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Part two

level 11:navigate your red ball all the way to the blue ball until they touch. Then roll all the way back to the other side with both the red and blue ball together back to back (they should be perfectly next to each other) when you get to the other side they should fall into the . Then lean right until the blue ball is in place, carefully lean left so that the red ball falls through the path way, and navigate it back to its end spot being careful not to tilt to much so that the blue ball falls out of its place.

level 12: lean right slightly (just a tap) so that your red ball leans up against the far right wall.

Then lean left slightly and your balls should roll perfectly so that the red one hits the switch at teh same time the blue ball is over the red barrier circled in the above picture. It will drop through like this.

In the picture above you will see a black line drawn to where your red ball need to land next, this can be done but leaning to the right very slowly. Once you’ve done this you balls should look like this.

Now lean left again to move the red ball as marked in the below diagram, and the blue one should automatically roll onto the switch.

It’s a cake walk from there. The balls may land on top of each other, they are easier to maneuver off.

level 13 maneuver your blue ball to the first barrier, by leaning right (not a whole lot) first and then leaning left, in doing so your red ball will hit the blue switch at the same time the blue ball comes to the first blue barrier Like so:

repeat the motion above the exact same way for the next gate. In this special case will have to rotate you screen left mroe so that it look like this:

repeat the two above steps for the next two gates.

Now your blue ball should be stuck in the room with the blue exit point, once you are here navigate your red ball to the spot it is in, in the picture below, and rotate your screen so that it looks like the picture.

after you do this lean left slightly, so that your blue ball brushes past the blue switch (not the exit), and your red ball will drop past the gate, move it to th next gate and set up your blue ball back up so that it looks like below.

repeat the same process for the next two gates until your red ball is past the last gate, the rest is a cake walk.

level 14: Lean left, your red ball will hit the green switch. you screen should look like this.

Now continue to lean left until you blue ball hits the switch your screen should look similar to this.

Now lean right until your red ball hits the switch, and you’ll end up like this.

Now lean right unitl your red ball goes through the newly opened gap and continue to lean right until your balls fit over the switches.

level 15: lean left until your blue ball hits the blue switch, from there lean right until your red ball hits the red switch. continue to lean right until your blue ball hits the green switch putting both your red a blue ball in the same room, like this:

Position your balls like in the above picture and lean left until your re ball hit the far right red switch, making your blue ball fall onto it’s exit portal. make your red ball roll off the red switch by leaning left more, until your red ball hits it’s exit portal (make sure your blue ball is stuck on it’s exit portal first)

level 16: lean your screen to the right until your screen looks like this

from here continue to rotate until your red ball hits the blue switch. once you do this your blue ball will fall through the blue barrier and it will hit the second blue siwtch allowing your red ball to go through the second blue gate. It should like this.

From the above point lean left until your red ball hit the red switch. once it does the blue ball will roll through the red barrier and onto the green switch, and your red ball should fall naturally through the green barrier but you may have to edge your screen right slightly. continue to rotate your screen right, and you will beat the levlel.

level 17: this level is hard to explain, but straight forward so Ill drawn lines. Follow the black lines to start, and once you reach their end, read the next part after the picture.

From here lean left


so that your red ball only falls once into the red X in the picture above, and so that your blue ball can begin to move on the green path in the picture above; in following the green path, your red ball should naturally be resting on top of the blue that when you go past the blue switch with your red ball the red ball will fall through.

navigate your red ball to the end so that your maze looks like this.

Then rotate your graph left until it looks likes this: (about a 180 degree turn)

Then lean left more and your blue ball will hit the switch at the same time your red ball falls through the barrier…it’s a cake walk from there.

level 18:


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Part 1 here

I takes about 2.5 hours to make these guides.

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