Where we make game?

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I want some help because I want to make a game so I can put it on this site… my problem… I dont know where we can make a game ! So I hope someone can help me….

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Try the programming forum. And delete this topic! Or it will get locked…

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Smigbob: Mods can now also move topic! This should be in Programming section.

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It should. Just to help though, you need a program called Macromedia Flash. It isn’t freeware, so you have to pay for it, but it’s a great program and has decent drawing tools.

Once you have Flash, you need to practice drawing to make decent animations. Once you can animate well, you need to learn the programming language built into Flash, called ActionScript. Once you can code to a reasonable degree, practice. Please, do not post your first creation. I can guarantee that it WILL be shabby and rather pitiful. You NEED to practice so that you know how to string all your talents together into a neat game. Then you will be ready to release your first game.

It might seem like a lot, but greatness doesn’t come overnight.

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Get Adobe Flash CS3 or Macromedia Flash 8.


LiveSwif though it is very limited. It’s freeware.

Please, do not post your first creation.

The Last Stand was a “first creation”.