Champions of Chaos 2 tips(Remake)

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Okay so noobs complain “this boss is to op” this character sucks.

Just a headsup NO COMBO IS USELESS ;)
bard combo’s

Bard is kinda useless with a mage when u have no damn clue what to do.

Well Pro’s and cons of Bard and mage combo(the reason im doing combos is because u will NEVER use one character this is a 2man game so doing pro n cons of single heros is kinda stupid :)

Cons first~
Bard and mage are both squishy~
Highly Mana dependent and speed dependent .
this being said armor is also needed or u can make ur mage Pure damage items but she will die :D

HOW EVER :) PRO’S of this combo.

Bard-Evasion up Hell yea cant touch this <3 Critical up(benefits your mages aoe aswell and his aoe skills so ur dps sky rockets with crit up. Speed up~ use on urself FIRST! this way u can get ur next turn rapidly 2nd turn use speed up on mage so she can use skills faster aswell
Against weak enemies use slow on the Strongest or tankiest hero so they almost never get a turn and stun lock them with static charge on the mage or perma bash? :P
Mage-Stun skills Aoe skills HIGH DAMAGE low hp Stun skills and Over powerd Chaos
Bard-Against smaller wave enemys Use his chaos it works best on waves than bosses.
Mage-against boss use chaos power to basicly…bend them over and spank them with the iron paddle of justice ;D


pros-Speed up flame aura with the right equips(Physical damage set)
will do aoe damage PER TURN with speed up on paladin he will get turns rather quickly for decent damage output to everyone at no mana cost(except the initial cast)
Cons-uhm….i dont think there is any downfalls to this combo? i really dont i use it and beat the game…not once had trouble well except the lack of magic damage but u can beat the game without it :D


Pros- SPEED UP SWIFT STRIKE WITH MASS CRITICAL BABYYY :D or speed up Cleave strike to wipe entire groups out~ :)
On smaller enemies (leave 1 enemy for the last wave so u can use swift strike and hopefully get your Chaos up then use Last Chord to Aoe everyone else and lower there evasion and alot of other perks ;) then blast them with cleave strike.

Against bosses this combo is epic~
Evasion up~ Speed up Warrior on next turn(while doing this u should be using warriors Swift attack)
Next turn cast Critical up on warrior
Continue spamming Swift strike.
Next bard turn cast speed up on self.
When chaos is full(if u have vigor strike) use exhaustion strike first then on next turn use Vigor strike(heals all your mana which is why u use exhaust first to unload your remaining mana into one attack then blast them with your chaos ;))

Against creeps=Last chord is useless due to Constant cleave strikes..the waves will be over before u get chaos power most likely.


Shielder+bard combo.

pros Shielder can take ALL DAMAGE with thorn added and magic shield added u will take 0 damage throughout most the game during protect bard takes 0 damage.

con-this being said u can constantly buff throughout the game how ever mostly all skills both units have are single target so battles will take forever.


Pro’s Damage damage more damage variety of damage both have high Damage output to both single and multi targets

Cons-Usually slow speeds compared to other combos but high damage makes up for that.
Mage is highly squishy while warrior can be high armor or high damage.

Warrior+Bard=Already stated

Pro-Cleave strike flame aura wipes out waves quickly
Bosses Paladin can heal warrior constantly for easy spamming of double edge. or just plain healing incase needed.
Warrior has high damage for single target so wipes out bosses while paladin takes on asupportive role. he does have more than 1 aura so constantly switch between auras as the game progresses sometimes u need damage or mana. make sure to alternate between your needs.

Cons-Magic damage? Whats that?

by far the most epic way to start and easiest way to beat the game

pro’s- DOUBLE EDGE HAS NO EFFECT ON WARRIOR :) heres why and how~

Round 1~ Protect warrior(use defence or basic attack or exhaust strike on bosses for warriors first turn)
Round2~Juggernaught(Makes shielder immune to status effects)
Warrior-Basic attack if u used Exhaust already if not Swift strikes so u can get some quick hits in
Round 3~ Magic shield on Warrior
Basic attack warrior~
Round 4~ Magic shield on Shielder himself now u can block 2600 Damage.
Double edge the boss~
Round 5 Cast thorn(this way if the boss does target shielder or warrior he takes reflected damage)

Cast reflect if the boss is a magic caster with single target spells u can reflect them back to him or her.

repeat the magic shield+protect combo so ur warrior can spam Double edge for full damage to enemy but 0 damage to himself.

if needed Cast Chaos shielders 3k absorb ability how ever doubt it will be needed But Exhaust+Vigor chaos power does around 60k damage total. Exhaust can hit max of like 30k same with Vigor if not more! i dont know the highest damage ive done was 32k in one attack.
Cons-weaknesses? dahell is a weakness? Heavy sword Heavy shield….epic combo ;)

Pros-MAge-Aoe and single target destruction
paladin can support well and constantly keep mage alive
cons- requires careful planning not many ppl have :) u have to be able to tell if your mage can survive the next round Including if ALL the enemys target her can she live? if 4 ppl attack your mage when shes low hp u wont be able to heal her which means you failed as a support. Supports keep there carries alive and that mage is your carry KEEP HER ALIVE AT ALL COST!
Paladin+Shielder- pros High defence hp and survive time paladin can alternate auras to benefit the team. Shielder can tank all the hits while pally can constantly heal shielder this way no1 dies battles may get dragged out tho.
Cons-magic damage is a no. :P
Paladin+Bard-Stated already
Paladin+warrior-Stated already

Since all thats left is shielder and mage no need to type everything.


Shielder pros at this combo
mage is no longer “squishy” Shielder cast protect mage takes 0 damage. Juggernaught makes him immune to everything :o
Magic shield absorbs damage.
mage unleashes high magic damage.
Shielder has Physical damage.
this being said u have both Pdmg and Mdmg on your team.

there no cons to this combo either :) well maybe the fact that u will have so much rapeage you will ragequit from boredom cuz the fights last like 10 seconds cuz ur mage lava burst or something and the jerks die :D BUUURRNNNNN MOTHER FUU*>…..yea nevermind :)

Anyway this was a rushed guide cuz i litterally had to type all this in 9 minutes lol got like 43 seconds to spare so if u have anything to add Leave a message ^^ this is made for ppl who need help and what to know what each hero/combo would be before they start a game and then get wrecked cuz they have no clue wtf to do. so please leave advice <3

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Hey,mind if i leave a guide for premium class combos ?

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Go right ahead im currently working on the premiums lol so if u have info leave it :D

while im at Paladin+zack=Easy game man just defend and ur flame auras wreck <_<