Bloons Tower Defence 5 (locked)

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Just post your suggestions for the new Bloons Tower Defense and things you didn’t like about the 4th one. For those of you who don’t know that Bloons Tower Defence 4 was out the link is below. Maybe the suggestions could be like a Flamethower unit that you can upgrade for bigger flames


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You could make lvls in the like 95 area through 100 easier cuz i was on easy and i had like 18 Sun Gods and i lost all lvl 96 o yeah + about 20 MOAB Maulers :)

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Man, I wanted to make a thread like this… But beware, some people may say things like “ofmg teh 4th one just came out y r u maeking ideas 4 teh 5th one?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Anyways… I have some new ideas for new bloons:

Iron bloon: Contains a lead bloon, immune to physical damage.

Bronze bloon: Contains an iron bloon, immune to physical damage.

Silver bloon: Contains a bronze bloon, immune to physical and ice damage.

Gold bloon: Contains a silver bloon, immune to physical and bomb damage. How do you kill it? You must use energy-based attacks such as Laser Vision or its upgrades.

Platinum bloon: Contains a gold bloon, immune to physical, bomb, and ice damage.

Diamond bloon: Contains a platinum bloon, immune to physical, bomb, ice, and energy damage due to its reflective properties. To damage it, you must use corrosive glue or other chemical methods. In BTD5 they should have something like poison tower.

Mirage bloon: Contains a camo bloon. Undetectable by normal towers. Every shot fired toward it has 25% chance of missing; if a shot misses, it will continue to travel and pop the next bloon it hits.

Shadow bloon: Contains a mirage bloon. Undetectable by normal towers. Every shot has 50% chance to miss.

Invisible pink bloon: Contains 2 shadow bloons. Undetectable by normal towers. Every shot has 75% chance to miss. This bloon is a pun on the Invisible Pink Unicorn.

LOLZ: Stands for Ludicrously Oversized Lightning Zeppelin. Contains 2 BFBs and has loads of health.

IT’S OVER 9000: Contains 2 LOLZs and has tons of health. The total RBE of this thing exceeds 9000, hence its name.

The Bloon: The FINAL boss of the entire BTD series, a godlike bloon. All other bloons are spawned from this thing. It has a crapton of health, and when finally popped, it will spawn one of every type of bloon. It will spawn a red, blue, green, yellow, pink, black, white, zebra, rainbow, brown, lead, iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, camo, mirage, shadow, invisible pink bloon, MOAB, BFB, LOLZ, IT’S OVER 9000. Is it even possible to kill this thing?

And some new towers and upgrades:

Poison Tower: Shoots out globs of poisonous acid that melts through bloons, dealing damage per second; it will soak through all layers of bloons. The range of the Poison Tower is large. Initially it deals 1 damage per 2 seconds. The Poison Tower is one of the few things that can damage a diamond bloon.
Poisonous Dart: The Poison Tower now shoots poison darts instead of globs. Poison darts will pop a bloon and poison it.
Poisonous Bomb: The Poison Tower now shoots bombs; they’re not explosive, but they will release a poison splash on contact, poisoning many bloons at once.
Potent Toxin: The poison is now twice as powerful, dealing 1 damage per second.
Toxic Mist: All bloons near the Poison Tower will be poisoned.

Snow Monkey: Throws snowballs that splash and freeze many bloons at once. The Ice Tower is for short-range freezing, while the Snow Monkey has a long range.
Faster Throwing: The Snow Monkey throws snowballs faster.
Bigger Snowballs: The splash radius of the snowballs are larger, freezing more bloons in one shot.
Ice Ball: The Snow Monkey throws balls of ice instead. Ice balls will shatter on contact, popping bloons with ice shards before freezing them.
Hail Storm: Raw ice power. Each ice ball will cause a large hailstorm, popping many bloons and freezes even more.

Force Monkey: This tower is similar to the Wizard, because it will use all the skills it had learned. Initially, the Force Monkey can use blasts of heat and kinetic force; it melts metallic bloons and frozen bloons, and it can push bloons back along the track a bit.
Electro Force: Shoots a bolt of electromagnetic force. EM force blasts on a bloon will spread to all bloons near it. This is effective for crowded areas.
Gravity Force: Shoots a ball of gravity. It creates a temporary miniature black hole that will suck in bloons and damage them. Unfortunately this doesn’t last very long, and it can’t suck in bosses (MOAB, BFB, LOLZ, IT’S OVER 9000, The Bloon). When a black hole dissipates, all bloons inside it will be released.
Weak Force: Shoots a beam of radiation that will cause bloons to undergo radioactive decay. Bloons in this attack’s splash radius will be poisoned for 1 damage per 1.5 second, but the damage is energy instead of chemical.
Strong Force: Shoots a beam of nuclear disrupting energy and cause a massive nuclear explosion. The target bloon will be stripped of 4 layers, while all other bloons in the splash radius will be stripped of 2 layers. This is similar to the Mortar Tower’s Bloon Buster upgrade.

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Sorry for double posting, but looks like if I continue to put more stuff into the last post, textile is going to break down and the entire post will end up a wall of text.

