[Desktop TD Pro] Spawning Grounds Massacre Hard Badge Guide

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This is a guide for completing SA4 in under 20 minutes while relaxing. Uses a juggle, but no click-fests or perfect timing are required. If these instructions helped you, please reply with your time and any thoughts that might help others.

A tower uses a four “space” square.
A “tower” is a least expensive Pellet tower used for walls.
A “Dart” is a Dart tower upgraded to an ICBM tower.
“Building diagonally” means corner-to-corner with no path through. Example: During the initial setup there is a tower above the remaining hole to the exit. Build the next tower so its upper left corner touches the bottom right corner of the existing tower but without the sides touching.

Block all exits except right side of lower right. Build towers diagonally from the towers on both side of the hole towards bottom right corner – adding 4 in upper row and 3 in lower row. Each row will end one space from a wall, add one extra tower underneath the top row touching the right wall to block path from above.

One tower at right side of lower entrance so bottom edge covers 2 entrance spaces finishes setup. Next is 2 towers diagonally up and left from that tower leaving single-space path below center blocks. Add 2 towers horizontally to left across bottom of exit, then 5 straight up left side of center block leaving single-space path and room for tower on bottom-left corner.

Add 3 towers loosely in front of left and top entrances. Loosely means about halfway between entrance and entrance to maze but not blocking the path. Extend top row of center square 5 towers to right exit, then two towers below the rightmost tower. These early hits save 3 minutes.

Add Dart on upper left corner of the exit block. Start upgrading it.

Should be the Wave 8 Bosses. Will need to “juggle” for most Boss Waves and a few later waves. If a creep is getting close to the bottom in the bottom right area, sell the tower to the right of the exit blocking the top exit and place a tower in the lower square. This sends the creeps back clockwise. Sell that one and put it back in the top position before the next wave or when creeps are near the right exit. Do not worry about upgrades or anything else while the juggle is in the lower spot. To have plenty of time to juggle, sell the top spot when all the creeps are in the maze and wait for them to reach the bottom hairpin turn to place the tower.

After Wave 8, Add Dart on lower left corner of exit block, then replace upper right corner with Dart. Sell towers in front of entrances so creeps to get in range of Dart fastest. Fully upgrade the upper left Dart, the lower left Dart, then upper right Dart.

Fix the juggle area. Leave both spaces for the “juggle” tower immediately on the right side of the exit. The next tower to the right moves up one space to be centered on the right side of the exit area, but place another tower to its right and above the tower from the diagonal line from the original setup first to prevent opening a hole in the diagonal wall.

Add tower below juggle to complete square around exit. Exit is now surrounded by square except right side for juggle. Keep replacing the square with fully upgraded Darts, starting from left side. Replace the towers when safe, and upgrade them as funds permit. Do not take chances with the replacing towers around exit. Usually best to do as a wave ends.

For Wave 40 and Wave 48 Bosses, let them escape. Sell the Dart above the upper left exit. Replace the Dart and fully upgrade it as soon as the Bosses escape.

When exit is surrounded by square of fully upgraded Darts, have fun placing new towers. Here are some ideas:
- Add Ink towers around the entrance to the maze and walls to force creeps throught them.
- Add a Boost tower on top of the square, then add more Darts around it. Remove Dart on left side of upper left exit to let the bosses escape.

A few lives might be lost before the square around exit is completed, then 8 are lost for the last two Boss waves. You might let a few escape on the last Wave 50; be careful you have enough lives to survive if they split just before escaping.

My win was 19:37.

First is before first boss. Second is after fixing the juggle and completing the square. The rest is replacing pellet towers with fully upgraded dart towers, occasionally juggling, and letting the Wave 40 and 48 Bosses escape.

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A screenshot would be useful…
Anyway, thanks!

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Screenshot(s) would really help if you could do that. Great guide though.

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Desktop TD Pro is kind enough to put the Win and Lose messages across the entire map so you cannot see what you did right or wrong. Makes the game more challenging by decreasing the ability to learn from mistakes. Also makes it difficult to screen capture.

