[GemCraft chapter 0] all 229 waves

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has anyone completed all 229 waves in the last level of gemcraft 0? if so, send a screenshot.

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It’s 228 waves…i’ve been to the last wave, and have a screenshot of getting there, but, unfortunately, i have been unable to beat them all.

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my brother beat entire game,i will let him know about this board

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did he defeat all the waves, or just dislodge the gem? i’ve dislodged the gem as early as wave 15…

oh, and here’s a link to a picture of my current attempt.

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What happens if you reach wave 228?

If I’m the developer, I’d hide some sort of top secret uber hidden boss that comes after wave 288. Nobody would find that.

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I gave up at about wave 140. It was already 8 hours of running at 1 fps… got too bored and dislodged the gem. But what I can say is….. reaching wave 228 and defeating it is pretty much impossible unless you have one hell of a good computer…. because your computer is probably going to crash before you kill the final wave….

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it doesn’t take a supercomputer, just an up-to-date one.
…though i did almost crash the browser once, angering so that I had a monster count of 1700…before wave 30.

here is a description of how to beat it:
preparation: MAX OUT SKILLS!…except mana pool size, which will hurt you.

1. block out a stretch of time where the computer will NOT be shut down.
2. learn to set up a mana farm very, very quickly-more on that some other day. (this also requires serious, carefull, often precise angering.)
3. supergem, supergem, supergem…10 prismatic gems. fewer, and you’ll be really mad if you accidentally throw one as a gembomb. bring to a total firepower of at least 2million max damage. any less, and you’re counting on too much luck.
4. Place prismatics in traps: with 5 targets, it does as much damage per shot as it would in a tower. plus it fires faster.
5. around wave 200, replace mana farm with EITHER: R/B traps, or R/B/O traps. make sure that blue is at 96%slow.
6. keep supergemming…cautiosly. DON’T use up all your mana at this point.
7. when monster count is comfortably below 300, you can replace the R/B traps with R/C traps. if it drops below 200, or your mana pool has expirenced a drop of more than 25%, replace immediately; at 200,you can hold them all for sure.

also…chances are that the supergemming will lag behind the cursor. Go ahead and get several inventories of gems ahead (know how much mana/inventory, though); the combination process will suddenly proceed very rapidly, and the monsters will freeze.

[steps back to see if anyone here is now willing to attempt it]

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So nobody was actually able to beat it… Too bad, I wanted to see if there’s a secret hidden boss or something…

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I’m attempting different strategies, but it’s far more difficult than I imagined. The last dozen waves have billions of HP. Banishment costs go up by 50% each pass, and even when making a million mana per second you inevitably lose. I think it’s theoretically possible to beat, but you have to be creating gems very fast for a long period of time. A macro to quickly build 14’s would help, but it might not work through the lag. It can easily take +6 hours of constant play to get through 228, but strangely enough the problem is lack of time. You need every minute of that to create damage. Like if the game had a slow motion, in addition to x3, then this could definitely be done.

I’ve tried a few different methods, and getting to a stable 228 isn’t terribly difficult. But killing it is proving REALLY hard before the mana loss rate surpasses the gain. All theorycrafting changes for rounds +180, because the curve of monster HP seems to go way past your speed at increasing damage. The monster’s HP rises geometrically while your speed at creating damage slows down by 50% at each gem level.

My only advice for those trying:
1. Never send waves early past ~100. You’ll be tempted to send them all around 200, and no matter your setup you’ll die.
2. If you ever think you’ve got enough damage, then you don’t have nearly enough damage. Like if you stop making gems before the last wave, then you’re not even close.
3. You’ve got to go prismatic for your main damage dealers. Dual has a better bonus, but takes far longer to make. You get better damage for creation time by doing bulk prismatic.
4. Shock gems suck… tried a shock strat and it doesn’t come within a lightyear of working like you’d think.
5. Don’t use the range bonus talent, because all that really does is eliminates good tower slots by putting more within range of the exit.

The only real thing I’ve discovered is that your score changes color when it goes over 1 billion :P

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…it changes color over 1 billion?
I don’t remember it doing that…

you need a minimum of 1million max damage, preferably 2 million max damage.
preferably spread over 10 gems
I have defeated the monsters as high as 170.

other than the prismatics…
R/C traps to freeze some monsters…
then R/B traps to slow when the freeze traps are filled…
then R/C traps once the monster count gets low enough.

good luck!

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I think it changed… but after staring at the same damn maze for days it kind of blends together so I might be wrong.

