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Disappointed by Spore’s lack of interaction with the creatures on an individual level? Finding the current game variety lacking? Want something that allows you to raise actually semi-intelligent life? Then try an older game!

Docking Station ( a free, “add on” to Creatures 3 that does not actually REQUIRE Creatures 3 ) is still a fairly healthy, original and, most of all, FUN game.

Download it at :
Get free breeds at:
Check out the wiki at:
And, last but not least, talk to the community at:

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I love that game,but i always dock it with creatures 3 because i can’t stand the small size and lack of connectable agents.i also have the BorgNorns(yes,BorgNorns is its name,and it is an unofficial breed).i injected them into my world,i spliced bengal norns with boney grendels (downloaded from scribbles)to get norns that looked like turtles (boney grendel body and tail,all other sprites are bengal),but geuss what happened?THE FEMALE GOT ASSIMILATED BY THE BORG NORN QUEEN!(I actually cried because i loved their appearance,and now they could not breed,even with the insemenator because there was no female to impregnate.)