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well i got completely lucky, followed this strategy and completed it in 78 days.

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Still can’t beat madagascar. :(

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Took a few attempts but after starting in Madagascar for the second time, population was wiped out in 91 days. Followed it exactly except I didn’t have enough points for “Kidney Failure” but that didn’t stop it. Thanks so much for the help Sol!

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I failed everytime when I started with Madagascar. I decided to start from New Zeeland and I had a little bit of luck and then I got the impossible badge.

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“Congratulations! You just won the President Madagascar Assassin Badge” Thank you! Took me about an hour but I got it!

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This is the best guide ever. I finally killed the president of Madagascar on my second attempt with this guide. I got the harmless trait in my game where my disease kills less people. Such a trolling game. I won on day 99.

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Originally posted by invaderhive:

This is the best guide ever. I finally killed the president of Madagascar on my second attempt with this guide. I got the harmless trait in my game where my disease kills less people. Such a trolling game. I won on day 99.

I found the badges way too easy, even the imp, which I got 3rd try. I did this with the help of this guide. :)

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Originally posted by solprovider:

This strategy is only for the President Madagascar Assassin Badge. Winning the game and other badges is much easier by infecting very slowly, but winning in 3000 days will not get the PMA Badge. Winning is easiest starting in Cuba or Greenland. Please post about your win using this system.

Closed Regions
Each region has up to three channels to become infected: Airports, Seaports, and/or Borders. Borders are orange lines; islands do not have borders. If all available channels close, the region is closed and the game is lost. Two examples:

Peru has only Borders. Peru can close its Airports and Seaports without effect because it has none, but if the Borders close, Peru cannot be infected.

Madagascar has only a Seaport. Madagascar can close its Borders and Airports without effect. If Madagascar closes its Seaport while uninfected, wait a few days (ships are slow) before restarting. One person reported a ship landed in Madagascar 20 days after the Shipyards closed.

Mainland Regions are regions with a border excluding Peru and Argentina. At ~10% infection, other regions start closing.

Populous Islands are Australia, Indonesia, and Japan. These can be ~50% infected before other regions close.

Best Starts are Cuba, Greenland, Madagascar, New Zealand. These can be 100% infected without other regions closing. Madagascar is risky – ships sometimes loop the entire world; a second region should be infected by Day 48 to win under 100 days.

Skip the instruction if you already own a Buy or do not own a Sell. Do not buy or sell anything unless instructed.
0. Realistic (is required for the badge.)
1. Virus.
2. Winning becomes much more difficult if a Mainland Region is first. Restart until a good region, preferably a Best Start. Even Peru and Argentina increase the difficulty as Brazil and Mexico will be infected early. The easiest games infect several islands before a Mainland Region. Also restart if given a Trait such as Airborne which will infect too fast.
3. Buy Sneezing.
4. If started in a Best Start, buy Coughing .
5. If started in Madagascar, buy Vomiting. Escaping the island early is more important than saving EPs.
6. Buy Moisture1, Heat1, Cold1.
7. Sell Sweating. (Do not sell Fever. See Notes.)

Note: For the next three instructions, slow the game. The game is likely lost if a Mainland Region has 50,000 infected before the symptoms are sold. If you are watching more than three Mainland Regions to reach a limit, sell the symptom. The game is doing well, and not infecting too fast is more important than waiting to be close to the limit. Notice that each instruction says “Before”; how much “before” depends on the game.

8. Before a Mainland Region or Populous Island reaches 4,000 infected, sell Vomiting.
9. Before a Mainland Region or Populous Island reaches 8,000 infected, sell Coughing.
10. Before a Mainland Region reaches 30,000 infected, sell Sneezing.
11. If any region becomes uninfectable, wait. Sometimes a ship infects a region after shipyards close. If the region remains uninfected after 10 days, restart.
12. When all regions are infected or Vaccine development starts, buy Drug4. This is required to prevent Half-life Effect (last few people take forever to die) and prevents Vaccine development.
13. When all regions are infected, buy Coughing, Tier2, Tier3, Hemorrhaging, Pulmonary Edema, Diarrhea, Kidney Failure, Hypersensitivity, Fever, Fatigue, Vomiting, Sneezing. Buy in this order, saving for the next rather than buying inexpensive symptoms.

“Sell all symptoms” Flaw in most strategies: You need a fast start infecting. Sneezing, Coughing, and Vomiting help. Everybody agrees Sneezing is necessary. Vomiting is too expensive to buy just to sell quickly, but do not sell it immediately if you start with it. Coughing is slightly less expensive and can cut a week from the time so buy it if not automatic. Fever is almost invisible and desired later – do not sell it. Sweating is the only symptom that should be sold quickly, but wait until the other symptoms and resistances are bought before selling; Sweating won’t do any harm in a week.

“Buy all transmissions” Flaw in most strategies: Once a major region has 20,000 infections, you need to slow the rate of infection. Transmissions increase rate of infection and cannot be sold. Even one Transmission almost guarantees regions will close before the entire world is infected. My PMA Badge game infected the world in 19 days and killed the world in 89 days without any transmissions; transmissions are not necessary and waste EPs needed for deadly symptoms.

Canada Start: Bad. Stay in islands as long as possible. Cannot keep any symptoms once a major region is infected. Canada infects United States early, forcing selling of symptoms and reducing chances for infecting the entire world. Indonesia and Japan are better than Canada, but >50% infection upsets other regions. New Zealand, Cuba, Greenland, and Madagascar can be 100% infected without upsetting other regions, making them Best Starts.