I’m experimenting with R/O traps, and building the mana multiplier as high as possible to offset the banishment rate. Even with a +200 multiplier and 500k per “frame” I am not optimistic. I’ve got it running now but I don’t see how I’ll kill the last 20 waves in time.

I feel like it boils down to speed at making gems and the boredom of doing it for hours on end. If only you could make higher than 6’s…

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I used a mix of prismatic and red/orange gems. The red/orange allows me to create a full board of grade 6’s every 3 minutes (at 1 fps that is). It works well, allowing for a consistent damage increase. I tested it until wave 180, when my computer crashed. My results were: the monsters still come in faster than I can kill them. The tens of millions of hit points make the opposite impossible.

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are you limited by mana? if so, try maxing out the firerate of at least 50 R/O gems (and upgrade your mana pool-it should probably reach 1 mill capacity by wave 100), expiriment with grade 11 psuedo-prismatic gems (like a prismatic, but without the poison), then activating the O and Red components by combining a R/O gem with it in the inventory.
if you’re limited by clicks… hit CTR+click ont he grade 6 gem.

at 1FPS, you should still be able to make a full inventory of grade 6’s more than once per minute, once you finish upgrading the mana farm, and have a pool of at least 280000 capacity.

10 million hp is not unmanageable. a primsatic gem with 100,000 max damage can handle 5 monsters with 10mill hp each from within a trap, per wave, provided it has yellow and lime maxed (31% speed boost, 66%chance of extra hit) , and red>=15. NOT tower, it’s weaker from a tower.

What you have to do, is start supergemming primsatic(11) gems from no later than wave 60, preferably starting on wave 30.

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If you’re going for distance or score games, you have 2 absolute priorities, even more important than making score in the first 30 waves – 1: get that mana capacity UP. You seriously cannot do this fast enough, you always want to be making your mana pool larger, and 2: getting maxed (279 firing speed / 10.1 per hit) red-orange traps in the maze, LOTS of them. The last couple of games I’ve been doing every other square for the first half of the map, but I think my next attempt I will do every square on the entire path, or at least every other square.

And fractalman is dead-on for building prismatics – build a big one and don’t worry about the colors, then in this order drag: 2 limes, 2 reds, 2 yellows. Usually you only need one of each to get 26% crit chance, 25 splash radius, and 16% chance for chain hit. You can fine tune by dragging other colors earlier if you want (like blue/lime/red/yellow or orange/blue/lime/red/yellow) but the L/R/Y are the important ones, they’ll max the damage capability if your prismatics.

By wave 30 if you’re not able to conjure and combine multiple inventories of level 6-into-11s (like 15+ times per wave, AT LEAST) then you have a lot of room for improvement.

To give you an idea, I usually anger waves with multiple high level (10-14) gems until I have about 250-400 monsters per wave.

For the first 100 waves put your damage gems in the upper right corner so they catch the creeps after they’ve hit the bulk of your R/O traps, worry about fleshing out the rest of the maze with towers when you actually need the damage. During those waves you can get multiple gems up to really high damages, like 50-100k top end, which when you factor in 26% crit and splash damage, means more like an average damage of roughly 70% of the gem’s top end damage to multiple monsters, per shot. (averaged out, mind you.)

I have no idea if it’s possible to beat all the waves, but there is definitely room to get some serious damage and mana income going.

I just have no interest in spending the 5 days it would take, lol. Right now I’m in the finishing stages of a score run I started yesterday, sitting at 222 billion points with a lot of monsters left to kill, and then I think I’ll probably take a break from GC0 for a while. =p

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eyedol has because he has beaten everything and gotten every badge maybe find the room he is in and ask him to do a walkthorugh on the last level.

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That doesnt neccasarily mean hes done it, the difference in the skill needed to beat the last level and beat ALL 228 waves in that level is immense, i’ve beaten the last level before but im nowhere near good enough to try all the waves, my supergemming is very poor (at least compared to most people here)

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specifically, beating the final level merely requires 7 grade 7 gems…
beating all 228 WAVES of the final level requires thousands upon thousands of grade 6+ gems, and getting a half-decent score (relatively speaking) requires hundreds of grade 12+ gems.

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supergemming just requires a lot of patience and a lot of mana income.

What I do is shift-3 on gem 6 to get a full inventory, and then combine them a few times, and then repeat that until I have a lot of level 9s to level 10s in the inventory, and then I combine one of my level 13-16 tower gems (the one with the lowest damage) onto all of them, one after the other, then return it to the tower. Conjure-combine another inventory of 8s-10s, and then go with the newest low-damage tower gem. Since I’m guaranteed to have anywhere from 1000-2500 creeps on the screen while I’m doing this, and since I can conjure MANY full inventories of level 6 gems per wave, I’ll wind up with like seven to nine tower gems with top ends of between 30 and 50k by level 50.

