Mini-rant: Papa's Cupcakeria

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Yes, I heard from Flipline Studios that a new Papa’s game is coming…See you all on August this year.

The only thing I would ever like in the new Papa’s game is, as long as there’s something new (maybe something unique to the series…). I still think Papa Louie is actually Jigsaw from the SAW series, as he is forcing poor people to run his restaurants as much as Jigsaw puts his victims (usually people who don’t appreciate lives) in Saw traps.

I’m not really going to bash the series, though. It was just not my cup of tea. I recently got into Papa’s Burgeria in early 2011, which I pretty much think is a cool concept, and enjoyed it a bit after spending about 5 game days on it. So, I tried their other game (Papa’s Pizzeria of course), and still never minded about it. As time flew, it seems that Flipline Studios has been releasing the same game. I find them to be ‘hit-and-miss’ because some games at least had a new element (mini-games in Pancakeria and custom chefs in Wingeria) while others had nothing new.

But with this new installment in the (rather getting stale) Papa’s series, I finally unmask who Papa Louie is (see above). Yeah, that’s really Papa Louie’s nature as a chef…

“Hello, James. Hello, Willow. I want to play a game…”, says Papa Louie to his new chefs for Papa’s Cupcakeria.

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“(rather getting stale)”
I see what you did there