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I’m new to the forums, so I’m sorry if I break any rules.

Recently, I’ve become a little addicted to Defender; though I suck at it. Does anyone have any tips/guides to beating any of the maps?
Currently I place 2 warriors in the top two slots and generalize them. Then I put two blue wizards behind them to finish off whatever is left as well as the flying. Once the golem comes, I’m screwed more or less.

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I found puting a warrior( whatever they called in game) on each path. then filling in the others with whatever. usually jsut the 1 warrior on each path tho. What I do is try to fill all squares as fast as I can.

I up grade the first level(10 cost). Then try and fill all spots before i start up grading. Then when ever anyone gets the second upgrade(25 cost) I do that, then I focus on getting the warriors and 1 mage up to the level to unlock the 250g guys. Once I do that I try and save to get 2 necros and 2 of whatever else. this has let me win all but the last map. The last map I still get beat around the 25th level. So I need help on that one .

with mages I usually jsut focus on there special ability but warriors I usually just click general to get there damage as high as possible.

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Dexters (Warriors) Work best in corners, they get more hits in that way. On Miner’s Cave, I usually put two of the blue mages in the top open squares, after that I’ll put two of each of the remaining in the middle of the map, with the two for the middle block of land being green mages. You’ll need to pave a couple of squares for the Dexters, but it’s definitely worth it to get those extra hits in.

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Inane quibble; It’s Dexers, not Dexters. Referencing dexterity. The two most common builds in UO were mages and high dex fighters.

In general, it’s cheaper to add new towers than it is to upgrade, so fill all the available slots before doing any real upgrading. Then concentrate your upgrading on a few towers to unlock the 250g towers. Mobs have resists to the green/blue/purple/red mage damage types, but they don’t have resists to necro or alchemy.

Don’t forget that you can create new slots for towers at 50g a piece.

Also, green mages have a damage over time special, and purple mages have a ‘lower mob resistance’ special, so you want those to hit the mobs early.

Towers that hit mobs early should have special upgrades to take advantage of grouped mobs and the fact that nothing is leaving the screen fast. Towers towards the end of the run should probably be pure damage.

I haven’t really use blue towers much at all.

So far I’ve cleared the first map, and got to level 3X on the second map, so if you’re farther allong than me, ignore my advice. ;D


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Well, I got the first map done:
2 dexers in the top 2 slots
Then a green mage in either spot behind the warrior (left or right)
After that I’ll save enough to put another green on the opposite side of the map
Add two warriors across from the mages
Add two red mages beside the green ones
Before the level with the golems (9 maybe?) I’ll have the back row full with green mages, with two dexers on the right and left corner. It’s possible to finish with 12-14 lives left
To finish off I usually put two necros back and left/right one of the first two dexers.

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anyone beat the final map yet? I have slowly gotten to the point I can get to level 35ish. And then I get a mudhole stomped in me.

Any strats to help out on that one?

The rest had been easy. Get 2 dexers down early along with filling in the rest of the spots with whatever you want. Then get them all to buy level 50. open up 4 spots that cross both paths and put 2 necros an archer guy and an alchem. and you win. The last one has got me almost as frustrated as doing the 100 on TD.

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be careful: you are unable to sell. that is intentional
BTW: necros are KILLER with 100% necrosis(final level, go specialist all the way)

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I got up to 29th Marathon.

Necro positioning is Crucial, since it only gets bonus if it kills something. If it doesn’t then it becomes useless. So I generally try to put it further to the back to kill off stragglers.

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Never neglect the purple mage!
Electrocution will reduce the target’s defence against all other types of damage by the percentage shown. So picture a fully electrocuted enemy running into a strategically positioned necromancer with full necrosis.
Or, the same again but with a paladin if the map is suited to it, because paladins have consecration it means every hit they make is counted as being the target’s elemental weakness, the damage they dish out can exceed a necromancer, but isn’t as easy to place.
You’d then also be opening up a weakness to flying enemies, so would need to bolster it with an archer or two which is more expensive.

Decisions, decisions!