So far nobody has questions about the instructions. If you have a question about the instructions, ask and I will answer and improve the instructions. The instructions have already been tested by a few people, and several section were rewritten to be more understandable. Maybe someone using these instructions will post some screen captures here.

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You can take a screenshot of your starting setup, then edit the picture with arrows pointing towards where you want the player to make more/other towers.

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Hi solprovider,

Thanks for posting this…

Can you clarify this section:
“Fix the juggle area. Leave the one tower for the right side of the exit. The next tower to the right will move up one space, but place another tower to its right first. Should now be a single-space path above those two towers.”

I’m not quite sure what to do here….

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Hi keoie. Thanks for the feedback. Let me know if the new text is better.

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This is appreciated, just that it is going to be hard for me to get everything you say into my game of desktop TD pro. =S

Never the less, I will give you feedback if I do use this stratgey.

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I can’t follow these instructions at all.

Build towers diagonallly from hole to bottom right corner

Well, you can’t build FROM the hole because putting a tower IN the hole says “BLOCKING”. So what does this mean? I figure that what you’re doing is cutting the exit to a path of width one instead of width two, but there are two ways to do that.

and one extra tower underneath top row touching right wall to block path from above.

This is the key line that makes no fucking sense.

The top row being? The top row of towers you placed? Underneath that is the exit. You can’t place on that. Underneath the top row of the exit? That’s the bottom row of the exit. You can’t place on that.

One tower at right side of lower entrance finishes setup.

OK, that’s clear enough. NOT. It’s a big entrance, 8 spaces across. What is “at right side” of it? Do you mean just inside the right side of it? Diagonally touching the right? Overlapping the right by one space? In line with the right side but not overlapping? Who knows.

I couldn’t follow it from there because I have no idea what was going on by this point.

How hard would be it be to have a picture of the start at least?

EDIT: OK, if you change your instructions to say FROM the bottom-right corner TO the hole, suddenly it looks like some of the rest of it might make some sense if you REALLY think hard about what you might mean. Dear god.

So far I have this, assuming “to the right of lower entrance” to mean not overlapping with it. Not sure if it’s right but going to try from there.

EDIT2: I just did the first boss wave and there must be something wrong, because it was ridiculous. By the time the first spawn was getting to the exit and needed blocking, the ones from right entrance were just above the exit, in the perfect position to turn around and head for the gap made by juggling. Meaning you have to juggle back again after about two seconds, and then basically you get owned because it’s not possble to juggle fast enough.

And this was the second time I tried it, so it wasn’t just bad luck on one attempt. The spawn from the right entrance is ALWAYS at the top by the time the fastest one is near the exit. As you can see on this one, I even tried temporarily selling the early damage towers to see if I could upgrade the dart tower. I lost an incredible twelve lives on this level.


Add 3 towers loosely in front of right, top, and left entrances.

Surely you can see immediately how unclear and misleading this single line is?

Extend top row of center square to right exit, then two towers below the rightmost tower.


That can’t be right. Firstly it’s impossible because it blocks the exit, and secondly, why would you want to move creeps closer to your decoy juggling point?

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The last tower of the initial setup can be in several places as long as it touches the bottom. The instructions now state to block 2 entrance squares.

Building the row to the right should have been during the Wave 8 first bosses. The juggle is much easier (and possible) with that in place. That row should not reach the wall, one space remains so the 2 towers below the last one leave a path to the right.

I updated the instructions and tested them. (19:39) Thanks for your feedback

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I understand it even less now than I did before. I’ll have to look at it again in the morning. But seriously, all I’m going to do is take screenshots which you will look at and change again and take more screenshots. You’re making this into a game of charades. Are you allergic to taking screenshots?

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You’re making this into a game of charades.

OK, go. 2 words. 2nd word . . . sounds like . . . punching? pounding? hammer? nail? Nail!
2nd word sounds like NAIL!

1st word . . . big? huge? enormous? large?