The Monkey: This is the ultimate tower you can build, just like The Bloon is the ultimate boss. You can only build ONE of this tower. The unique aspect of this tower is that you can control it YOURSELF. When you select it, you can see a targeting sign similar to the Mortar Tower, and wherever you click, The Monkey will shoot at that place; this tower has infinite range. The splash area of this tower is extremely large, almost as large as the Super Monkey’s Super Range; and it has almost instantaneous reload speed. Initially, the shots of The Monkey will bring down volleys of darts and bombs.
Level 2: The volleys of shots fired by this tower will now include ice balls, poison bombs and corrosive glue splatter.
Level 3: The volleys of shots fired by this tower will now include special attacks such as tempest tornado, electricity, gravity, and multi-layer-stripping attacks.
Level 4: The darts and bombs shot by this tower will be replaced by energy attacks such as laser, plasma, and sun ray.
Level 5: Every 5 seconds, all non-boss bloons inside the splash radius of this tower will be wiped out. This is similar to a localized Monkey Storm, and is the most powerful and expensive ability in game.

The above tower is supposed to be overpowered. The Bloon spawned all other bloons in game, so The Monkey created all other towers in game; The Monkey is supposed to have all attacks of all towers in game.

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Are they going to put btd4 on kongregate
Blood_Shadow: The Monkey looks like it was designed to KILL The Bloon. The thing about btd4 is that you have to have a variety of towers to win no tower is op (I havent unlocked the super monkey upgrade thou). Stuff like glue with corrosion was that it only hit 1 target and couldnt hurt the bosses so you had to get all the towers (not really the dart monkey thou). Even my super monkeys couldn’t handle past lvl 60. (this was on begginner easy too)

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The Bloon is supposed to come at level 100, after possibly a bunch of LOLZ and IT’S OVER 9000. You’re gonna NEED The Monkey to kill The Bloon that comes after all those IT’S OVER 9000.

MOAB: Level 50.

BFB: Level 60.

LOLZ: Level 80.

IT’S OVER 9000: Level 90.

The Bloon: Level 100.

Elemental damages:
Physical: Damage by sharp things, such as dart, blade, etc.
Fire: Damage by bomb, flames, etc.
Ice: Damage by ice, snow, etc.
Chemical: Damage by poison, acid, etc.
Energy: Damage by laser, plasma, etc.
Certain bloons have immunities to certain elemental damages.

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Has Chris (NinjaKiwi) released a date for BTD4 coming to Kongregate? Or has he mentioned anything about it coming or not coming to Kong? I just want to know because it is my favourite TD game. :)

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Originally posted by Flooded:

Has Chris (NinjaKiwi) released a date for BTD4 coming to Kongregate? Or has he mentioned anything about it coming or not coming to Kong? I just want to know because it is my favourite TD game. :)

It’s likely that it’ll never be on Kong, because all the premium stuff costs MochiCoins. I know it sucks, but unless they change MochiCoins to Kreds or take out all the premium stuff, it’s never gonna be on Kong.

New idea: Maybe the maps could be larger than one screen. On the top right corner, you can get a view of the entire map; bloons will be shown as red dots and your towers will be shown as green dots. This could lead to much more strategic placements… And the super weapon below:

A.P.E.: Stands for Atomic Planetary Extirpator. It is a BOMB that can be UPGRADED. Initially, it will just be a gigantic energy wave that wipes out all bloons on screen. Remember, it’s not the entire MAP, but the entire SCREEN. If your map is larger than the screen, then there will be bloons left over.
Firestorm: Outside the blast area of the energy wave will be a ring of immensely hot flames that deal extreme heat damage to all bloons.
Shockwave: Outside the area of the nuclear fire, all bloons will be dealt high physical damage.
Radiation: After the energy wave, nuclear fire and shockwave have dissipated, inside the blast area of the energy wave will be an area of residual radiation, poisoning all monkeys inside for a period of time.
Nuclear Winter: After all previous effects of the A.P.E have worn off, a nuclear winter will be triggered, slowing all bloons in the entire map by 75%; one random bloon will be frozen per second.

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I got today a crazy new idea for a bloon. Since the lead bloons can be destroyed with only explosivy things, what if there would be a bloon that can be destroyed only with ice and cold things?

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I don’t want to discuss about the lag. I do not care about the lag. This thread is just for ideas.

And I think you overestimate the strength of the BFB. It has only about 2000 or so RBE. The MOAB has about 600. The IT’S OVER 9000 is meant to have a bit more than 9000 RBE, not 50000. The Bloon contains one of everything, so its RBE will only be somewhere around 18000. Definitely NOT a big number compared to some of the later levels in BTD4.

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cool game boring begining i like it more than 3

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Super cheap tower ftw lol.

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Hmmm let see…


OMG – Overlord of Michanic Gods – Carries 3 of all balloons
Fire Bloon – carries 1 attack bloon. It can damge towers. Destroys 1/4 of tower’s health
Attck bloon – Carries 2 Diamond bloon. It can damage towers. Destroys 1/6 of tower health
Defense bloon – It has 5 Iron bloon surrounding it.