Remember, super gemming just means combining a gem with gems that are two levels lower OVER AND OVER AND OVER. If a big gem eats a little gem, it gets stronger.

(But two levels lower is important. If you combine a level 9 with a level 8, the level 9 can actually get weaker.)

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grade 8-9 is optimal in terms of damge increase/click, assuming that 20-25 % of the damage is lost each time the grade is increased…do you want the calculations?

Oh, and i also discovered: grade 11 supergem+grade 11 regular=significant damage lost, grade 11 supergem+grade 13 regular=damage of supergem retained.

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8-9 may be optimal in terms of % of damage gained, but is it optimal in terms of time? I.E., if I can quickly conjure and combine an inventory of multiple 9s and 10s and use a 13 or higher to ‘eat’ them, will that net the same damage increase as an 8-9 ‘eating’ 6s?

I’m not sure, but I also think I’ve noticed that the higher the grade of the gem (really, 15+) the more you get per combine on it. I.E., if you’re supergemming with a 16, then it’s easier than with an 8. Maybe that’s just my imagination.

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….per click.
grade 9, and grade 10, are almost identical…almost.
thing is, you start spending more clicks, to reduce the clicks to add the gems in; but if the damage decreases too much, you’ve find that you start getting less damage per click.
to illustrate at an extreme: if you try to make and use grade 12’s, you use very, very nearly the same number of clicks as if you were using grade 11’s, especially as you can only make 5 11’s at a time; the amount of damage lost is more than the number of clicks saved.
between grades 9 and 10, there’s very, very little difference, so you can begin an inventory with grade 10’s if you want, but it’s not much better than grade 9’s, if not worse. (I would need some more precise data than I currently posses to tell them apart for sure).
to actually analyze the time taken…that’s another story, and one best left to field expiriments, as the process is somewhat iterative.

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I guess what I’m really getting at here -

It’s very easy, when you can summon 30 or 50 full inventories of level 6 gems per wave, to do this:

shift-3 on grade 6 slot to conjure full inventory, and then shift-6 on the lowest/right-most grade 6 3 or 4 times to make them into 9s or 10s, and then re-conjure / combine again, repeating until you have 25 or so 9s or 10s. (which uh, is what, ~12/13 conjure-bines for 10s, and 6-8 for 9s, basically)

So that’s really quick. It’s a lot of keypressing and mouse moving, but it’s still fast. Then you slow down and start eating those gems with one of your super gems – What I’m getting at here is this – using a 12 or 13 or 16 super gem to eat those 9s or 10s, you would have to eat a lot more 6s with a grade 8 or 9 to get the same level of damage, and the eating process is what takes the longest, at least on my machine (core2duo with 4gb, it’s no slouch but 2000 creeps on the screen still brings my game to a crawl, which is a good thing if you think about it)

I still think it’s better to have larger supergems, at least later in the game. Certainly towards the beginning of the game, when you don’t have the mana infrastructure to support it, working with what you have is advised.

I’ll have to play a game soon and try a 13 vs an 8 or 9 (or both even) to see what’s up.

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Hm… I actually gotten to level 200 or so (can’t remember) w/o supergem, but mass grade 14/15 gems, and then I gave up because it was like 7 or 8 hours into it… I wonder if I could do better with supergem towards end game…

Question for you guys though… How do you adjust the color tilt of your prismatic gems? IE: If you accidentally make it not splash anymore, what’s the fastest way to get it back to splash? I mass, so it didn’t matter for me, but if I use super gems, then it might actually be useful to figure out how to do it “properly” :)

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step by step, here it is.
1. don’t go past about grade 15, or the following won’t necessarily work-I had issues with the lone 18 I made.
2. make a grade 7 or 8 yellow/Lime/Red gem, or else a grade 11 prismatic with desired specials (only if target is grade 13+).
a. take yellow gem, drag onto lime
b. take resultant gem, drag onto red.
c. take resultant gem, drag onto any specials you want to give a lesser boost to. note: the more you do this with, the weaker yellow and lime will be.
3. drag the finished gem onto the prismatic gem.
note: all of this should be done in the inventory, as it becomes somewhat unpredictable in towers and traps. also, if you just want to re-establish splash>15 quickly, just drag a grade 6 R gem onto the prismatic.

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