Feudalism Highscore

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im playing Feudalsim and i basically finished the game. Now im wondering about the highscore.

Im level 50, and there is no visible Level up (they dont show xp), are there further level ups, or how do you get to level 85, for all time high score.

Same with hp. I have 200 cons (max), and and hp increase by 700% (still have to get a better hat), but i only have 108000 hp, how can you get over 243000 hp than???


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Stacking stuffs…

Also, some people like to do missions so they get a wee bit more money and exp.

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what do you mean by stacking stuff?

and i am level 50, and i have like 120k xp and i just dont know how or better when you get a level up.

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Maybe those “life” weapons that give out 200% or something.

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well i got 3 items with +200% hp and def, and one with 100…