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I have never heard of that Beny071. You were plaing runescape right?

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Runescape really is great. The PvP/PvE is interesting because there are three attack styles: Magic, Ranged, and Melee. This adds interesting strategy to the game and makes people think before they attempt a boss or hard enemy. (Or maybe another player). There are … what? over two hundred quests? at least one hundred anyway. The quests are different. Some of them require thinking, some of them require combat. Some of them also require lots and lots of skill.

Melee is awesome because there are about two hundred (If not more), weapons and there are different types of weapons. Katanas, Longswords, Scimitars, 2h Swords, Daggers, Spears, Whips and a bunch of other ones. They also have different attack styles to match the armor and weaknesses of different players and enemies. There are also lots of special attacks for Dragon Weapons, quest weapons, and special weapons.

Magic is the most interesting combat form, because there are different “tiers” of spells. There are about three hundred spells, if you include the Lunar and Ancient spellbooks. (Approximately eighty spells in each spellbook), and the more you level up, the more useful, powerful, and cooler your spells get. There are also different spells for different situations. The Bake Pie Spell (The Lunar spellbook) can heal your teammates if they are hurt, the combat spells can pretty much be used for a war of some kind, a teleother can get rid of unwanted players, or can help transport someone else to another place (A new person, for example who doesn’t have the teleports unlocked).

Ranged is great because there are not only heaps of different bows, but lots of different arrows to be shot. And it doesn’t have to be a bow! it can be a crossbow, a “chinchompa” a throwing dart, a javelin, a throwing axe, a “Toktz-xil-ul”, and a throwing knife! Don’t forget the Dwarf Weapons such as the hand cannon, and the Dwarf Multicannon.

The armor is also really detailed and as you get higher skills, you will be repaid with more protective armor, however, your equipment load will get higher and higher, until your run power runs out about fifteen seconds after you use it. This also effects weapons, but it makes you think before you put on different armor like for example if you were fighting a mage, you would use dragonhide and a ranged weapon, because the magic is ineffective against the shiny scales, and the arrows would pierce their soft robes. If you were fighting a ranger, you would use melee, because your blade would cut through their scales. If you were fighting a warrior, you would use magic, because it “effectively boils them in their own armor”
(A bit like Rock, Paper, Scissors, really ;P)

The D&D system is also really fun and a great Distraction if you have nothing else to do or need to earn a bit more money or get your skills up a bit for that quest.

My favourite one is Barrows, where you fight the legendary six Barrow ghost brothers. (Ahrim the Blighted (Mage), Dharok the Wretched (Hard, inaccurate hits), Guthan the Infested (Uses a spear, regenerates health), Karil the Tainted, (Ranged), Torag the Corrupted (Uses double hammers), and Verac the Defiled (Uses a flail, hits through prayer). And also Ariskae the Doomed, (Uses magic, but more prayer-based) who is a brother unlocked by completing a quest called the “Ritual of the Mahjarrat” (Another benefit of completing quests) This is also very profitable, because you can sell the armor which is occasionally dropped by them to players, or to the Grand Exchange (See below).

Another one is called “Tears of Guthix” where you collect special water from the gods (The Kind of evil god is called Guthix, and the Divine God is known as Saradomin). There is also another evil god called Zamorak. (You’ll learn about him later in quests). The will degrade your current amount, while the Saradomin (Blue) will add to it. After a certain amount of time, you will be called out of the cave by a snake called Juna, who apparently guards the Tears of Guthix.

At number three is the circus, where you find a ticket booth, which are hidden all over Runescape and change location during different periods of time. The circus does three different events, Agility, Mage, and Range. You can also do a fourth event, firemaking, but you need to do a quest which is long, hard and has big requirements. You earn experience points for each one you do depending on how well you do them.

That’s just to name a FEW D&Ds …

The quests are hard, sure, but are SO WORTH IT!!! They unlock new music tracks, areas, quests, D&Ds, spells, weapons, armor, and spellbooks.

Members doesn’t cost a lot, and is definitely worth it. You get new spells, quests, skills, weapons, armor, music tracks, items, tasks, minigames/D&Ds, dungeoneering floors, 2 Spins on the SoF, areas, enemies, lots more players, and it basically just makes the game quite a bit easier.

The Grand Exchange trading system works perfectly, and allows you to sell even the cheapest, worst items for lots more, giving new players a good start to the game. It also gives you a rubbish bin that’ll give you more money for things than the general store and most other shops will give you. It’s a great system. With the huge amount of players, your offers, as long as they are moderately reasonable, will return great profit.

Looks like some runescape haters have just been owned …
Would you like me to go through the skills? ;P

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The people who complain about having to pay for certain things in the game, wake the fuck up.
It costs money to maintain and keep games like Runescape up.
If you’re going to hate on something, at least give proper reasons, if not, no one is going to take you seriously.

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Runescape sucks because of the EoC. It was going fine until Jagex had to change RS to be another WoW clone. People played RS for its simplicity, not to get arthritis at the age of 21.

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I played it for a total of about 45 seconds, seemed really bad to me, too simple and way too slow build up before the apparent “good stuff” I never got to.