Seriously, though, these instructions are confusing as hell.

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Made the screenshots. Need to find a better place to put the pic. Wonder if I can add it to Collabs and use Kong’s drives and bandwidth for this.

EDIT: Yep. That worked.

@pikaia08: I put the image here first from one of my websites. Then I added it to Collabs and changed the source of the image. You don’t see it in the first post?

EDIT: Got this Shout today:
After review we have removed your submission “Desktop TD Pro SA4”. Please remember that we do not accept photographs or works dominated by words. Additionally, all submissions must be your original work and not pornographic, hateful, or obscene. Repeat offenses may be punished with a ban.

Tested from a different computer, the pic still appears in the first post so the removal is not a deletion. I don’t care the the picture is not available as a Collabs submission, but apparently Collabs is not a good place to put pictures for the Forum. Where do others put pictures?

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solprovider: Could you perhaps provide a link to where in the Collabs?

Edit: got it from your profile.


Edit: Duh, I didn’t see it above.

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Tried your strategy and didn’t work. Every f* time I get pwned at 42-43 lvl and I could juggle but finishing this level would take way more that 20 minutes.

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Got the badge! Thanks! I made two key changes to your plan. I think they really help. Firstly, some time early on (before about wave 16 ish) I fixed up the whole lower-right corner. Stuff was trying to ruin my day by getting through there:

Also I deviated slightly from your instructions as per some videos I saw on youtube. Once the ring of dart towers is complete and fully upgraded, I put in two ink towers near the top (marked in pink), and a pellet tower to push stuff into one of my ink towers (marked in blue)

Finishing time was 19 mins 17 secs. I was able to release waves 48 and wave 50, since I had 19 lives left.

If it’s taking too long, perhaps you are juggling too late. I’ve marked in green the approximate place which, when the fastest creeps in a wave get there, it’s time to juggle. It’s OK to juggle later than that sometimes of course, but that’s about when I did it on most waves (including non-boss ones, if they get to there). If you put the ink towers in place it’s even easier to tell, because the slowest creeps will be just going past them (that’s why I placed them where I did).

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Thanks. This strategy worked for me – finished in 19m 6s, leaking waves 40, 48, and 50 as well as one unintentional leak early on. I also added a couple ink towers for fun.

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Thanks for the guide and screenshots, Sol. I got it in 19:16, with only a couple of leaks in 40 and 48 (as well as a few in 41 because I rather idiotically forgot to replace the tower I had sold).

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Hey explodingferret, which tower(s) are you juggling?

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@explodingferret: If you had 19 lives left at Wave 48, you didn’t let the Wave 40 bosses escape.
Also, I had rearranged the bottom section during early attempts. Found it just pushed the creeps farther from the Darts. I always had plenty of time to juggle, selling whenever all the creeps were in the maze and waiting for them to reach the bottom hairpin turn to place the tower.

@pikaia08: The juggle is the tower on the right side of the exits. Normally in the top position shown in the picture. Sell it and block the lower exit (2 spaces down) to juggle. Sell that one and put it back in the top position before the next wave or when creeps are near the right exit.

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Awesome guide. I got 19:58.

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i really enjoy this guide it helped me alot.

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i really enjoy this guide it helped me alot.

How exactly did it help you? You don’t have the badge. In fact, you don’t have any of the DTD Pro badges, including the easy, which makes me wonder if you have ever loaded the game at all. Let me fix this for you:

i really enjoy this thread it let me increase my post count without actually saying anything again

Meanwhile, congratulations to explodingferret, who appeared to have been beating himself senseless trying to get this badge.

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Finally got it, 19:49.
Many thanks to everyone who helped.

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I am also really bad at juggling but found this video on youtube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICP8HqCgjaw (not too sure how to make this a hyperlink)
Inks for the win

It’s one that is supposed to only take 17 minutes. I did it in just under 20 minutes. I replaced snap towers with pellet towers.

Also, here’s a good way to do scenario 23 without losing a life.