Eminence: Xander's Tales (TCG/MMORPG)

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Eminence Xander’s Tales is a role playing adventure and trading card game driven by a compelling story. The game itself also takes inspiration from classic RPGs like; Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Zelda, TCG games as well as community driven cooperative gameplay experience (Multiplayer, Team based coop and a fully integrated Guild system). The TCG mechanics are close to completion and will be announced very soon. In addition we have added a variety of game rules and modes, as well as having incorporated an experimental visual style for the overall look of the game.

Our Kickstarter is now live!

Any feedback / comments on the artwork are greatly appreciated! For those interested to learn more, feel free to send me a PM in game or a message via the forums.

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For years, this notorious Division has groomed troubled young girls into merciless killers. Harlequins are trained to subdue their emotions and lend their powers to other nations for financial and political benefits. As their purpose to create conflict benefits them financially, some believe they are influencers of key wars which have plagued Artalys.

Harlequins heighten their Alchemy powers by pledging to the Guardian Gemini. They’re brought up to believe that the state of happiness in a dying word is an illusion which hastens ones death.



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Hm. Looks interesting.