[GemCraft chapter 0] Ultimate Guide to Doing the 228

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Hi, I now believe myself as qualified as vesper, fractal(maybe), inthrees, connerc, einfanch(maybe), and munch(probably not), so I can probably make a thread like this o.o

This is a step by step, wave by wave guide I will work on over the next week(& while my own run is going. I learn something new every time! Like wave 3 I learnt from my Kill The GOE before W10 experiment, same with the efficiency tactics, etc)

This will vary based on your experience, skill, reflexes, and timing.

Without further ado…

Ultimate GC0 228 Wave Scoring Guide(no speedhack/macro)

NB: The way I count waves = the time BEFORE the wave is launched.

Wave 0: Max skills except radiance & enhanced pool, make those 0.

Turn graphic settings to medium or higher for both, will help with lag giving more time, but be careful, glow from VFX particles can hurt more then it can help unless you’re careful!

Wave 1: Turn the 6 non-red/orange starter gems into 3x G4 RO. Turn all but red & orange G2 into G2 red(so now 5 red).

Combine 2 of the G4s with 2x G2 red each.

Build 3 traps.

Place the non-15 splash G4 in to the last one

Anger Wave 1 with 4x G1.

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Wave 2: Make 3 G1, use the remaining G2 red to transmute those, supergem the non-15 splash with 2x G1 red with the G2 orange(or not, depends on your preference)

Anger Wave 2 with 5-7 G1s.

Wave 3- 8 monster wave! 1) this is the first wave of 8 monsters 2) best strat for lag so time for supergemming & also more mana = to superanger one wave.

Superanger this one to 200-500 armor.

Wave 4- Begin supergemming manafarm

Anger 5 G1

Wave 5- Alternate supergemming each G4 until they all reach 100 out-of-trap speed, then just pick one to supergem till it maxes(past 100 speed your mana shoots up)

Anger 6-10 G1

Wave 6- Same as Wave 5

Anger up to 300 armor(mostly for more lag)

Wave 7 Mana pool to 6K and supergem 1 other G4 since you should have finished the 3x 100 speed by now

Anger this wave with G3 up to 55 armor

Wave 8 Supergem the other two(most likely able to in one wave if you’re fast)

Anger G3 up to 200 armor

During all of this if you ever reach max mana(& only, because you might not have enough mana to anger otherwise, which is necessary to increase lag) then pool ONCE.

Wave 9 create G3s, transmute all to orange, build enough traps to hold them, place them all in, and add red G1s to them

Wave 11-12 should finish at least a few, keep angering to 500-1K armor all these waves.

Hopefully by now since we humans are so slow w/o speed hack, you have had to pool to about 40k. This is decent.

At W13, start building normal G7s for 15. 18 is the big deal, but ignore it for now. By now also, you should have ~10-15 maxed traps with perfect lag optimized play, probably 2-4 fewer, which is OK.

Anger W15 to 300K hp per monster, hopefully all with G7. Save higher grades for 18.

16-17 don’t bother angering with good gems, use G3 or something. Build 4x G10 and rest G9 for W18, or higher if you can. If you finish angering W18 early(by early I mean if you aren’t desperately rushing to finish your anger gems as W18 creeps closer) keep on the farm, plenty of time in 19-20 to anger both waves

Anger W18 to 3-4M hp. Yes, 3-4M hp. On my current run I angered to 2.5M hp & they still died at about wave 40.

Wave 19 is like 8 monsters, or 9. Anger w 4-5 G9 plus G8.

W20, anger to 1.5-2.5M hp, use G9s.

W21-23 anger with G6s or G7s, build manafarm, at least 30-40 traps by now..?

W24 is another few monster wave, anger with G10-11. I’m probably underestimating anger capability(I remember angering the 20s with all G11, & the later 20s with G13 then 11, so anger with the highest gem you can afford & still have 2/3 wave to manafarm. Ignore monstercount also)

If you get to 2.5-3k monsters, build a G11 prismatic, & place in trap after aligning(just drag G6 R L Y ONTO gem for now) and hueing(drag prismatic ONTO cyan colored gems. Order matters. Prismatic onto a gem doesn’t alter specs, a gem onto prismatic does)

W25-30 anger all the good(under 12 monster) waves with highest grade you can afford w/o wasting too much manafarming time, anger rest w G8s. by now you should definitely have 150K mana, more then enough to make full sheets.

