GemCraft 2 delayed!

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Hard to believe, I know. Anybody else as excited as me for it to be released?

And to tell the bad news, due to technical entanglements and after syncing the release schedule with Armor Games, the release of the game was pushed back by yet another week, to:
the week of 24th-30th of March, 2014
Ideally (officially):
Tuesday, 25th of March, 2014
I know saying sorry a hundredth time doesn’t help, I just hope you will enjoy playing the game so much that all this long wait and all the missed dates (including blogposts) won’t matter!
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After waiting for 3-4 years, after december to january, from january to march….WHY?! :(

sob I feel so let down & sad I might just quit my 228 run for no reason other than that all of a sudden I hate gemcraft…:(

End melodramatics.

No, I won’t end it. & Peter is my idol more than ever considering how hard he’s worked on GC2 & he’s definitely one of the best indie devs out there. If it’s delayed one more time though that opinion might change…:/

Really, hurry up please. I really wanna find out how to manafarm efficiently(now that no more multiplier from pool) with probably orange(mana)-red(chain hit)-white(poolbound….? Not really sure, it’s said to help manapool though, so Idk. Also says to buff every gem’s power minus black based on pool level, if this buff is powerful and/or exponential(I’m guessing that pool increases will now be exponential, so to make it worth it, I’m guessing poolbound is also exponential, though likely at a much lesser rate) this could aid deeply in the chain+mana. A quad gem though is also intriguing…add cyan for suppress healing & you get the most versatile support gem with decent spec strengths(I’m guessing 50% at least, since 2 is 70, 3 hopefully also 70, & 5 35%, so 50 is in the middle) triple gem that’s also secondarily buffed by a black-yellow-red killgem(black to increase all gem’s specials based on #hits, which in a killgem would obviously make it very powerful, yellow for crit, which is now nerfed, no 100% chances, but still should be at least *1.8 per grade(as far as the pics GIAB has posted & I’ve seen) which with chain hit will again be buffed by black, so again it will be more than 2.0 per grade, making it efficient enough to increase grade level.

Yes, I’m so excited I’ve already been thinking up the best gem combos(based on how I think B & W work, buffing the gem they’re in, and/or buffing all gems with the other color components that are in the gem the W / B is in? Or buffing all gems, period?) There’s 3 ways as to how the white & black buffs(white is by pool level, black by hits from gem) other gem types, but they do. Will they be doubly powerful in amps?

Lol I can’t stop.

Simplified version of the best gem combos I’ve thought of-

Red-Orange-White: Chain hit + mana gain + poolbound which would boost R & O more & more the more R & O levels up the pool, hopefully at a rate to keep it worth it, eg, if it regresses in growth, at most a regression of 1%/level, or it wouldn’t work for what I love(super OP skillness like in GC0)

Red-Orange-Black: Same as above, except it’d improve with hits. If you amp the firing rate of this this could be better then the above. On the other hand I bet it’s way more likely to kill the farmed monsters seeing as it increases damage, unlike white(I think). Who knows how these new special types(black is bloodbound, yes, but the way it works now is totally different) will work?

Purple-Red-Cyan: GIAB said we might need purple more- This is probably the best utility/debuff gem, armor tear, chain, suppress.

Supergemming- Will it be there? If so/not, will adding low poisons to a “poison master” gem increase poison?

Since poison now stacks slightly, this could be killer if done right.

Think enhanced cyan-green. Or better, cyan-green-black/white. Suppress, poison, and buffing for those two. Could give giant monsters(which now have deadly abilities on death) a pain in the ass. No more farming giants, I’ll bet. GIAB solved that with monster abilities(giants can as of a blog post in like 2013, disable gems on death, spawn swarms(nasty), add beacons I think, & other stuff. Like 5-10K combos)


Killgem = yellow-black-red. No doubt about it. Black will now increase specials(? or is that only white, in which does black inc FS?), & since yellow & red will now never reach 100% chance, black could get it closer to there(& if not black, then white. But as hits instead of kills, black may be more viable now, especially if you like mega-anger a wave & have it target them & do no damage for a time, leading to a large # of hits)

Blue…will we need it? Seeing as how in the pics GIAB has posted, no % to do this spec can reach 100 afaik, then how about “slows by X percent”? Will we able to inc slowing time like in GC0

Did I miss talking about any gem?


Ok. Signing off now. Off to drown my sadness at GC2 being delayed with GC0 OPness.

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At least there’s an announcement on the blog now :)

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All we can do is pray.

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Originally posted by Beny071:

All we can do is pray.

