts items’ effects by 80%.
    • Use items a lot more.
  • Bunny!: Increases Slime Bunny’s healing by 40%.
    • Use Slime Bunny often.
  • Bunny!!!: Slime Bunny sometimes appears without being called randomly.
    • Use Slime Bunny A LOT.
  • Behold!: Boosts Beholder’s power by 40%.
    • Use Beholder often.
  • Meows!: Boosts Meow Meow’s power by 40%.
    • Use Meow Meow a lot.
  • Ions!: Boosts Ion Canon’s power by 30%.
    • Use Ion canon often.
  • Healer: Boosts Heal and HealMore by 20%.
    • Use those skills often.
  • Immunity: 50% immunity to all bad status effects.
    • I’m not sure, maybe don’t get a bad status effect for a while? Or maybe use purify a lot.
  • Genesis: Boosts Judgement’s power by 40%.
    • Use Judgement often.
  • Cleric: Boosts Magic Defense stat by 9%.
    • Use White magic often
  • Protection(P): Increases Defense when hit by a powerful attack.
    • Get hit by powerful physical attacks, duh.
  • Protection(M): Increases Magic Defense when hit by a powerful magic attack.
    • Get hit by powerful magic attacks, duh.
  • Resistance: Boosts resistance to all elements by 10%.
    • Have a balance of using fireball/glacier/thunderbolt/lucky star/pulsar, or just never use any of those spells.
  • ResistanceX2: Boosts resistance to all elements by 20%.
    • I’m not sure.
  • ResistanceX3: Boosts resistance to all elements by 30%.
    • I’m not sure.
  • Elusive: Boosts Evade stat by 10%.
    • Don’t get hit often. Try using flare.

Broken Abilities:
There are some abilities that you can’t get, but Matt said they existed (by Matt)

  • Immunity is from spending a lot of time with bad status effects, I think the effect is broken though.
  • There should also be an Immunity x2, probably also broken.
  • There is also a Meows!!!! skill which summons Meow Meow randomly but you cannot get it.

Tips For The Nolegs Minigame (with the help of PortalwarpedJP):

In the minigames, the best thing to do is the aerial attack if a zombie is spawning where you are.
Use the ranged attack when you’re on a corner.
If you feel lucky you can chop your way through the zombies and collect the hearts as they drop..
If you ony have one life your best bet is to go to the right end of the screen (the left one is kinda glitched) and spam your ranged attack until a zombie drops a heart.

IMO (Sotlat’s): Stay in the corners and when you see hearts… run wildly across the screen screaming and killing the whole way. Don’t jump up into the left corner, there’s a bug and you’ll stay stuck there.

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Defence x2, auto-revive for natalie, survivor with 1 hp, auto-airstrike, both counters for Matt and Natalie, also evade buffs if possible. Matt’s sword for evade. Stat increase only def and mdef. Before double nukes set matt on defence and set revive on him — 99% chance to survive. Needs at least 5-7 ether, and have around 20 potions which heal both players and around 10 revive potions for the beginning of each stage.
That’s how i got it.
Also have seen a funny thing when Matt received a prolonged attack from a worm, and he had a revive, so he died, revived, died again and revived again. So auto-revive can work several times inside one move.

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Originally posted by j64e:

That’s how i got it.

Cool. I’m not surprised to see a somewhat different strategy. The problem with just listing the bonus skills is that people won’t know how to actually make them show up. Even when I did it, I could never fully control what showed up and sometimes had to choose much less desirable skills.

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Yeah, your guide is quite full and interesting, i really liked it. As about bonus skills, indeed took some time to figure out about what shows in which cases.
Also the important thing that i forgot to mention (played this quite a long ago) is that i’ve tried to set mana drain passive skill for both characters at the very first level, it is quite helpful later on, especially for counters. And chemist x2 on Matt makes ether almost like a max ether.

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I said I’d help you a bit with this, sot, so here’s what I did:

I skipped getting Mana Leech, because when I got it, by the end of the game I always had something like 8-10 Ethers so I never wanted to use normal attack anyway to recover 75-175mp vs 450-600. I used Thunderbolt often and boosted that a bit earlier.

I only ever used…. maybe TWO antidotes the entire time I played, over all ~10 tries I did for the badge, so I really wouldn’t recommend getting them, but that’s me. I loaded up on nothing but Ethers, Mists, and Waters of Life for the shops, and had a boatload, enough to keep me going the entire final boss fight.

Main skills:

Angel (Auto-revive for Natz)
Survivor (Auto-revive for Matt)
Aerial Support (Matt)
Secret Weapon (Matt)
Elementalist (Natz)
Cleaver (Matt)
Cat Tamer (Matt)
Cat Fighter (Matt)
Healer (Natz; never got x2 because I didn’t feel it was necessary)
Counter/x2 (Matt)
Magic Counter (Natz)

Aside from those, I just picked whatever looked the most useful; I feel like Matt had more useful skills, so Natz gets more “any-of-them” skills.

By the end of the game, if you did semi-decently on the minigames (3-4k), you should hope to have something around 10 Waters of Life, 10 Ethers, and 10-12 Mist Potions. Like I said, I avoided Stunner and Antidote because I’m not convinced by their usefulness, didn’t see much out of them when I tried to use them, and Unleash on Matt’s Blizzard combined with Lightningbolt is usually enough to stun stunnable enemies.


Due to this being on Epic, I got quite a bit of Defense and a small bit of Magic Defense (1 MDef, ~5 Def, and then 1 MAttack for Matt, rest into Attack/MAttack for Natz), but this is really pick-your-own. From what I can tell, the final boss uses only physical.

