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Originally posted by DoomlordKravoka:

I have been trying to find a decent 4x game. The criteria for the game I want is

-Non RTS

-Full Diplomacy


-Randomly Generated World

so far the only games that semi-qualify are rebuild and solarmax.

DragonArcherZ told me to go here

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Are we talking about Flash games or not just that?

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Civilization is a good one. (essentially a take over the world game) for the same type of thing total war 2.

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See post :


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Just flash games.

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27 days to respond? O_O I expect no games satisfy your criteria. Full diplomacy is the most crucial point, as it requires a complicated AI that will bog the game down, as you can’t put too many of the AI actions into a Flash game. Also such AI requires a thorough development, and most games here are made by one or few people which, as a team, generally don’t have time to develop and play/devtest the AI required. You’d better go play Master of Orion 2 :)

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For shit like that you’re not going to find it as a flash game.