Sola Rola 1-10 written picture guide.

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Honestly this is the easiest thing ever, but here it is just in case.

The following generally refer to 1 second taps of the keys unless other wise stated.

level 1: Lean left Lean right

level 2: lean right lean left lean right

level 3: Hold and lean right until you hit exit

level 4: Right “hit wall” lean right until blue ball falls through open pathway lean left lean right lean left

level 5:For this level make the red ball go to the blue “I” Switch as fast as possible, the blue one should line up just right, so that he drops in his place at the right time, it may require some back and forth motion to edge him in there, but nothing big. Then simply roll the red ball into place.

level 6 Lean left slightly to get the red ball down the path way and have him stay on the red switch, lean slowly towards the right and have the blue ball drops down it’s individual pathway. Then tilt left; let the blue ball drop, tilt right; let the red ball drop and your home free.

level 7 Lean right slightly to get the balls rolling until they can’t roll anymore they should look like this

if you tilt it right (so very little), then the red ball will fall through the force barrier without out any back stepping. rotate the screen left until it looks like this


The blue ball should hit where the X is in the picture. then lean right until the both the read and blue ball roll in (again small manipulation may be necessary).

level 8:Wait for the blue ball to stops falling down (important that you do), then lean right until the red ball is free you, and your blue one lands here .
Lean left some more, and you will hit the red switch, and from there you lean left some more and you will hit the green switch.

lean right (into the switch)

then left (into the switch)

then right (into the switch),

AND quickly lean left again once you hit the third switch so that the red ball, blue rest as shown .

Then lean right and left until you work you way onto the switch.

level 10: lean right until your maze looks like this .

Then lean left until it looks like this. Then lean it back the same way you did in the first picture so that the red ball can now pass through the blue barrier. The lean right until you maze looks like this


Lean right some more until your red and blue ball look like this .

Now lean right again until your balls line up like this .

Now continue right so that the blue ball hits the green switch, and the keep going right so that your red ball lands on the red switch like so.

and from there continue right until you navigate you way to their ends spots, an easy part for anyone really you’ll understand when you see it.

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Phatcat strikes again!

Anyway… good job, and nice guide. NOW ADD MORE!

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11 at 11 pm must sleep post more in morning and spell check in simplify….ZZzzzzzz….

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can anyone help me with lvl 17

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We need a full guide up to level 48. I’m stuck on 43

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Part 2 here