Final boss strategy:

This was the strategy that I used, not what you have to be worried about, any of the above strategies will work, this is just me:

First, on the FIGHT BEFORE THE FINAL BOSS (the one with the auto-revive thingy and the two DrillBots), have Matt use Protect (50% Defense) and save Natz’s Kyun if you’re near a Limit Break. Use two items to up Attack/MAttack respectively for Matt/Natz, and use Barrier from Natz (60% MDef) if you want that, though I don’t think it will do anything with the beginning turrets, if any of them.

First things first, after you destroy the tank’s top, stun Lance as soon as you can. You should hopefully be able to do it after a round of Unleash/Lightningbolt but if not just have Natz cast HealMore every turn and Kyun whenever possible and have Matt continue trying to Unleash or Cleaver to stun and kill him. His Ion Cannon has the potential to insta-kill you (it won’t if you played a defense game, but there’s still a turret and tank gun added on to it, so you’re likely screwed)

I used mostly Airstrike with Matt, and I usually needed to use HealMore from Natz every turn. The turrets normally just got killed from Airstrike, so I didn’t take much effort unless there were two turrets, or one of the ones that can poison you (the fan-looking thing or the satellite dish), to target them. Target the tank with Airstrike, and use Protect whenever things look like you need some more defense (it’s starting to fade out).


This, honestly, is the most useful weapon ever. It dealt around 4000 damage to me, so I usually did Tactics→Order on Matt, used Ion Cannon, then used a Mist Potion if I was at relatively full health. I only used Ion Cannon right after the tank summoned a new turret (because he wouldn’t attack, and therefore I should be at around full HP from last turn’s HealMore). This is a great tool if you want to DESTROY the nukes (You can get around them, but I’ll explain that in a second), especially when he summons two nukes (Ion Cannon + an auto SecretWeapon airstrike took out the nukes for me).


You can destroy them, or you can just ignore them. Either way, they’re annoying to deal with. This part is split up into two sections:

  • I want to destroy them!
  • I want to survive them and just hit the tank instead!

I want to destroy them!

I already mentioned that Ion Cannon is your best friend here, as it deals around 45k to all enemies. You can also try to get lucky (as I did one of my failed attempts at the badge) and use AirStrike in the hopes of getting SecretWeapon to destroy them (It worked, and I got two SecretWeapons (1 auto, 1 normal), and the nukes got destroyed, but then the tank did a move that did 11k to both players, I guess because I hadn’t buffed my defense in a while) while Natz Thunderbolts one one turn, and then Thunderbolts the other. Again, though, Ion Cannon is really what you want to use here if you’ve got the MP and can take a 4k hit before healing. You can also try to use Mist Potion first and then Ion Cannon, because if the main tank just uses his gun ability (which I believe is the only thing he does when turrets are active), with a recently-activated Protect/Kyun, that ability will do 500-1500 damage, so you’ll survive. The Ion Cannon will take both nukes to around 15% HP, enough for your next turn to destroy them both, hopefully.

If you get unlucky and do less damage with Ion Cannon/just fail at destroying them the turn after, I’m sorry bro, but this badge is legit 80-90% luck/randomness.

I want to just survive them instead! (This option is great if you’re too low on MP/health to pop an Ion Cannon and begin healing again right after, since you’ll have to go without an Ether for a turn or two from Matt while he destroys the remainder of the nukes)

Never fear, this IS an option! Here’s mainly how:

  1. If you haven’t recently used Protect/Kyun, have Matt use it the turn they’re summoned. If Kyun is ready, just have Matt use IceBerg or something against the main tank to whittle down its HP a bit.
  2. Have Natz HealMore that turn, if you aren’t already at full hp, or Kyun if it is ready.
  3. The next turn, have Matt & Natz defend.

This should quarter the damage (I believe it’s physical.. if not, it at least halves it. If you want to be sure, use Barrier on Natz & Protect on Matt if you aren’t Kyun’ing the turn they’re summoned) the nukes do, and with a new Protect/Kyun active, you should already be splitting it in half or more. The nukes do something like 15k damage naturally (I believe), so you shouldn’t take more than ~5k damage that entire turn if you defend, plenty low to Mist/Ether or attack/HealMore.

The main tank can summon Lance again, so watch out! Just whittle down the tank’s HP as soon as you can if he summons Lance if it’s low – When I fought the final boss, he summoned Lance again and I just Ion Cannoned and the tank was destroyed. If not, pray that Lance isn’t going to Ion Cannon soon and just stun him whenever you can. If you’ve got the tank to a reasonably low HP and you’ve stunned him, I would recommend just hitting the tank again and, if necessary, pop another Ion Cannon/Mist Potion (even more than once if you have Lance stunned for multiple turns, two extra Ion Cannons should kill the third turret and mostly kill Lance, if not finish off the tank itself).

Other than that, the best advice I can give, to be honest, is GOOD FRIGGIN LUCK! because you will NEED IT.

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I followed sotlat’s walkthrough very closely but I would like to point out that I never had natalie attack just to regain mana. Since there are pots for that and technically, you shouldn’t run out if you play conservatively. So for people who are going to follow this walkthrough, i suggest changing the mana leech into something else. possibly stat raising upgrades or skills.

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Great stuff here, profile’d for later.

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Originally posted by booyah10:

I followed sotlat’s walkthrough very closely but I . . . . .

Yes, there are many different combinations that will work for different people. This makes the impossible badge in this game one of the “best” ones, in my opinion. Kudos to the developer!!