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For the last month I’ve been working with Funny-games to publish the finalized version of Mountain Falls X, sequel to MF1. After several months of work on MFX, it is finally out and ready for play! It is a HUGE improvement ove MF1 and I hope you all will enjoy it.This is my 3rd game and it was alot of work. Click here to check it out or leave a rating and comment!:

Mountain Falls X.

MFX will have Kong’s API soon for high scores etc.
Or check out emperial games (my home site) here if your interested in flash development or liked the game. Please leave any type of feedback so that the next MF will be better than the last ;)

Emperial Games



First charge your “TRICK BAR” before hitting a snow ramp(it is in the top left corner). You only need to tap SPACE once to initiate the “TRICK BAR”.
Your meter will begin filling up. There are three bars within the meter.
If 1st bar fills, you can perform LEVEL 1 tricks.

If 2nd bar fills, you can perform LEVEL 2 tricks.

If ALL BARS fills, you can perform LEVEL 3 tricks.

When a bar fills, and BEFORE you hit the snow ramp, hold down an arrow key to complete a trick. Your bar will then flash for a few seconds, then you can perform another trick. Depending on what you pressed and how far your bar was charged, you will perform that trick.




Frontside Mini
360* Spin
Backside Mini+1080* Spin

Nose Grab
Nose Grab+Backside Mini Nose Grab+Backside Mini+Tail Grab
Backside Mini
Frontside Mini+Tail Grab
Frontside Mini+Barrel Roll+Backside Mini


Mt. Artemis: Win one tourney

Mt. Terra: Score 30,000 + points on Mt. Artemis

Mt. Aero: Perform 50 + tricks on Mt. Terra

Mt. Hyperion: Get at least 115 ft. on Mt. Aero

Mt. Chronos: Score 50,000 + points on Mt. Hyperion

Mt. Yeti: Unlock Master Trophy

Mt. Infinity PLAQUE: Get 105 mph or more on this mountain

Mt. Artemis PLAQUE: Get 30,000 points or more on this mountain

Mt. Terra PLAQUE: Perform 50 tricks or more on this mountain

Mt. Aero PLAQUE: Get 115 feet or more on this mountain

Mt. Hyperion PLAQUE: Get 50,000 points or more on this mountain

Mt. Chronos PLAQUE: Get 27 seconds or less on this mountain

Mt. Yeti PLAQUE: Kill 30 yetis or more on this mountain

Speed Racer Trophy: Get 120 high mph or more

Victory Trophy: Get 25 wins or more

Millionaire Trophy: Get 1,000,000 points or more

Catas Trophy: Dodge 2,000 trees or more

BlingTrophy: COLLECT 100 coins or more

Billionaire Trophy: Get 1,000,000,000 points or more

Hat-o-Tricks-Trophy: Perform 1,000 tricks or more

Master Trophy: COLLECT 500 coins, dodge 4,000 trees, and perform 2,000 tricks or more.

(to use these easter eggs, go to Uncle Tom’s Cabin to wear them free)
Spider Man Full Suit (14::14): Unlock all the PLAQUES
Halo-Master Chief Full Suit (16::16): Unlock Billionaire trophy.


ARROW KEYS: Move character and perform tricks

SPACE BAR: Charge trick bar to perform tricks.

The world map HUD is on the bottom of the…well…world map lol.

NAME: Your name is located in the left of the hud

COINS: The number of coins you currently have are displayed next to the coin icon.

SPEED X :: X : Buying different BOARDS affect your speed.
-The Number on the Left is Acceleration( How fast you move up or down)
-The number on the Right is Control (How fast you move left or right)

HOUSE ICON: See what Trophies you’ve unlocked.

PAPER ICON: See your stats on all the mountains.

BLUE CIRCLE ICON: Options menu. Change quality, turn music on or off, or save( save data is automatically saved after every Gameover screen)

PAD-LOCKS: These block mountains you haven’t unlocked yet.

UNCLE TOM’s CABIN: Buy MASKS,BOARDS, or SUITS with your coins. Only BOARDS affect your speed.


Coins can be found when boarding down certain mountains or winning Tourneys. Use them to enter Tourneys or buy various MASKS, SUITS and BOARDS to customize your characters speed(only boards affect speed). To purchase them, go to the little house next to the river on the World Map. If you unlock enough things, Uncle Tom might have some goodies for you.

=HOW DO I GET FAR IN "Mt. Aero"?=

Build up speed by riding through speed arrows. Red + 1, Yellow + 2, Green + 3 speed. HUGE red arrows indicate that the cliff is coming up. Hit your TRICK BAR to determine how far you’ll jump. Then when you are airborne, the balance meter will pop up. Keep the circle within the box, thus making you go further.


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the game wont load 4 me

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Very Good, dude!

I only played it for a few minutes. I’m gonna play it more.