Forgot to mention – When you have 80K or more max mana, make G6s, transmute 5-7 reds, rest orange, & combine to G10, supergem it if need be to max 279 speed. Faster, if way less economical, than supergemming, but as we do not have speedhack….time is mana!)

Wave 31-35 finish farm if not already(do 98 traps…5 blank at end. 4 are for your prismatics, very last spot imho sucks as trap range(esp yellows) reach into wiztower….I guess putting a megaslow here might be beneficial, but worth the extra time? No.), supergem prismatic(make two to start, then expand to 4, which balances holding and shredding capability with limited extra lag) get about 200K damage if you can(I’ll explain interrupt cat later.).

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Anger with lowish grade gems for 32-35, 31 requires medium-high because of low count. Always G7 or higher tho, remember.

Waves 36-41 all you want to do is build anger gems for 42(I angered with 1x 17, 12x 16, 1x 15 in that order, always use highest gem first)

Wave 36, 37, and 39 are good waves aswell, anger with 12s or more if you can spare(probably not likely).

You should anger to about 10x prismatic TOWER damage per monster(so 200K FP = 2M monster anger) this is low because as we do not have SH or macro we cannot build damage too fast, so if we accidentally overanger our monstercount can skyrocket to browser-breaking proportions if we fail to see to the threat immediately. So it is dangerous.)

IF monster count below 2750, anger a little more then the limit I said above. If it is above 3500(depends on your comp…mine gets risky about 4500 with double the prismatics I recommend & ROC traps(last run) but current run is safe with 5.5K monsters, go figure) consider reducing anger a little.

Wave 42 – Anger to at least 50M hp each. I did & my 42 monsters started dying(only a very few) at wave 65(though I did build 1.1M fp already by then :D). For giants disregard the overanger stuff. They do as always have limits, but try to cast away any caution…you WANT to overanger these buddies.

Wave 43-45 build damage

Wave 46 ANGER THIS IT IS 8 monster and I’ve always angered it to 1/3 of wave 42 with only 12M hp about THIS WAVE ROCKS.

Wave 47-52 build W54 gems.

W53 anger 54 do NOT wait till 54, or you WILL cry if you accidentally press the dreaded N key(so…that’s about 2 trillion score I missed out on)…

W54 since it is angered start building 57 & 58 gems(G15 only they aren’t too special, some 8 monster waves(& even 9-10) are better then them because they die faster so you can anger OTHER waves even more)

W57-58 hopefully you angered them already if not get a move on :)


59 – 10

60 – 10

61 – 9

62 – 9(base score almost 15.000! 3.000 less then wave 18!)

anger those at least with G14, and if you have 500K fp(probably you will if you got this far) anger em to 10M(I angered 62 to 19 million each, for 2M score base). I angered 62 with G15 gems and that wave is probably better then 42 considering when it dies(since giants are targeted above all others they’ll be “protected” for a while) mana multiplier = huge.

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63-66 build firepower

67 & 69(but not 68 which is swarm which is crap) are also good waves to anger. G14 since now you got interrupt cat down pat if you did all I did(again, I’ll put it at the end in “tips n tricks”)

70-72 anger gems for 74, nothing special just G15 its only a 5 monster wave. 73 is good wave, anger.

From there, just continue like that, making sure to anger all low monster waves with good gems, and giants like 90, 91, 126, 134. a really good wave is 102(according to munch, and its 8 monsters & probably a high base score & not-too-bad hp)

Keep building damage every 5 waves or so, build angering gems every second otherwise.

At about 150-170, slow down angers(if you’re still angering), turn your farm into R/O/C gems(red orange cyan) make sure to drag 1 R 1 O & 1 C G6 to max abilities(should be 6 monsters, 8.6 mana, 10% shock in trap).

180-200 keep building fp, 1.5M is enough you should have a lot more, if you angered to the best of your ability. 5M fp with ROC means almost 100% chance of success, discounting comp fails. You maybe even able to anger 223(twin), 227(5 giant) or 228(last wave & 8 monster).

So there it is, start is most important. You’ll be doing most of your superangering from 54-102, and you’ll peak at about 90 in angering if you have 1M fp, and maybe wave 126 if you got 5M already. Beyond that you can’t anger much, just a few to round out a last couple trillion or so.