You need Drug4 to avoid the “Half-Life Effect” – only half the people die each day. Very frustrating when the last 10,000 people just won’t die. A game that can be won in under a month with Drug4 can take 4 months with Drug3.

Selling is strategic. Some symptoms increase visibility (bad). The “money” is Evolution Points so any change costs. Vomiting is great for spreading infection, but the combined cost of buying (to spread) and selling (to slow infection) is too great to use other than Madagascar (where infecting quickly is more important than saving EPs.)

My PMA Badge win was Cuba with every region infected in 19 days and won on Day 89.

Short Version (for use in the Comments)
Solprovider’s better system: Virus. Cuba, Greenland, Madagascar, or New Zealand. Buy Sneezing, Coughing. If Madagascar, buy Vomiting. Buy Moisture1, Heat1, Cold1. Sell Sweating. When non-starter region @4K infected, sell Vomiting; @8K, sell Coughing; @30K sell Sneezing. Wait for all infected. Buy in order: Drug4, Coughing, Hemorrhaging, Pulmonary Edema, Diarrhea, Kidney Failure, Hypersensitivity, Fever, Fatigue. Full details @

lols i just gopt the impossible badge !!! using the above method.

I started in cuba, madagascar closed around day 20, first ship after port closure didnt carry the disease, but the next one did…

i dont really know how many days it took, since it doesnt show anywhere….

i did this in one attempt (tried today aftzer over 2years)

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thx Sol, the best guide!

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Thanks a lot man, nice guide. Got it in one try (after some restarts to get right starting area).

Started in New Zealand with Coughing (bought Sneezing) and Cold/Heat/Moisture 1.
Increased speed and to slow down after 8 days already to monitor West Europe and North Africa. Sold Sneezing and Coughing at the right moment according to your numbers. Entire world was infected by day 12 already with just Madagascar left. 4 days later it’s infected. Bought Drugs Resistance Tier 4 and started buying the symptoms in order.

Funny thing was that I barely got it. Day 98 the last person died.

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I’ve follow the steps.
Day 50: All population infected in all regions.
Day 60: Just 2.300.000 people alive.
Day 62: Just 1.200.000 people alive.
Day 64: Just 595.000 people alive.
Day 66: 300.000 people.
Day 67: 180.000 people.
Day 73: 20.000 people.
Day 75: 8.900 people.
Day 79: 1.900 people.
Day 80: 1.000 people.
Day 85: 58 people alive.
A few days before, badge obtained. It gets slower at the end, but it worked. I got New Zealand. And also Madagascar closed it Seaport but I managed to infect it. On the last step, I bought the symptoms one after another but I waited one day to buy the following symptom. This guide work on the first try, so…

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Hope this works Crosses fingers

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Dammit! 5 alive on day 99 and didn’t get it… So close! I’ll just have to try again.

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Well there you go, I got it on my second actual attempt (not counting bad starts) and made it with 1 day to spare. Brilliant guide, my start etc. was:

Greenland with Cold I and Fever – Late infection of another region (around day 30) but then it went swiftly for the rest.

I would say simply that if you don’t get another region by day 30, restart as it is extremely unlikely you will get it.

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Yeahh!! Thank you for the help!
I made the mistake of buying Cold2, warm2 and moisture2. Those evolution points were dearly needed latter
But for anything else, it was a perfect storm.

Start in Madagascar
Then, New zealand, Greenland and autralia (only on day 11)
day 12: West europa
day 20 : Full infection
day 43: sane population = 0. Total population: 80 million
day 60 : no sign of life in Greenland
day 92 : Only viruses and polar bear remain

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Following this guide, I had the world infected by day 10. I scored #11 on the following list as “Rexitis” –

Aww yis.

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Just finished the President Madagascar Assassin Badge requirements, my first ever impossible badge and off course it did not registere that i got it :S dammit, and couldent get a screenshot, because when the game ended it just showed how big my score was, so what do i do? my score was 190598 and i got the 42 rank in daily ranking.

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You should have taken the screenshot at “Humanity overcome” game state, there’s date visible below, so the Kongregate staff can discern whether you’ve crossed the 100 days limit or not, in order to award you the badge.

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okay thx, guess i have to try and win the damn game again, what a drag.

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thank you for the guide, got cuba on my first try and won in 85 days. awesome!!!!!

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Humanity extinguished in 91 on my first go! Naturally I had to start over like 7000 times until I got a good start, and when I did, it was Greenland! Everything was smooth sailing from there. People dying left and right. Followed the guide to the letter and it worked like a charm. Thanks! Now I have 60 points more. :D

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Followed the guide, and got the badge when starting in Greenland! First time following the guide! Well done on this guide!

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got all regions infected 2 times the first time I did as the guide said and SAVED for kidney failure that costed me the game since I got enough EP only at day 90..
so don’t buy it if you don’t have enough EP buy other stuff in the list.
I was surprised the spreading stuff wasn’t the way to spread the disease seems like it spreads only in the country that way. beaten in 80~ days in my 2nd sucessful infect all regions.Argentina is also annoying in one playthough I lost cause of argentina and in my last game (which I got the badge) it was the last country to get infected I panicked and in the last secound I got the vomiting symptom to get it there since the borders could close at any moment.

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Thanks for the guide. I failed miserably at this years ago and only came back because of badge of the day.

Took about a dozen tries. I had one close one where I got everything but Argentina.

Winning start was Cuba with Coughing. Interestingly I also had Airborne but I decided to try anyhow. Turned out not to be a problem. Had everything infected by day 41 and won by day 88.