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Runescape re-added their 2007 servers so now anyone who is a member can play 2007 Runescape. It’s good once again!

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Originally posted by ericbloedow:

did you know that more people play Runescape than play World of Warcraft? and you say it’s over-rated?

and…shitty graphics? haven’t you tried the new high-definition mode?

i admit it’s annoying how long it takes to get skills up, but what i like best are the quests. best storylines i’ve seen in any mmo…especially since in most of them the quests are all “kill x monsters” or “collect x items and bring them to me”.

“What I like most is the quests”
Same here. They have interesting storylines, plot twists, and the fact that there are different series of quest just improves storyline, etc.

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Originally posted by listle6:
Originally posted by zamininc:
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Originally posted by livingrival:

Runescape sucks because it is runescape, should be an insult towards games like ‘gah that game is as bad as runescape!’

Ever played Shaq Fu? Yeah, THAT’S an insult to games. And this other one Aquaman game that was pretty terrible. You people just need to get over Runescape. You don’t like it, oh boo hoo for you, nobody cares. In fact, we could care less. Really, you whiny kids complaining how much Runescape “suxorz my dik LOL!!!!” are more annoying than the fan boys who love it.

Don’t flatter yourself like that, you’re much more annoying.

P.S. 95% of the RuneScape population uses chatspeak.

So do most games on the internet. I thought you would of known that since you seem like you know a lot.

You think this shit’s bad? Go play Superman 64, then we can talk.

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Fanboys win _

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1. Travelling takes too long. With every step you take, you use 1% energy. So, when you take 100 steps, you have to stop running and start walking again for a few minutes until you regain your energy. With 50kg of armour on (e.g. full rune armour + weapon), this rate increases, so each step takes about 2 – 3% energy. For certain quests, you have to make sure that you’re able to run when you need to, so you have to consistently switch between walking and running to make sure that you have enough energy when you reach your destination. While it adds a sense of realism to the game, it also makes it extremely tedious. The only way to solve this is to train your magic skill. Which is often expensive, and also requires a lot of walking…

2. The community is bad. No, I mean really bad – honestly, it’s at least on par with WoW’s community. Even on members’ realms. There were times when people called me a pussy because I didn’t want to go to the Wilderness and lose all my items to someone twenty levels higher than me. And then there were the really obvious scammers (Change your pass to “IAMSOGODDAMNGULLIBLE”, and you will get full Dragon and a Whip! What? No, of course I won’t drop steal all your items and change your password, what are you, paranoid? What are you talking about now, I like the the name R_________R__________R, I’m totally not named that so it’s extremely difficult to report me!). I understand that it’s not Jagex’s fault, but it still seriously affects the game.

3. Levelling. To gain levels requires a monotonous amount of time spent grinding. The part that makes this worse than grinding in other games is the limited interaction required. To kill a monster, you just select which battle mode to attack in, then stand there for thirty seconds. Over and over again, just standing in one area watching the screen and eating when low on health.

4. Lack of skill required. Since you just stand in the same area, you really don’t need a lot of skill to play the game. All you need to do is train your strength, magic, ranged and defence and you will be able to play. It’s all about clicking fast enough, and eating when low on health. It’s all about the grinding, connection, items and luck.

These are the main reasons why I dislike Runescape (note: dislike, not hate. There aren’t any games that I hate). While I do agree that the quests are well designed, and there are other enjoyable parts of the game as well which made it fun at first, these are the main reasons why I got bored, and quit. Also note: I played from 2005 – 2007. This was at a time when Dragon two-handed swords were not yet implemented. I have not played Runescape since then, so my reasons may be outdated, but nevertheless, this was Runescape for me.

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Originally posted by Manuals:
The PvP/PvE is interesting because there are three attack styles: Magic, Ranged, and Melee.
Melee is awesome because there are about two hundred (If not more), weapons and there are different types of weapons.
Magic is the most interesting combat form, because there are different"tiers" of spells.

Not sure if troll or stupid. You just described pretty much any MMO/Hack&Slash game.

Looks like some runescape haters have just been owned …

Stupid then. Thanks for clarifying.

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It would appear my post did not go through:
What’s this about a microtransaction system for runescape, and what’s this about bringing “2007” back? Is that runescape classic (which i played, BREIFLY, and just long enough to understand why they changed things up) or a more recent edition?

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Originally posted by fractalman:

It would appear my post did not go through:
What’s this about a microtransaction system for runescape, and what’s this about bringing “2007” back? Is that runescape classic (which i played, BREIFLY, and just long enough to understand why they changed things up) or a more recent edition?

RuneScape classic was a very old version, I was never around for it, so I can’t say much about it, but it was made unavailable to new players quite some time ago. The 2007 version is an older version, but still newer than the classic one, that they brought back for reasons I’m not quite sure, but it seems a fair amount of people do like it.

The microtransactions are from a daily wheel-of-fortune type thing, where you get a free spin each day for some random thing, but can buy additional spins if you want.

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Hey guys I need help remembering what game is the best Free MMORPG ever made? Wait.
It’s coming back to me now.
Oh yeah, That’s right.

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