…that they never release it? Soul destroying, mind-sapping, spirit-crushing grind. In a genre of games that seems to celebrate mindless repetition, the gemcraft series looms over all others like a long black cloud of doom.

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Latest iterations of apeshit from ninjakiwi way worse. “Play 100 times to get 1 upgrade for one round”…

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Originally posted by LouWeed:
Originally posted by Beny071:

All we can do is pray.

…that they never release it? Soul destroying, mind-sapping, spirit-crushing grind. In a genre of games that seems to celebrate mindless repetition, the gemcraft series looms over all others like a long black cloud of doom.

That’s your opinion, you don’t need to play it if you don’t like it. But, say there is a vote on whether it will or not be released. Would you really want to hurt others who LOVE it, who aredesperately waiting for it?

Just think on that…you don’t like it, fine, but you don’t need to insult it that badly.

Soul Destroying – Yes but not in your way. In a way it elevates my soul to the next level in life, destroying the old one. Gemcraft rekindled my love for math. & I am happier because of it, school is now more bearable.

Mind Sapping – Wrong…I feel smarter then before I played it. It tests the mind’s reflexes, and now my mental math(at least in adding & subtracting & exponents & functions) has skyrocketed.

Spirit crushing – More like spirit inspiring, I feel like a god after a session with Gc0, feeling like I can conquer anything, which helps my homework.

Mindless Repetition – Have you gotten 1 trillion points in GC0? If not, then you have no right to say that, since you haven’t been on “the path” and back. Only at 1 trillion may you decide if you like it, or not, because until then you are either a casual or non-elite.

Few have scored 1T without speedhack :) I’m one. & trust me it feels awesome to do what hardly anyone has done…..& only 2 waves behind Munch’s 13T game I think!

LouWeed, please stop wasting my time. Well it’s not your fault, but I have the call from deep within my soul that calls to me to defend Gemcraft whenever/if it is ever slandered. I can’t help it, Gemcraft is one of the greatest games on the planet(Ch 0 in particular) & the force of its awesomeness has compelled me always to guard it from those who wish to “banish” it from this earth back to the start of the universe(see what I did there?).

Think. Gc0 came in 2009. 5 years ago. And it is still climbing a figurative Mount Olympus while most other games straggle in the dim world of mortals.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a 228 wave run to go back to. But first since I’m in a bragging(& lonely on the 229 thread) mood….

Wave 41
100 billion score
wave 42 angered to 49 million hp * 492 monsters at 840 million score each(with only 70 multiplier)
340K damage
1.5M pool about
3K monsters.

Last wave this time:

wave 42
50-60 billion about
200-300K damage
1300K pool

AND THIS ATTEMPT Got 1.9 trillion wave 87. Think what the above game can do!!!

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I think you’re living proof that gemcraft is Bad For You.

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My happiness level(if there’s such a thing) is high.

I have found renewed interest & love for math(how is that bad? It means my grades are going up, up, up!)

And I find myself being better at math too!

And now I actually(sort of) look forward to school, mostly because of math. Math is fun when you suddenly have interest in it, you pay more attention, study harder, & as a result now math is a piece of cake, I got into an honors class for 10th grade, and now I’m racing ahead of my classmates o_o I even sometimes catch teacher mistakes hehe…..& my test grade avg went from a A- to an A…seeing as that’s top of the grading chart that is a good improvement.

& best of all I actually do my math homework now hehe.

My life is definitely better ever since I revisited GC0 & discovered my soulmate game.

I think you’re living proof that some people must hate on something popular just because it is.

Teehee, its also funny to see you try to insult me.

And By The Way….again no one’s forcing you to play it. Hate it, don’t play it. You’ll miss out, which means I get to rub it into your face even more…which makes me happy to do so because you slandered the best game(imho) in da universe.

BTW….my opinion is valid because:

1) I am level 4786 in GC0.
2) I have made a grade 44 gem in GCL
3) I have made over 4-5M firepower over my career in GC0.
4) I currently have 1.1M fp to smash you with
5) I have scored 1.855 trillion points
6) I have beaten Map 78 as early as wave 9.5, which AFAIK only Fractalman has tried & succeeded….or everyone else was too busy with beating 228, but anyway, yeah….
7) I have actually right now, enough firepower(4 gems, 2x 300K 2x 250K, full mana farm, aligned & hued) if I put RC traps, to beat 228 already. & it’s only wave 65.

8) Because I bet you just ragequitted from it. Yes the first few levels are hard. After that, you become epic.

9) Your opinion isn’t that valid because you seem to think that slinging around “big word” phrases and insults about GC0 will convince anyone who is a true fan.

10) Why did you even post if you hate GC? Troll…