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Interrupt Cat – Also known as process interrupt mode. Basically, if you get laggy enough, there’s a chance that you’ll give Flash so many calculations & stuff to do that it’ll literally freeze the game for a few seconds to do all of them, & if you know how, you can capitalize on this and keep supergemming while game is frozen.

You’ll need to use keyboard shortcuts though(& hovering over the spell infopanels is very likely to freeze you at 3.5K M plus) for best usage, and its best to say in your head(for example mass combining G6 into G11s, I’ll Shift-G, say one, then click, repeat, say 2, etc until 5, then it’s done. Easy to keep track of once you get the hang of it!) the number or key to use to keep from making mistakes.

So basically you need to click ahead of the processor, and to memorize what clicks do what, & build reflexes to quickly do those.

PS: If you think its cheating, try supergemming a tray of G6s into a prismatic with 3K monsters on the field even at lowest settings. It’ll probably take at least 2-3 minutes real time if you wait for it to combine for each one. All Gemcrafters are doing by using this is using a “feature” of flash gaming. Don’t like it, there’s a (figurative) door.

Splash if you have any points in red mastery works even below 15 splash. It just won’t show it. I just make ’em 15 for the cool red letters and 5 targets instead of the 4 without(& it only take 2 gems, unlike getting it from 15 to 30 for 6 targets, doable if speedhacking but not without, if you want a good start)

Yellow’s percentage in traps is WAY lower then what it actually is(prismatics with max yellow say 31%….firing speed 1018/670 normal = 1.519 times more….or 52% extra firing speed). Even better that huge 52% also is the chance to do triple damage(don’t believe me? Click on monster, preferably one being hit by a 20K trap damage prismatic, & you’ll see alright!).

What’s more ridiculous is a pure yellow(50% crit in tower, 62% trap) has 100% max firing speed minus 1. Hehe….2 more then 1337. Cool huh?

Also, prismatic max specials are equal to just barely over half the max of a pure gem of that special. See here:

Yellow – 50% triple damage, in prismatic 26%. 62% trap, 31% trap.
Lime – 40% chain hit, in prismatic 21%, Both are cap at 70% in trap.
Red – 55 splash, 28.6 radius(27.5 plus 1.1)
Orange – 12/hit, 6.2/hit. 14.4, 7.6
Green & Blue are impossible to see because they are infinite, but I assume they follow this pattern.
Cyan – 14% to shock, 7% to shock. 16% to shock, 9% to shock.
Purple – 70% to remove, 36% to remove. 84% to remove, 41/42/43(idk i never put purple in trap with prismatics…)

Hope this helped! Good luck!

PS- sorry for so many posts, the formatting got messed up when I put it in one post…and now in multiple nothing is wrong, so there’s no way I can fix it, sorry!

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If you follow these(& this is my first time actually using it, to 1) test & 2) see if I could get even better….both tested positive!) tips you end up with something monstrously epic like this:

Could’ve made 7 G7 by wave 9(before it got sent!), and I angered wave 18 with 16 G12, which is amazing for just your hands, mind, and mouse.

PS- That wave is currently worth a total of 8.67 billion points. Keep in mind, this is wave 18.

By the time these die, multiplier will be at least 50, meaning these will actually be alone worth about 50 billion. They should die starting at about 37-38….my last run I got 100 billion at wave 41….that means that this will make me get 150 billion at the same point….not counting better mana farm, etc. Simply amazing…every single run I do I always amaze myself at how much I improve each time.

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Update….yes you should definitely do what I did at the start(i’ll post a vid too later after it’s finished uploading)…see here.

For those of you who might have trouble seeing(no offense intended, heck I need to concentrate a bit to see it lol)

Wave 31

503 Monsters(base 8)

Hit Points: 3,341,821
Armor: 148
Score: 1,470,971 * 1.4 * 32.90

Each = 67,752,924.
Total = 34.08 BILLION. From one wave…if each wave from 31-41 is worth that much(& 24, 27, and 29 can get as high, & so can 36, 37, & 39 so at least 6 more waves like that) that would be 400(almost) billion in the bag right there. If I killed all of them instantly, that is. At 2M pool, that’s 1 trillion. 2M should be my pool at about 45….1 trillion at wave 45…..would break the lowest wave for a trillion(no speedhack) by almost 30 waves.

Time to build firepower to make that happen, LMAO.

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Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3flyfLuVEU&feature=youtu.be