Robber Tower – Robs bloons randomly and convert them on your side. It can’t attack though. Bloons on your side can only ram bloons causing them to pop so they dont last.

Construction Crew – Builds things such as walls, spikes, pinnaples and puts it randomly arund the map.

Bloon Desinigrater – Releases a desinigration formula which desolves bloons faster than corrosive glue. It also leaves a hole behind which sucks in non-blimps. It will transport them somewhere behind it.

Energy Tower – It supplies energy to towers such as the such as the Ice Tower. It will not be used to enable towers to use but will be used to make all towers like the Ice Tower more powerful.

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OMG – Overlord of Michanic Gods – Carries 3 of all balloons

I think THIS is impossible to beat. Seeing that you used my idea of diamond and iron bloons, I assume that you’re also using my LOLZ and IT’S OVER 9000. If this thing contains THREE of everything other than itself, then it contains three The Bloon and three everything else. That’s more than 81000 of RBE you’d have to pop. That is not possible to beat.

Construction Crew – Builds things such as walls, spikes, pinnaples and puts it randomly arund the map.

That’s actually a good idea. Can you think of any upgrades for it? Maybe in the beginning it only builds spikes, and when upgraded it can build glue and bananas.

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That’s actually a good idea. Can you think of any upgrades for it? Maybe in the beginning it only builds spikes, and when upgraded it can build glue and bananas.

Upgrading from spikes to glue or banana’s is really a downgrade in my opinion.

P.S. Check your whispers.

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When upgraded, it can build spikes AND glue AND bananas and such…

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Hmmmm how about that the bloons in the OMG has half RBE than usual?

And the cunstruction crew…

uh… When fully upgraded it can build spikes, glue,bannanas, pinapples. It levels your carreer rank 2x as fast and it can unlock upgrades that cannot be unlocked w/o it.


Winged Bloon – it doesn’t have to go through the path but it hast to fallow a zig-zag pattern.
Ringed Bloon – It has rings which deflects energy and physical damage, it must be killed w/ fire or ice. Contains 1 iron
Virus Bloon – Momentarialy disables towers around it. Contains 1 winged bloon
Death Bloon – It has a RBE of 500 but explodes causing all bloons around to pop.


Explosion Tower – It injects a bomb in all bloons in range so when it is poped it explodes. Can upgrade to flash bombs, larger explosion radius, and larger range.
Fan Club – increases number of upgrades for The Monkey so it can gain more weapons to its arsenal, such as a laser machine gun XD. It can only be bought after the game is over and it has an overly outragous price.
Destruction Crew -Can only be bought after construction crew has. It can destroy spaces so there could be more water, t can destroy part of the path and the construction crew will imedeatly re-build the path to be longer.

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I would hate it if there are bloons that can damage your tower. That’ll just be too annoying, and in later levels it’ll be absolutely lethal.

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here ar my tower suggestions:
monkey sub: shoots a stream of darts from its turret(as fast as the battleship’s heavy dart),uses very little space but can only be placed on water,upgrades include torpedoes which explode when it hits the shore,longer range for the turret,missiles which replace BOTH the turret and torpedoes, and a upgrade thats top secret other then its very explosive.
BANANAS (Ballistic Assualt Non-ANphibious Aireal Station):a space station(it cannot be seen) that bombards a specified area like the mortar tower, except with supersonic shells hurled at the bloons, vaporizes everything it hits directly and does large damage over an area,is installed for 100000 and can be upgraded VIA controll center to eventually shoot explosive shells,shoot more,shoot more frequently(5 per wave) and then upgrades to fire an liquid nitrogen blast(only 1) that kills everything and freezes anything that survives for a WHOLE MINUTE :P,and anything that survives freezing gets slowed by 75% FOR THE REST OF THE BLOON’S LIFE,but upgrade costs 100000 aswell,so good luck getting there:P

and also, here is a new boss bloon,inspired by bloodshadow’s LOLZ
introducing…… THE ROFLZ it contains 2 BFBs, and has the properties of a diamond bloon,but because its a blimp,it can be hit by explosives,and because it roatates,mortar shells bounce off, doing no damage. has between the health of the BFB and the health of the LOLZ. and about the diamond bloons reflective properties, the energy attacks should be reflected everywhere,popping bloons unlucky enough to be in the deflected energy beam’s way, and also the invisible pink bloon should render other bloons around it invisible,so they cannot be targeted IN ANY WAY UNLESS THE INVISIBLE PINK BLOON IS DESTROYED

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What does the ROFLZ stand for? The LOLZ stands for Ludicrously Oversized Lightning Zeppelin.

BTW, your BANANAS sounds a lot like my APE, which stands for Atomic Planetary Extirpator, and it can only fire once.

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oh dammit, ROFLZ stands for roatating oversized flashing loaded zeppelin.and doesnt your APE sound a lot like a monkey version of a nuke???

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The APE is supposed to be a nuke. Hence the “atomic”.

Think of an acronym for ROTFLOLMAO.

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umm….. i dont think thats even a word,and my BANANAS doesnt bombard the whole screen,it just hurls shells randomly, only the final upgrade does. And wont COMBINING towers sound cool?